Week 1 Thursday Night Scores

Here are the scores for your FNV teams.

Monroe 11 Roseville 42 Final

Flat Rock 34 Melvindale 6 Final

Huron 20 Milford 21 Final

Carlson 36 Lincoln Park 7 Final

SMCC 25 Almont 0 Final

Ida 43 Airport 26 Final

Jefferson 13 Onsted 10 Final

Riverview 64 Divine Child 42 Final

72 thoughts on “Week 1 Thursday Night Scores”

  1. That’s what love about HS football. Everyone has their own opinion about what happened. I went to one game and saw a good HS football game. Big hits, fans cheering, big plays on offense, proud parents and of course coaches losing their minds. Just for a moment all was good in the world, people were talking about football and nothing else. The outside world had been shut off for 2 hours and it was great! Good luck to everyone and Go Bears!

  2. Please explain why most coaches go for the 2 point conversion when there is very little time is left in the game instead of attempting to kick a extra point to tie the game and go into overtime. I understand the need for the victory but the 2 point conversion is a low percentage success. Would it not be better to go for the tie and try to pull it out in overtime. I have seen many high school football games end up like the Huron Milford game.

    1. In Huron’s case, going for two is the right move there because the team is worn out. Most of Huron’s players play both ways and they were playing a much larger team with more depth. Win or lose, that game was against a big opponent and will gain them playoff points. Stay healthy for league games.

      1. Milford has won 11 games over the last 9 seasons.

        Unless they have a once in a decade type team there, I dont expect them to win many games.
        With that, Huron will not garner many playoff points at all(if any).

        However being D2, they wont have to win many to help out Huron. Even 2 more wins would be nice.
        GO MILFORD!

  3. Week 1 so far;
    Monroe, big, slow, maybe overrated?
    SMCC, maybe better than people think, typical.
    River view, will contend for league. Tough team
    Huron, Milford was a tune up game, you lost.
    Flat Rock, nice win against terrible team, may win 3 or 4 this year.
    Carlson, see Flat Rock, DR league is not very good.
    Milan, Beat QB and coach in the league, may win the league. Watch out Riverview
    GI, good coach little talent, odd year.
    Airport, lost against a very good team,will end up in bottom part of league this year.
    Ida, will win the LCAA if they stay healthy, low numbers this year.
    Dundee, new coach, good league, we will see.
    Mason, new coach, tiny school league, we will see.
    Jefferson, see Flat Rock. May win a couple this year.

  4. Good old fashioned shoot out in Riverview. If they can figure out the defense then they will be even tougher than predicted.

  5. Question for whoever knows-#79 on Jefferson is one of the biggest and most agile players I’ve ever seen at his size. Is he getting any D1 looks?

    1. I heard he has a few d1 offers. When we played them last Year he was disrupting our inside running game. I believe he has some MAC offers and one from Missouri

      1. So living by Fermi has some benefits? Just kidding. In all seriousness, players his size and athleticism don’t happen very often.

        1. We first really ran into this kid at a JV basketball game a couple years ago and were impressed at how soft a touch he had catching an entry pass and finishing at the rim. 100% agree with you on how rare a talent he is, OG Troll.

      2. I can assure you there is no one on Jefferson who has any D-1 offers. If they did. People would know and it would be talked about. Unless you’re talking about baseball?

    2. I believe that he is looking more towards track. He was state champ in shot and runner up in discus. I heard State is looking at him for that. I will say he has the size.

  6. Airport has won more league titles (4)in baseball in the past 5 years. That’s double the total amount of football games they win this year. I smell 2-7 in Carleton. Jets will squeak by Jefferson and beat Robichaud. 6th place will be a battle better the Jets and Rams but the Rams will find a way. GI beats them because they do this thing ITS called playing Defense.

    Interested to see how tonight shakes out.

      1. Do you see any better than 2-7? Perhaps 3-6? They only had one decent drive when Ida had their 1s out there. Koff return made it appear closer at the beginning than it really was.
        Airport kids ALWAYS play hard but I didn’t see that type of grit and effort from them last night.
        Ida looked much more prepared and In much better shape.

    1. There are many different “trolls” this year I see.

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

      1. I know. Right now I wouldn’t rank anyone outside of the top 6. It drops off after that. (If you can see my email address you’ll know I’m the original)

      1. Troll, need I remind you that I’m on the basketball staff at Bedford? So yes, there are people who follow Bedford, especially when players I coach are on the football team.

        1. I’ll send you guys my updated power rankings after Milan plays tomorrow. Just copy and paste for your week 2 power rankings. It’ll be spot on!

    2. 1. Milan- They make a statement when they beat MC Saturday. They won’t give up 42 to a team that is much better than DC
      2. Ida- Dominant on both sides. Airport scored late garbage TDs
      3. Riverview – can’t give up 42 and be top 2
      4. SMCC – Did anyone see they actually play defense. Almont is no slouch. They’d be 3 but I think Riverview might be a bit too for them.
      5. Carlson- just because they have talent and appear to play defense.
      HM- Monroe, they’ll win in the SEC PINK.
      Huron- If they don’t win 6 with that talent in the very very average HL I’d be surprised.
      Whiteford- after tonight they’ll be in my top 5.

      1. 3 of the last TD’s for DC were against our 2s and 3s including one with 30 seconds left when they should have taken a knee and mercifully let the game end.

        Make no mistake though, some things to work on if they want the defense to be as stout as last year. 3 picks by the DEs in the game. Hopefully, a little time will tighten it up.

        1. This is where some people only see what they want. DC is a very average spread team at best. The QB average at best. They had zero problem moving the ball against Riverviews 1s all night. 2 red zone picks and another pick on the 30. They threw 8-10 bubble screens and probably had 180 yards from that. And DC ran the ball well too. Riverview defense was not very good tonight and some absolutely incredible picks helped out. When DC finally got out of the 4 man front that helped slow riverview down. Not sure how they thought a 4-3 was a sound plan.. riverview is good. But the D is not. DC was 2-5 last year.

          1. DC was 2-5 last year…this is this year and DC has three kids committed D1 and that doesn’t include the offers that other players have to play D2. 🤦‍♂️

          2. Can you tell us who those guys are? The Qb went to Harper Woods. Everyone who really follows college football recruiting knows they have a young lineman with power 5 offers. I’m just not sure who the other two are? From knowing some DC guys, I asked them and wasn’t sure.


        1. Chris
          DC just gave up 64 points to a T team . I think Ida /DC would be a great match up but Ida wins. Ida is physical and DC is not. Remember Ida runs the T very similar to Riverview and has just as much size up front. I’ll go a step further and say their backs are collectively better than Riverviews.
          DC is mistake prone and undisciplined, Ida is not.
          I’d take Ida 54-45

          1. Maybe Ida would win a high-scoring game like that. I just don’t buy the suggestion that DC isn’t any good. They have a great receiver going to Navy, a lineman going to CMU and another lineman with offers from State and Michigan. You never see that in the Huron League and certainly not in the LCAA. I think DC is good, but Riverview is exceptional this season. The View will give Rouge all they can handle this year. Last year’s game was close with View leading late in 2nd half, when two pass plays (INT/TD pass) kill Riverview before they can get to the locker room.

          2. One of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard. You beat AP. They are not a good defensive team. Riverview would beat Ida by 21 pts every season. I’m not a Riverview fan. But anyone who has watched both teams play understands. Not being mean, but D-3 and D-6 are different animals unless you’re a catholic league team like Lumen who can field a 50 man roster.

          3. Ida alum here, and Divine Child and Riverview would beat Ida by 60. Ida is not that big up front and View has a ton of depth.

            I love my Blue Streaks, but pump the breaks on saying they could beat a D3 team with a significant talent advantage

      2. I don’t see more than 3 wins on the Monroe schedule. And in saying this, there is no ill will towards them. It’s just a really tough schedule. You won’t see Roseville get out of a district. They needed to win last night. AA Huron has turned the tables and finally got a good coach. Have numbers and multiple D-1 kids. Dexter put a beating on a really good Groves team tonight. Riverview will be hard to beat by week 9 running the T with a really good coaching staff and tough kids. Bedford will be a hard game to win and Lincoln although poorly coached, is loading with size and speed. Saline beat a really good Hudsonville team today at the Big House. If Monroe wins 5 games, I’d be really surprised. Anything is possible, but a really hard schedule that people haven’t really talked about.

        1. Pump the brakes bro. It was Monroe’s first game. It didn’t work out like we had hoped but the season is far from over. I think they will turn it around.

          1. exactly they think monroe gonna lose the whole season off of a really good roseville team, it’s just mental errors by monroe witch im sure they will make statements going into the next game

      1. The Power Rankings do not represent who is better than who.

        Its more who is playing better than who, compared to their competition.

  7. Chris and Gary, now you know why Airport won’t return your emails. Hopefully the baseball program can win again soon…

    1. Good luck, Huron will be really solid for a few years and that Airport coach might have a coronary if they get down a run to the Chiefs again lol

  8. Sounds like Humble pie served to the Monroe Trojans. I do believe they said this is the year they beat Saline as well… might want to worry about getting better each day.
    Airport has never been able to stop the T in the Duffy era and quite frankly they don’t play good defense in Carleton. It’s sad when the best defensive coach in Carleton is a teacher in the district that used to have them flying around on D.. in the Redmond Era
    Huron lost to a team that has won 3 games in 3 years. I think they were a victim of reading all of their press clippings. How do you drive 92 yards in 4 min and not go to OT with all the momentum?? Give yourselves a chance. Honestly the Chiefs were outplayed.
    Riverview can’t feel good about giving up 42 points. Yes they were dominant on Offense but 42 points, yikes. They need to understand they can’t play man coverage against everyone in the state. This isn’t Fordson 1993. The good news is that Milan is the only team that actually knows how to beat man coverage or compete with them in the HL.
    CC got back to being CC. They didn’t make any mistakes and capitalized on the Almont miscues. Falcons are going to get better as they are banged up right now
    Melvindale might be one of the top 30 worst teams in the state. The sad part is that they will win a few games in their league. FR is much improved but will struggle playing anyone that has speed.
    Jefferson finally won a close game, look for the bears to make noise this year and cause problems in the lower/mid level of the HL. Congrats to Da Bears
    Imagine if Ida had their top TE , receiver ?? They are going to be dangerous in D6
    Carlson has a lot of talent, beating LP and coming out injury free is big.
    I’m interested to see how they play against an actual Varsity team. The Downriver league is almost as bad as the league Melvindale plays in

  9. SMCC looked like a different team tonight from when they scrimmaged. A lot of tough off tackle runs and Jondro is always a threat to run the ball. The pass is still the Falcons vulnerability but they shut out a good Almont team tonight. I thought the most underated player of the game was their QB because if he gets enough pass protection, he can run or thrown. Kudos to Coach Kipf for getting the team heading in the right direction.

      1. According to one of their players, SMCC doesn’t have a week 1 or week 9 next year, maybe Ida should schedule them?

  10. Watch out for SMCC they manhandled almont tonight… only allowed 4 first downs the entire game against a tough opponent. If they play like that all season long Ford Field could be in their future…

    1. That Almont team was really down from what people who know them have said. So don’t throw all your eggs in a basket just yet. Beat Riverview and Milan, then the talking can begin.

  11. #40 on riverview is an absolute stud on both side of the ball. Very good blocker. I don’t think riverview got to a 3rd down until the second half. Riverview goes undefeated, beats Trenton in the first round and then loses to rouge! Great season!

    1. Riverview has a lot of work to do to go u defeated in the HL. Divine Child had more overall yards than the View although they sat a lot of players in the 2nd half after the 1st couple of series. Offensively I am not sure anyone in the regular season stops them but the Defense needs work. #40 was a stud! Who is he? He is big and athletic. Both ends can play and are probably the best in the league. If they can fix the secondary they could make a serious run.

  12. Milford hasn’t won more than 2 games in a season since 2012. They scored 45 total points last season. Anyone see the game? What the heck happened?

      1. Gabe Anthony (WR/S) (senior) – Awesome offense/defense player not able to contribute due to unrelated injury.

          1. No, not a transfer. Exceptional Wide Receiver/Safety! One of the top players! He is also All-State Track. No lie!

  13. Tried to tell you guys about the coach not having the team prepared at Monroe. Maybe you see what I was talking about now. Awful game plan. Very embarrassing loss for the Trojans.

      1. Monroe, big and slow.
        Coach should not tell the press how great they will be and lay an egg like this.
        Not good nail.

      2. If you have ever coached football you would know. He had 3 guys to stop and didn’t. Monroe ran the same play over and over. Easy to stop when you know what play is coming. This has been like this for 5 years now and I have followed this team for a long time, so I think I know.

      3. I couldn’t disagree with you more😂 Monroe had just little mistakes and a couple mental errors. I expect them to be much better in the weeks ahead!

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