FNV 2021 Week 3 Picks

Read on as the Friday Night Victors crew of Chris, Frank and Gary make their week 3 picks and score predictions. Also, Chris breaks out his Crystal Ball and predicts some crazy happenings in week 3.

Summerfield (2-0) @ Erie Mason (1-1)

Frank: Erie Mason 36-31

Gary: Erie Mason 26-7

Chris: Erie Mason 20-6 Crystal Ball:(All FNV punter, Drew Dafoe sets school record with more punts in the game than players on the sideline for the Bulldogs)

Adrian Madison (2-0) @ Whiteford (2-0)

Frank: Whiteford 42 Madison 28

Gary: Whiteford: 40 Madison 21

Chris: Whiteford 49 Madison 35 Crystal Ball:(Both teams combine for 700 rushing yards as Pop Warner is seen smiling on the far sideline)

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Skyline (0-2) @ Monroe (1-1)

Frank: Monroe 42-14

Gary: Monroe 37-10

Chris: Monroe 35-0 Crystal Ball: (Trojan Head Coach, Nick Natorio is overheard saying, “I wish we could play every game at home”.)

Bedford (2-0) @ Dexter (2-0)

Frank: Dexter 38-34

Gary: Dexter 31-21

Chris: Dexter 29-28 Crystal Ball: (Dreadnaughts go for 2 three times after consecutive Mule penalties and win on the last play of the game)

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Ida (1-1) @ Dundee (1-1)

Frank: Ida 28 Dundee 27

Gary: Ida 36-14

Chris: Ida 30 Dundee 12 Crystal Ball: (Blue Streaks prove that records do matter in rivalry games as the team with the better overall record wins the 16th straight game in the “Backyard Brawl”.

Jefferson (1-1) @ Flat Rock (1-1)

Frank: Jefferson 22 Flat Rock 21

Gary: Jefferson 20 Flat Rock 14

Chris: Jefferson 22-21 Crystal Ball: (Bears win on a late 2-point conversion as a fumbled ball bounces off of two Rams Horn helmets and falls into the arms of Jefferson offensive lineman, Alex MANsfield)

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Milan (2-0) @ Grosse Ile (1-1)

Frank: Milan 37-17

Gary: Milan 30-14

Chris: Milan 31-14 Crystal Ball: (Milan forfeits after arriving late to the game after getting stopped by 3 trains and stalled by a backup at the toll bridge. Cooler heads prevail after Jesse Hoskins beats John Bodner in an arm-wrestling match which allows the game to actually be played on the field).

Airport (1-1) @ SMCC (2-0)

Frank: SMCC 34-21

Gary: SMCC 34-27

Chris: SMCC 40 Airport 21 Crystal Ball: (Athletic Director Chad Meyer forced to dress for the Falcons after Covid protocols decimate SMCC lineup.)

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Riverview (2-0) @ Huron (0-2)

Frank: Riverview 36-24

Gary: Riverview 35 Huron 20

Chris: Riverview 46-42 Crystal Ball: (Star senior Issac Smith returns to the lineup for the Chiefs and scores 6 TD’s, but Bucs win on a kick-off return for a TD as time expires as Huron snatches “defeat from the jaws of victory”.)

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Allen Park (2-0) @ Carlson (2-0)

Frank: Carlson 28-24

Gary: Carlson 28-27

Chris: Carlson 28-27 Crystal Ball: (Marauders rally from 27 point halftime deficit after Big Al’s offers free burgers and drinks to coaching staff if they can make the comeback and have the game over before the kitchen closes..)

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13 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 3 Picks”

  1. How are JV teams doing in the county? I know it doesn’t always translate to varsity but haven’t seen any scors and wanna know what my young blood Jets are up against throughout the rest of the season

  2. I’ve heard some chatter in future non conference scheduling that there’s some local teams looking out of state. I heard Riverview is looking at Toledo central Catholic and elk river in Minnesota. My son at GI told me that we’re apparently fielding phone calls from mater dei in CA. Who knows, we will have to just wait and see I guess

    1. That is the most insane thing I’ve ever read lol. I don’t think those schools would even entertain the Huron league like that.

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