FNV 2021 Week 4 Picks

Read on as the Friday Night Victors staff make their weekly Michigan High School football picks. Also, Chris looks into his crystal ball adds his two cents to each prediction.

Last Weeks Results:

Frank: 7-3

Gary: 7-3

Chris: 7-3


Frank: 27-7

Gary: 26-10

Chris: 26-10

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Clinton (2-1) @ Ida (2-1)

Frank: Clinton 42-20

Gary: Ida 27-24

Chris: Ida 21-20 Crystal Ball ( Ida beats Clinton for the first time in a decade while forcing 7 Clinton turnovers)

Blissfield (2-1) @ Dundee (1-2)

Frank: Blissfield 28-24

Gary: Blissfield 20-18

Chris: Dundee 21-20 Crystal Ball: (Vikings use the shield wall to prevent the Royals 4th quarter two-point conversion attempt.)

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Whiteford (3-0) @ Edon (3-1)

Frank: Whiteford 42-28

Gary: Whiteford 49-35

Chris: Whiteford 63-49 Crystal Ball: (Bobcats make a trip to the Garden of Edon and steal the “Forbidden Fruit”)

Pittsford (0-3) @ Summerfield (2-1)

Frank: Summerfield 48-12

Gary: Summerfield 30-20

Chris: Pittsford 20-16 Crystal Ball: (Pittsford’s Coach, Mike Burger pulls out the grill and cooks “Burgers” at mid-field for the Wildcat faithful that made the trip.

Carlson (2-1) @ Trenton (2-1)

Frank: Carlson 34-20

Gary: Carlson 38-21

Chris: Carlson 28-21 Crystal Ball: (Trenton has the perfect X’s & O’s defensive scheme to stop the Marauders, but Carlson’s Jimmy’s and Joe’s are just better.

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Monroe (2-1) @ Saline (3-0)

Frank: Saline 31-14

Gary: Saline 35-20

Chris: Saline 38-28 Crystal Ball: (The crystal ball was foggy in the preseason when the Trojans were seen beating the Hornets in 2021, it must have been 2022.)

Ann Arbor Huron (3-1) @ Bedford (3-0)

Frank: Bedford 38-35

Gary: Bedford 35-28

Chris: Bedford 28-27 Crystal Ball: (I see a 13th straight win for the Mules over the River Rats, this isn’t 2003)

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Flat Rock (2-1) @ Riverview (3-0)

Frank: Riverview 44-14

Gary: Riverview 48-7

Chris: Riverview 40-0 Crystal Ball: (I started to see a 7-0 Rams win, but as I looked closer that was fall of 1983 and I was on the field wearing #12.

Grosse Ile (1-2) @ Airport (1-2)

Frank: Airport 42-21

Gary: Airport 30 Grosse Ile 14

Chris: Airport 34 Grosse Ile 21 Crystal Ball (J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets, Jets)

Huron (0-3) @ Jefferson (1-2)

Frank: Huron 35-20

Gary: Huron 42-13

Chris: Huron 28 Jefferson 27 Crystal Ball (Chiefs snatch victory from the jaws of defeat instead of the other way around)

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ReMax-The Labeau Team Game of the Week

SMCC (3-0) @ Milan (3-0)

Frank: Milan 31-27

Gary: Milan 27-20

Chris: Milan 28-26 Crystal Ball (Covid protocols limit the Falcon lineup, but MCES CYO team shows up and gives the Big Reds a game.)

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29 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 4 Picks”

    1. Glad to hear SMCC has everyone back. Should be a total battle. Be assured Milan isn’t overlooking SMCC. And I don’t think anyone cares to win a game when guys are out. This will be a battle. SMCC is legit and Milan knows it. Gonna be a great HS Football game.

      Milan Fan

      1. Lets be honest, even if SMCC has all their guys back, this is going to get ugly. SMCC has never been known to defend the pass and McElvany, Milan QB, can run or throw. SMCC has never seen a d-line like Milan’s either. SMCC’s Huron League Championship dreams die here. It is time to focus on the D7 playoffs

    1. We were 5-4. Clebek was the coach. We only gave up 82 points all year. Lost to 9-0 Jefferson in OT 20-13. Lost to 2nd place GI 12-6. We had some really good players. I was not one of them.

      I thought Carlson had the best team in the league that year, but they finished 4-5. CC was all juniors that year and finished 4-5. The following year they picked up all state Kevin Oliver from Monroe High and went 11-1. They lost in the State Finals to Wyoming Park.

  1. This is the start of the 3 way tie for the HL champions at the end of the season-SMCC, Milan, and Riverview. Milan beats SMCC tonight, Riverview beats Milan, and SMCC beats Riverview. However, Airport could sneak in a win over Milan to spoil their chances.

      1. For sure. He’s a great 2 way player. That Airport/Milan game has been a tight one for years now. Airport will battle with them and really play a role in the outcome of the HL.

      2. Hammond will be an All State football player if he stays healthy. After what I saw last week on the live streeam vs. SMCC, he is as good as they come

    1. I’ve been worried about this for awhile and I’ve seen it before. Milan wins against CC. Good teams don’t tend to lose 2 in a row so Riverview has to play a pissed off Falcons squad. Following week, Milan has to play a View squad hungry to take an L out on someone.

      I’m rooting for my Pirates to keep their regular season win streak going but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m rooting for a CC win and then a week between a loss and having to play Milan.

      1. Huron WILL beat SMCC. Their DC has shut the Falcons down twice. He has shut them down more times than anyone else in school history.

      2. No shot this year Huron is just not the team they were last year and Smcc is better then last year Smcc will blow huron out

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