FNV 2021 Week 6 Picks

Last Weeks Results:

Frank: 8-3

Gary: 9-3

Chris: 9-3


Frank: 41-15

Gary: 42-17

Chris: 43-16

Whiteford (4-1) @ Pittsford (1-4)

Frank: Whiteford 56-6

Gary: Whiteford 52-7

Chris: Whiteford 35-0

Ida (3-2) @ Hillsdale (2-3)

Frank: Hillsdale 27-14

Gary: Ida 21-13

Chris: Ida 28-7

Airport (2-3) @ Jefferson (2-3)

Frank: Airport 35-17

Gary: Airport 30-20

Chris: Airport 40 Jefferson 21

Columbia Central (0-5) @ Dundee (3-2)

Frank: Dundee 34-14

Gary: Dundee 28-0

Chris: Dundee 21-7

Huron (2-3) @ GI (1-4)

Frank: Huron 36-16

Gary: Huron 39-7

Chris: Huron 45-21

Anderson (0-5) @ Carlson (4-1)

Frank: Carlson 48-6

Gary: Carlson 40-7

Chris: Carlson 35-0

Summerfield (4-1) @ Sand Creek (3-2)

Frank: Sand Creek 28-16

Gary: Sand Creek 30-18

Chris: Sand Creek 36-21

SMCC (4-1) @ Flat Rock (2-3)

Frank: SMCC 42-14

Gary: SMCC 34-14

Chris: SMCC 40-12

Erie Mason (4-1) @ ND Prep (4-1)

Frank: NDP 38-20

Gary: NDP 35-13

Chris: NDP 28-0

Milan (4-1) @ Riverview (5-0)

Frank: Riverview 24-22

Gary: Riverview 28-20

Chris: Riverview 24-12

Remax-LaBeau Team Game of the Week

Bedford (4-1) @ Monroe (3-2)

Frank: Bedford 38-35

Gary: Bedford 33-23

Chris: Bedford 28-27

27 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 6 Picks”

  1. Erie Mason Defensive End Cooper Kinsey #32 was out with an injury. The loss of his pressure on NDP offense hurt Mason.

  2. Milan vs Riverview : Landon Kincaid #40 will be attending the game tonight with his doctor,and the team will be wearing #40 wrist bands during the game . Should be a huge Emotional lift for the bucs . Besides that it is Coach Macs birthday

  3. I see you guys are sleeping on Milan. The Big Reds should be able to pass all over Riverview. Their secondary has not really been tested. Milan will expose the secondary tomorrow and show everyone that Riverview is beatable! Also, I think you guys are sleeping on Flat Rock. Riverview gave everyone the formula to stopping the SMCC offense. Can Flat Rock emulate the Riverview defense? Probably not perfectly, but maybe just enough to stop the birdies. I, Milan Step Dad, am picking Flat Rock to win 21-14.

    1. Cole is a fantastic kid and player and there are a couple other playmakers out there too, but the defense was definitely tested and stood up.
      I think Huron and DC might disagree about testing our DBs too. Both squads liked to air it out a bit.
      Pass break ups, batted balls, sacks and TFLs tonight. Bend but don’t break. I believe only one deep ball was completed and it was on an incredible scramble when he broke out of a sack.
      21 offensive points to a squad like that isn’t terrible or great but it was definitely strong enough as they try to figure out how to move forward without one of their two DE/TEs.

      1. The only time Ida has won in Hillsdale was the 2015 team. And that was a special Ida team escaping an average Hillsdale squad.

        Also, I know that Ida will be without at least one starting skill player on offense.

        Hillsdale’s three losses have been to Jonesville, Hudson, and Berrien Springs. All of whom are ranked in the top ten in their divisions.


          neutral field
          [2021] Ida (MI) 21, [2021] Berrien Springs (MI) 20

          The teams Frank mentioned above defeated Hillsdale by an average margin of 24ppg.
          The 2 wins Hillsdale has amassed this season(Onsted-Blissfield), by seasons end will have a record on the field of 2-7 & 2-6.

          Common opponent (1): Hudson 36 Hillsdale 0; Hudson 22 Ida 14.

          Might Ida struggle at Hillsdale, they certainly could. But I still think they ground out a win.

          1. Agree and good logic, however their top running back is out for this game.
            Could make a difference.

          2. Frank is 3-2 overall in Ida games.

            Twice he has selected Ida, going 2-0
            3 times he has selected the other team going 1-2

            The 2 he got wrong were Clinton and Hillsdale.
            Clinton game was a toss up.
            He gave his reasons for going with Hillsdale. They were sound.

  4. Can you smell what the Bears are cooking? A big pot of “Upset Stew” It’s homecoming, it’s October and a nice fall chill in the air. Besides the rivalry I saw Kid Lester yesterday hitchhiking into town yesterday and Reno Hightower shinning up his white cleats. To many great quotes to list them all. Good luck to everyone! Go Bears!

      1. Airport appears to have the better team but with a suspect defense anything is possible, especially in a rivalry game.

    1. This could be a 57-49 kind of game, neither team has much defense.
      Still say the Jets are a better team especially with Hammond.

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