FNV Week 5 Power Rankings

Here is a list of our Friday Night Victors week 5 power rankings. We will update this list each week based on the results of games.

  1. SMCC (4-0), healthy Falcons playing the best ball around right now.
  2. Riverview (4-0), Pirates hold serve, still playing well.
  3. Milan (3-1), Big Reds beaten after halftime. A rare occurance.
  4. Bedford (3-1), Kicking Mules drop heartbreaker to under-rated Ann Arbor Huron.
  5. Whiteford (3-1), Bobcats fall to a team unlike anyone in Division 8.
  6. Ida (3-1), Look out, here comes the Blue Streaks
  7. Carlson (3-1), Marauders escape with a win against Trenton.
  8. Monroe (2-2), Trojans need a signature win.
  9. Erie Mason (3-1), Forfeit win.
  10. Summerfield (3-1), Bulldogs keep winning.

55 thoughts on “FNV Week 5 Power Rankings”

  1. Grew up in Monroe County and check in on the league from time to time. The notion that ANYONE recruits in Monroe County is laughable. How many D1-D2 prospects come out of the Huron League? A kid or two a year? Rarely on the same team? How many Huron League teams are going to consecutive state championships AND winning- 0. Live in west Michigan now and have to hear about Grand Rapids Catholic Central, West Catholic, Rockford, Hudsonville, East Grand Rapids – powerhouse programs that produce UofM and MSU talent every year. Whoever is “recruiting” in the Huron League are trash recruiters. Comment when 5-6 Toledo area studs all of a sudden end up on the same roster.

      1. Last year, CC got that Taylor kid #2 from Toledo St. John Jesuit. He graduated he’s not on the team anymore but I wonder how he ended up there??? Why would he come to cc when he could go to so many other schools in the Toledo area??

        1. His parents moved to Monroe for his job.

          The 5’8” 150lb RB who averaged 43.2 yards a game.

          The talons of CC reaching deep into the bowels of The Glass City to steal away Jesuit’s 3rd string RB. Cmon man lol.

        2. Keep in mind it was also a covid year. Not sure of a season. Not that Michigan was a better choice than Ohio but the kid probably just wanted to play ball. Huron got that transfer from Flat Rock too Dan remember that

        3. He also had cousins that attended SMCC.
          And no disrespect to him at all, but was he a game changer? Nope. Is he playing D1 now? Nope. If I’m recruiting, I’m going after game changers.

  2. I love reading this every week, comments left on the blog about which high school is better. Recruiting, Refs, and the descendents of Jim Thorpe made the blog this week. Open enrollment has changed the landscape of high school sports. Students live in one school district but attend school in another. Academics, Athletics or whatever the reason they seek greener pastures but that’s just the way it is now. I know that a certain criteria has to be met for a student to transfer but it seems like more students are doing it now then “back in the day”. (I don’t believe we even had that choice). Maybe high school sports should have a transfer portal like college (LoL 🤣). Good luck to everyone and I hope that you all can enjoy your team’s game this Friday before the power rankings plague this blog on Monday.

    1. No one has names because there aren’t any. It’s a tired narrative proliferated by people who love to hate perennial winners.
      You’d have better luck asking how many players are children of MCC/SMA/SMCC alumni (approx. 20) and/or came from Catholic elementary schools (the natural feeders to the only Catholic high school in Monroe.)

      1. Just curious, from the entire SMCC roster, how many different schools did they come from?
        When all the area catholic schools had grades 1-8 , you had a large feeder system, now not sure.
        SMCC would have kids on their roster from:
        St John’s
        St Mary’s Monroe
        St Mary’s Rockwood
        St Michaels
        St Patrick’s
        A few from St Stevens

        In contrast Flat Rock had Simpson Jr High as their feeder., maybe 40 kids in a good year.

        I remember attending a few games years ago on CYO night and there were 100 to a 150 kids playing at half time.
        Not sure how it is now,
        That was quite a feeder machine back in the day.
        And yes SMCC does recruit.
        I attended SMCC and graduated in 2000.
        We were required to attend all area catholic schools and show them the video, etc. trying to get every kid to attend SMCC. All seniors had to do this duty, not just push athletics but academics as well.
        But you better believe athletics were pushed.

        1. Maybe that’s done to keep the school alive and well. Nobody has to go there. Can’t have a school without students. Academics and athletics are a draw. Facilities. Not so much.

          1. I agree, but it is and was recruiting and athletic success was a very large carrot and was a part of the video.
            We were made to do it, just like the community service hours we had to put in.

          2. anonymous person,
            I guess by your definition, recruiting means advertising for a school but it has nothing to do with scholarships? When I think recruiting, I think of students getting scholarships. What SMCC does is academic and financial based scholarships. If we go by your definition I would agree that cc is recruiting just as any other public school will do to their feeder schools. The difference is public schools don’t charge you money directly but instead get money from the government. Private schools like SMCC don’t get that money from the govnt but they do advertise their local area schools. Different than recruiting in my opinion. Great programs, great coaches, attract kids to their program that want to be a part of that culture.

    2. I don’t know for sure, but I have heard that most of their line has been recruited. I have also heard that the backs are from out of state, not sure though. Somebody definitely needs to look into the cheating that goes on at that school though.

        1. It’s not so much the recruiting that is unfair, all schools do that. It’s the genetic engineering and bionic enhancement program…

      1. My son played with all those boys on the line in CYO 7th and 8th grade team 4 years ago. It was a good team then and a better team now

      2. I have one of those so called lineman we chose to send our kids to SMCC we pay tuition and we live less than a mile from the school. No recruiting here.

      3. Just a football mom

        I have one of those lineman!! We choose to send him to SMCC we pay tuition. And we live less than a mile from school.

      4. When you even say you “don’t know”. Maybe, just maybe you should stop typing. I do know for sure and your comment is asinine in its entirety.

  3. I know you do it for fun and to get folks talking, but it is impossible to rank teams that the blog covers.
    D1 to D8 schools in 5 different leagues.
    Pretty tough to get

  4. Gary and Chris do you just have a hatred against Grosse Ile that will just never go away??? DO BETTER

    Frank you can chime in too. You’re apart of the blog also

    1. Dear GI Dad,

      Leave frank out of this.

      Clearly your mad, frustrated, disappointed and a lot of other emotions are going on with you but remember this is just a blog. Relax. Take your meds and everything is going to be okay. Well not for your Red Devils who scored 3 touchdowns total in the last 3 games and let up at least 6 touchdowns in each of the last 3 games. I understand your frustration GI Dad. DO BETTER

  5. I nearly fell over reading this. I had to do a double take to confirm the atrocity that I had just seen. Not only is Milan not 1, but NOT EVEN 2? And not only that, but the birdies are the “best team”. I could MAYBE understand if Riverview was 1 considering Milan now has a loss, but SMCC? If we are going to put SMCC at 1, then let’s also put the refs at 1 as well as the SMCC recruiters at 1. Riverview and Milan are significantly better than the birdies and don’t even recruit.

    1. Wow ….Milan Step Dad

      You really have to let that LOSS go buddy and last I checked when you lose head to head to a team you are ranked below them. But maybe just maybe if you send the game film to the MHSAA they might overturn the refs calls and give Milan the win🤷‍♂️Give it a try and see how it goes

  6. Chris
    Do you think THE Monroe Trojans will make the playoffs this year?
    It could come down to a week 9 clash with the Riverview Pirates
    By the way I agree with your assessment of SMCC at 1 and Riverview at 2.

    1. I was thinking that the other day. They probably have to finish 6-3 to make the playoffs. That would mean beating three of the following four teams; Huron, Dexter, Bedford and Riverview. They may sneak in at 5-4, which would mean two wins over those teams, but I doubt that is enough in Division 1. They have a tall task in front of them. For the record, I hope they make it.

      1. Chris’ assessment is spot on. Regarding 6-3(in) and 5-4(maaaaayyybbbeee in).
        Right now Monroe(2-2) is 29th of the 32 teams that would be in, if the playoffs started today.
        Thats a good sign for them, to make it in at 5-4.

        Its starts this week for Monroe. In my opinion, they HAVE to beat AA Huron.
        No doubt about it, this is a must win for the Trojans.

        I can see a very possible scenario in which a 4-4 Monroe, hosts an 8-0 Riverview(Huron League Champ) in week 9.
        For all the playoff marbles!

      2. It seems like a 5-4 record might get them in this year for the Trojans. I’m sure that isn’t what they are shooting for. I say this because of how many good teams are on their schedule and the bonus points might be the deciding factor.

  7. Cue more of the “SMCC recruits” fodder.
    Riverview doesn’t need bulletin board material. They are in the same position SMCC was last week going to Milan. Have to win this week or when they see Milan to stay in the HL hunt. SMCC in the driver’s seat. Can they pick up the win this weekend at home?
    What’s going on at Monroe? They told us in August how good they were. Gotta win big games for anyone to believe it.
    Bedford sure to bounce back this week.
    Whiteford doing what Whiteford does.
    Ida may be ready for a long post-season run.
    The big question: can teams escape the covid issues that plagued SMCC the last few weeks?? Week 5 and staying healthy and out of quarantines may be the name of the game moving forward.

    1. Monroe is good but unfortunately some of these teams are just better. The schedule is very difficult this year with the exception of Skyline and Pioneer. Other than bedford these teams on this blog don’t play teams of this caliber. Not trying to discredit anybody but it is a fact.

      1. Monroe is Division 1. They play, for the most part, D1 schools.
        It would be unfair to ask a D5 school to play their schedule.
        The first part of your comment is correct. The 2nd part is a non sequitur.

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