Friday Night Scores

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Airport 34 Huron 42 Final

Flat Rock 8 Milan 43 Final

Jefferson 30 Grosse Ile 14 Final

Riverview 22 SMCC 6 Final

Wyandotte Roosevelt 7 Carlson 42 Final

Sand Creek 30 Whiteford 58 Final

Summerfield 36 Adrian Madison 8 Final

Morenci 0 Erie Mason 53 Final

Monroe 14 Ann Arbor Huron 38 Final

Ypsi Lincoln 21 Bedford 47 Final

Hudson 22 Ida 14 Final

Dundee 17 Onsted 10 Final

35 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Most games went as I thought, however, little surprised at how close Dundee and Onsted was, and how badly Monroe get beaten by AA Huron.
    Was Jondro hurt for SMCC?
    How did Airport put up all those points late in game?
    Sure hope the Riverview # 40 is going to be ok.

  2. Agreed. Riverview was very physical. Two injured players (Godspeed and prayers to #40 to heal-up and get back on the field) but really played hard. A good fought game. CC had chances but like the old saying from a former coach of mine, “The best team doesn’t always win. The team that plays best wins!” Go Bucs!

    1. Riverview was the best team Friday night. Hands down. Everything about SMCC was lackluster. No urgency. No pass or run blocking. Unimaginative play calling. Riverview is fairly new at running the T offense, but they students are now the masters. It was like they knew every SMCC play before it was called. I know that the T offense isn’t very exciting to begin with, but after the 40th or 50th time of running plays that gain nothing, you might want to switch it up a bit. Especially when time is running out.

  3. Riverview just to physical for Smcc.. Smcc had their chances but couldn’t do anything with it.. Riverview will be Huron league Champs..

    1. I wouldn’t count Milan out just yet. They have a good team and staff. They might match up a little bit better with the View then they did against SMCC and Milan had plenty of chances to win that game. I have a feeling all three of these teams are pretty close with one another.

      1. Feels like it’s been those three tight at the top for a few years with the exception of that incredible 9-0 GI team a few years back.

  4. I know there were some tough injuries at the View/CC game and I want to squash it before it starts: no one is upset at CC. It wasn’t dirty and we have NOTHING but respect for their coaches and players

    1. I am Landon Kincaid grandfather. Nothing dirty about his injury. Football can be cruel sometimes as it is a tough sport.

        1. I thought was very classy for SMCC to gather and pray with their team chaplain on the sideline while he was down. What a terrible, unfortunate injury, best wishes to him and his family

          1. Absolutely. CC isn’t just a great program on and off the field. We have all the respect in the world for what they’re doing.

          2. Proud and humbled Dad (#40)

            SMCC is all class. Players, Coaches and Admins. Landon (40) got snap chats from them last night in the hospital wishing him well and telling him they are praying for him. You would expect it from the View faithful (which he got a ton of that too). The coaching staff helping while he was injured is greatly appreciated. He is done for the year. He had surgery this morning, however, that went great and the docs are confident that he will be back to full speed in 2-3 months. We are humbled by all the txts, posts and prayers from all over the place. Go BUCS!!

    1. Well they were beating them bad they made a comeback with in one score that’s a trend they have they can’t do anything in the 1st quarter look how when they vs grose ile it was 7 to 7 in the first quarter

      1. Airport scored their final 16 points on Huron’s backups, I believe they were trying to get everyone some playing time on homecoming night. If the starters had stayed in it might have gotten pretty lopsided.

          1. Are we going to get to see the unseen this season? I don’t remember seeing it last year, either, and that was a really talented team too lol.

          1. They were still trying to win, and legitimately so. Huron, in my Saturday morning QB opinion, let their foot off the gas way too soon. Even in the first half, Airport had no answer for the Smith and Caldwell combination in the running game and for whatever reason moved Isaac out of QB and ran a whole different offense. I didn’t see a need for the switch, but the coaches obviously know more than I do.

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