23 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Week 5 Video Picks”

  1. Since I was unable to be a part of this, I’ll leave a few thoughts…

    1. Surprise result in area. Dundee beating Blissfield by 20 surprised me the most. I’ve seen Elek LaPalme and Carson Irwin play since they were freshmen, and I knew that they had raw talent. Now that Steve Ayre has turned them loose, Dundee could be a team to watch in the coming weeks.

    2. Trending up. Dundee. See above. But also have to mention Ida after they beat Clinton. Luke Levicki is emerging as a star to compliment Owen Sampson in the backfield. Has the pilot light turned on for the Blue Streaks?

    3. Out of area score that surprised me. I have to go with Hudson shutting out Hillsdale 36-0. The Hornets have played a murdererous schedule, with all losses coming to top ten teams. But Hudson handing them their first regular season shutout loss since 2016, and first ever regular season LCAA shutout loss, definitely makes a statement. The Tigers will travel to Ida, and Hemelgarn Field has been a house of horrors for Hudson, as they have not won there since 2011. Ida has beaten Hudson in each of the last four meetings.

  2. Jesse and his coaching staff do a fantastic job, they have enjoyed much more success than Flat Rock.
    Rams work hard and don’t run away from anyone in a very tough league.
    I believe most if not all their kids are homegrown.
    That does not mean they have no class.
    You are the one displaying no class.
    Good luck to both teams.

      1. Thank you CJ. I would like to formally apologize for any harm I may have caused the Flat Rock fans. That being said, GO PIRATES!

  3. @ Milan step dad…

    I think your wording- “Milan just completely out classes Flat Rock“ is probably not the right way to explain that you think that Milan is a superior team and wins by 40 or more.

    But to understand the definition of class one must have some.

    We will see if you know as much as you claim to know gauging on if your 40 point + prediction comes true or if your talk is biased and your really way off the mark on what you know on the subject of football.

    Go Rams!

  4. I have not been silenced on here. Maybe cuz I am not mean to others. This blog is pretty darn close to freedom of speech so cool down Milan dad
    Also Erie is in TCC now not HL by the way fyi
    -Brock Lee

  5. I would like to share my thoughts, but unfortunately Milan fans are being silenced by Gary. Every other fan can share their opinions though

        1. Because you use 5 different aliases on here.

          Pick a name, pick a topic, pick a side.

          You literally have conversations with yourself.

          1. Give him the Real Troll name! I’m The Troll and I don’t do that crap. Not saying I never did it though!!

        2. Don’t feel bad. I make comments about Monroe and the comments are almost always blocked. Wouldn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. I do think the guys on the site do a good job though. I just wish these comments went through because Sometimes the coaches need to realize they need to do better.

  6. I have 2 questions-first, how many Trolls are on here? Kinda weird. I created a monster. Second, how is Airport not your guys’ team trending upward right now?

  7. I forgot to mention Cakes By Stephanie as one of our sponsors.
    Cakes has been with us for a few years now. We appreciate your support. And your cupcakes, a vital asset to the community!

  8. You guys do a great job. It’s cool that people still care about local HS Football. Niles does a good job, but he’s an old breed. My guess is when he’s done, so will monroe county HS Football as sad as that is. HS football as a whole with the AA news, free press, and det news, puts very little effort in anymore. And now when they do, if you don’t pay for the website, you don’t get to read. It’s a travesty with how these papers covered HS Football through the 90’s to about the mid 2000’s.

    So thanks for doing this on your own time. It”s sweet. And it’s nice to hear about teams that you don’t know about to see what you’re gonna face. I still laugh at most of the post and some are funny to let through even though they’re lies or a total joke. Gets people to react and people are passionate about HS Football, especially locally.

    So thanks for doing what you do. This is the best platform for the teams in our area. It’s always nice to see people that care like we do about local HS Football.

    Milan Fan

    1. Thanks for the kudos. In fairness over the last decade I think the local paper have done much better job and continue to do a good job right now. Unfortunately, the bigger papers don’t have the readership anymore. People won’t pay for the papers and quite frankly want something for free. We would love to take this to the next level and provide better coverage, but even though our readership is solid, people won’t pay for more coverage. We will continue to do this as long as we can.

      1. I think the Monroe newspaper does a better job of covering area high school sports than any I’ve seen or read,
        Small staff to cover 15 high schools in five different leagues, girls and boys and provide fairness to each is incredible.
        We don’t know how lucky we are!

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