My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/24/21

Airport: Twenty-four minutes does not a game make.

Bedford: Take care of the ball, win games.

Carlson: A win over Wyandotte is always a good win.

Dundee: They all count.

Erie Mason: Defense travels.

Flat Rock: If the Rams can split the next 4 games, they have a chance to make the playoffs at 4-5

Grosse Ile: The schedule doesn’t get any easier.

Huron: Huron seems to be getting better every game..

Ida: See Airport

Jefferson: Rare multi-win season

Milan: Don’t count out the Big Reds just yet.

Monroe: It doesn’t get any easier for the Trojans next week.

Riverview: Big win at Navarre, Pirate’s depth to be tested next week.

SMCC: Falcons will need some help if they hope to win a league championship.

Summerfield: The Bulldogs make me look bad all the time.

Whiteford: Big win over one of the TCC favorites.

55 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/24/21”

  1. I’m sure that every program starts the season with the goal of winning the league championship and with that comes the spoils of the playoffs and a shot at playing at Ford field. CC has a rich tradition of success, Riverview has been a solid program for years now, and you can’t count Milan out when you are talking league championships. There a few up and coming programs in the Huron league that the big 3 have to bring their A game against or they will get beat. I appreciate everyone’s passion for their school but just like every season you have to play them all before you can crown a champion and the rest will work itself out. Good luck to everyone next Friday!

    1. 100% agree, but what fun would a blog be if we all waited and made level headed predictions and reactions?
      That said, I tend to steer away from those conversations too. HS football is a wild and unpredictable game. I’ll wait until the Saturday after game 8 before I say too much.

  2. So the birdies finally got exposed. The so called “unstoppable” T offense really showed up to play. SMCC got dominated at every level of the game. I hope you guys understand now that SMCC is the 3rd best team in the HL. Milan and Riverview are far superior. That being said though, Milan is by far the best team and I expect them to win the HL

    1. You can’t be “by far the best team” when you lose to the so-called 3rd best team in the league. Lay off the bottle step-dad.

    2. Yup they beat up a real good D7 team.
      I’ll see how they are against a real good D3 team or a mediocre D1team.
      Let me know where you’re playing in early or middle November.
      Get out of Fenders and get some air dude.

      1. Divine Child count? Blew them out week 1. How about Monroe in week 9?
        I don’t think it’s fair to hang a season exclusively on postseason. Was it a failure to lose to the defending state champs in the district final last year? Nope. We could possibly see them early again this year and will certainly see a very tough AP team. Not gonna call a season bad or a team trash if they don’t go far.

  3. Week 5 so far:
    Riverview keeps rolling, we all pray for # 40. D 3 gonna be tougher than beating a very good D7 school.
    SMCC nothing to hang your heads on, can go far in D7. Good coaches.
    Milan great coaching staff, great QB, is it enough to beat the View? Don’t think so.
    Huron got to win out, little concerned about giving up 59 points in past 2 games.
    Flat Rock looking at 3 win season, will face a pissed of SMCC squad this week. Might not be pretty.
    Jefferson nice to see you guys get a win, I know you all work hard as everyone else.
    GI this years cellar dwellers in the HL. They will be back.
    Airport middle of the pack team. Put up 34 and still losing, something missing there.
    Dundee could have lost to winless Onsted, but a win is a win.
    Ida could have beaten #1 in D8 ranked Hudson, but a loss is still a loss. The Streaks are a good football team.
    Summerfield keeps rolling as they usually do, I like those tough farm kids.
    Mason keeps rolling. I still say they belong in the LCAA.
    Monroe, AA Huron game was a must, now your season is a bust. You could very easily end up 3-6.
    Carlson going to settle in just below AP and Woodhaven in the DRL. Good job Maurauders.
    Whiteford do they not play defense in the TCC?
    Good bounce back win.

    1. It’s a brutal stretch for FR to have to play Riverview then Milan and CC both after a loss. The toughest challenge is to play a good team the week after a loss.

  4. Proof that one kid can dominate a game, look no further than Isaac Smith from Huron.
    Genius move by Huron for doing anything and everything to get the ball in this kids hands! I would not call it a “wildcat” offensive. I’d call it a “wildsaac offense”!
    Need rushing yards…he’s at QB/wildsaac. Need a reception…he’s at receiver. AND HE PLAYS DEFENSE!
    Wow! What can’t this kid do?

    1. The only problem is they tried this against Milford and lost! Smith had the 1st 7 plays of the game, and had 40 touches on the game. No scores! and they lost to a bad Milford team. It would nice if the Huron coaches could find a way to get more of their talent involved in the games. In the airport win only 4 players touched the ball on offense, Callahan, Muzzy and Henninger all starters never touched the ball. Against the lower teams they can get away with it. But against the better teams they obviously need more than just Isaac. He is a good player! But would better with other players taking some attention off of him.

      1. A bad Milford team? They have their best team in 15 years and are 4-1 with their only loss to undefeated South Lyon. Huron looked really good doing what they did in the first half on Friday and may run the table the rest of the regular season if they keep things simple. Of course, just my objective two cents.

        1. You’re not gonna convince some of the foolish haters that it’s not a matter of Isaac being the coach’s son lol. Anonymous forgets that among the players they listed that there were some serious turnover issues, a good bit of inexperience, and a TE that has to be left in blocking positions because of a really young line. I’m not a coach, not even a dad on this team, but I know the players very well. It’s a shame that some can’t appreciate seeing one of the best players that will ever come through the program without mixing it up with daddy ball accusations.

          1. I never mentioned Isaac not being a good player!
            And I never mentioned daddy ball!! But, please tell me who else in the 2nd half got the ball? Please show me the stats!! Only 4 players touched the ball until the last 2 minutes of the game. Please show me otherwise.

            Airports comeback was: Isaac fumbled into the endzone, airport recovered an onside kick, returned a kick off for a touchdown and airport had a beautiful deep pass to the guy Isaac was covering. The comback was not against the 2nd team. Isaac is a great player and from what I hear he’s a great kid. I never said otherwise. He is not a big kid and has got dinged up almost every game thou. Why wouldn’t they use more of these kids more often? It doesnt make sense when their 2 and 3 and the highlight is beating a 5th place div 5 team!!

            Callahan had huge receptions against Milford and was a big reason they hung in the game. Isaac had a big fumble in that game and another against airport and I believe an int. Is he benched? Should he be? No!! Henning had a great 8 yard first down run against Milford that set up the caldwell touchdown and big runs against riverview. Muzzy threw 3 touchdowns against the best team in the league. But Nothing on home coming for any of these kids !! If you cant pass block, then run the ball and throw short passes. Dont do quarter back draws and deep bombs every play. My 2 cents are my opinion on how the team can improve. I have never called anyone a bad player or questioned how good a certain player is. I watch and have been around alot of high level football players. Look at other top receivers in the state, Antonio gates junior isnt getting the ball 40 times and the crap beat out of him every game, either is Christian rapely at Belleville. Their coaches put them in places to shine and they have better stats and are both going D1. But good job beating airport Huron!!! Most of my complaints is with the coaches not the players, my opinion is these things would help Isaac be a better player and Huron a better team. Just my 2 cents!! By the way, I love this site and enjoy talking football!!

          2. I never mentioned Isaac not being a good player and his dad being the coach was never mentioned. Callahan had a great game against Milford and has barely touched the ball since and his dad is a coach to. Henning has had a couple turn overs, but Isaac has 2 fumbles to, should he be benched? I dont think so either. Henning is the starting running back and is getting only 3 carrys a game!! ( I think his confidence is rocked and is trying to make stuff happen the few times he gets the ball.) Muzzy threw 3 touchdown passes against riverview, the top team in the League, (1 to Isaac). He has barely touched the ball since that game.
            Isaac is the best player on the team no doubt and I think better coaching would get him more recognition at the state level. but, the coaches want to run him in the ground by giving him the ball 40 times a game. Antonio gates Jr at Fordson, Christian Rapely at Belleville are some of the top receivers in the state, both going D1. Their coaches are not giving them the ball 40 times a game so they can get the crap beat out of them!! Their coaches use their whole team and use them in places where they can succeed. This team has talent to spare, it would be nice to see more of it! I think Isaac would be a better player with it!! Again! Just my 2 cents! Man! I LOVE debating football!!

          3. Really young line John? In the double tight set they sport 2 seniors 4 juniors and a sophomore……..I’d hardly call that young especially since these boys been pushing kids around since kindergarten. TE has to block because he HAS NOT been established as a threat so these good teams will continue to bring the house because they know only 2 people are receiving passes and they’ll take there chances with the rest. This team is LOADED with kids with a bunch of different skill sets and this staff has totally blown it from top to bottom!

      2. Yo Anonymous, we think for the most part your comments are spot-on, there is a LARGE and growing group of concerned citizens that agree. We would like to have a beer with you at Iron Mikes / Mcnasty’s sometime!

  5. So like I said earlier-the better team won. Riverview WON the line of scrimmage and won the game. They were better. SMCC’s play calling should be able to adapt to getting controlled at the line of scrimmage instead of calling the same plays that don’t work. Apparently I must be the only one on this blog that mentioned Ford Field all season for the Falcons.

    1. I agree Milford is having a good season, but every news outlet picked Huron to win that game. I was there, Huron was the faster team at every position. But they kept it simple and were extremely predictable. Milfords players were yelling out where the ball was going almost every play! Huron constantly threw into double and triple coverage. They only handed off to their running backs 6 to 7 times. Simple play will beat the smaller lower teams in the Huron League, but the better, bigger schools in the state use multiple weapons. Huron has 4 all state track kids, and D1 commits for other sports. They are loaded with speed and talent. If they could figure out how to get more of those kids involved, they could be a top team in the state, but they keep it simple and predictable. Its easy to defend a team when they Run the quarter back 70% of the time. Playing simple will beat the lower smaller schools in the Huron League. But if you want to beat big, better schools you better use all your weapons.

      1. Track speed and D1 talent in other sports does not equal talent at football. Many track stars slow down with pads. Many stars in other sports shy away from contact, or don’t have the football IQ to play at a high level. It’s easy to see there is a noticeable drop off when the reserves enter the game for Huron. That’ll come in time but isn’t there yet.

        1. I have not mentioned 1-2nd team kid. Every kid I mentioned is a starter and is a proven football player. Everyone is thinking Im personally attacking Isaac. Im not at all. He has alot of ralent around him. This site has mentioned on serveral occasions how stacked this team is. Even called them the most talented 0 and 3 team in STATE! I mention that they would be a better team if they used more of that talent and everybody is thinking Im dumping on Isaac. Lets contact stafford and see if he thinks talent is helping him be a better player. Everybody agrees that this team has alot of talent. I would just like to see it used more!! Again! Just my 2 cents.

        2. The D-1 athlete you speak of is not a defensive player, never has been.He should not play defense.His football I-Q is not an issue!

          1. I know who the D1 recruit is. Read what I said, I never said it was HIS issue. I said it’s an issue that many players who are highly talented at other sports can struggle with when it comes to football. Being great at one sport doesn’t always mean you’re automatically great at every sport. I’ve seen several highly talented players who were great at one sport and not have that translate into other sports. It happens and doesn’t take anything away from their accomplishments in the sport that they’re great at.

      2. The game at Milford was a +90 degree day. Most of the Huron boys were going on both sides of the ball. Most of Milford’s players were only playing Offense or Defense. By the end of the fourth quarter, Huron was out of gas, hence the two point try.

          1. Yes John, you are correct. I totally forgot about #7 being sidelined. That was a huge loss on both sides of the ball.

  6. I thought I heard during Huron’s halftime presentation that Isaac Smith had committed to Indiana Wesleyan? Isn’t that where Myers went? Pretty cool for them to reconnect and play together again.

  7. Riverview is a very good team. Prayers to #40. The kid is a stud and hopefully he’ll be ok. The better team won but I think SMCC’s play calling has to get a little better. Riverview took shots early and capitalized on them. SMCC ran what seemed like the same plays over and over again. They’ll be fine though-they’re still a very good team and should go very deep in playoffs (hopefully back to Ford Field).

    1. Riverview was winning the LOS. Matters not what you run or what play you call if you can’t get it blocked right.

      Ford Field? It’s week 5.

        1. Monroe just got smoked
          Unfortunately they are regressing rapidly
          Scrap the spread
          Get under Center , control the clock and utilized that big Oline

        1. Ok

          Respect and focus should be given to the opponent you are playing in that particular week. It’s now week 6, week 14 is a long way away. I wonder if the coaching staff at any of our 16 teams is talking about week 14.

          1. That’s a good point. I would be disappointed if the coaching staff of my team wasn’t focused on the week ahead. But you and I don’t coach the 16 area teams so I think it’s fine for us to talk about Ford field or make projections in the comments like you Chris and frank do ( and I very much appreciate cus it’s a lot of fun ). Anonymous from 12:29 said that SMCC would “hopefully back to Ford field”

    2. SMCC scored early on a Riverview turnover.
      That was it , period.
      Buck, belly, trap, power, etc,
      Riverview was the better team.
      Move on.

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