My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/18/21

Airport: I know Hammond is a senior, but the Jets have a very bright future.

Bedford: Tough to get out of a 21-0 hole, but not a bad loss to Ann Arbor Huron.

Carlson: A little surprised by the score, but the Marauders did enough to get the W.

Dundee: The Vikings are solid when they take care of the football.

Erie Mason: Will Morenci have enough players this week?

Flat Rock: Rams will continue their 3-week gauntlet this week with Milan on the schedule.

Grosse Ile: The future is bright for the Red Devils, but maybe not as bright as Airports.

Huron: We have mentioned how good the Chief’s Matt Williams is a few times, believe us now?

Ida: Thank you Blue Streaks for making me look good.

Jefferson: The Bears have a great opportunity for a win this week.

Milan: The Big Reds lost to a very good football team.

Monroe: Maybe next year, maybe not.

Riverview: Is it me or does the Huron League favorite look vulnerable?

SMCC: a healthy Falcon team was the reason I suggested a possible Ford Field run.

Summerfield: Well, I missed on my Pittsford pick. Maybe I was just being contrary?

Whiteford: Not a bad or surprising loss to Edon. The Bombers are legit!

40 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/18/21”

  1. Flat Rock doesn’t want to go to any other league!

    They are getting better and want to play the best!

    Just a matter of time.

    Riverview has a great team, no need to knock that.

    Flat Rock will be there in a few years in multiple sports.

    1. Flat Rock is the only charter member of the HL.
      They came into the league in 1941, 80 years.
      Flat Rock has qualified 3 times for playoffs and has not won a league title in 43 years.
      Flat Rock has won 1 state championship.
      In contrast to SMCC as an example.
      SMCC came into the league in 1968, 53 years.
      SMCC has qualified for the playoffs 24 times and has won 19 league titles, the latest in 2015or 2014.
      SMCC has won 4 state championships and 4 runner ups.
      Flat Rock has not faired well in any boys sports in many years.
      Good Luck Flat Rock fan!
      You’ll need it!!!

          1. No you said, “Flat Rock has not faired well in any boys sports in many years”. Any being the key word. I gave an example of winning the league in basketball 2 years ago. smh

          1. FR has done well in girls sports, they have had some very good boys basketball and baseball teams.
            Baseball years ago

          2. FR boys have had some very good basketball teams and baseball teams maybe 20 years or so
            ago (baseball).
            Girls have done well in multi sports.
            FR has not won many boys championships in many years and really suffered in football.
            They have had some past great athletes though.

      1. Flat Rock beat a Riverview team 4 years ago that was 1 game away from Ford field. Rams we’re upset on the island and it cost them the league title should of won league that year. Boys hoop have won at least a share of the league title 2 out of the last 3 years. Not nearly as successful when you can’t recruit but you can’t say they have had zero success.

  2. That’s why I LOVE this blog!!! So entertaining. You people need to realize that Gary is always right, GreyBeard is always right, Chris is always right, and myself “The Troll” is always right.

    On a side note, Gary I’m befuddled with Bedford losing to Ann Arbor Huron. I just don’t get it…

  3. Week 4 so far;
    Monroe- Best team in years. What?
    Riverview- keeps winning, should be in DRL.
    Flat Rock- played harder than score indicated.
    Huron- congrats on win, little surprised with the 25 you gave up.
    Jefferson- kids and coaches work hard, they don’t quit.
    SMCC- could actually win the HL. If healthy.
    Milan- Two losses in a row are possible, big game this week.
    GI- odd year all around.
    Airport- getting better each week, Hammond a force.
    Whiteford- maybe a blessing in disguise. Ohio football maybe a little better than up here.
    Summerfield- 16 kids, still winning.
    Carlson- load up now, wood haven and Wyandotte coming.
    Dundee- may still have a nice season, great win.
    Mason- Another forfeit this week? Should be in LCAA.

    1. I get so tired of the “Riverview should be in the Downriver league” garbage. When Jefferson, Airport, or Milan were the biggest team in the Huron League should they have left? So we have a revolving door every ten years when enrollments shift? Tired of that nonsense.
      So Riverview should go from a smaller, yet tougher schedule, to an overall weaker league with bigger schools? Makes absolutely zero sense.

        1. Bunk. Logistically speaking, 4 of the teams in the Huron League are in Wayne County, nearby Riverview. If anything, it would be better for the league for the smaller teams to leave. Flat Rock, Jefferson.
          View has been playing Grosse Ile annually since the 50s. That game isn’t going anywhere. They are evenly matched with Milan, and have a strong history with SMCC. Airport and Huron aren’t too far behind in enrollment.
          Just stop.

  4. Chris,
    View looks vulnerable?????? Like maybe over looking a sub par FR team and still shutting them out. Your right they do…. LOL the view should just forfeit to the mighty CC

    1. I didn’t say they should forfeit to the mighty cc. I just thought they looked a little vulnerable. I thought they were a little bit faster last year and I think their line play might have been a little better last year. Sheeesh

  5. Clearly you guys didn’t watch the Milan game. SMCC is NOT a good football team. I’ll give it to the falcons that they did score 1 legit touchdown. However, the others were extremely lucky. Unfortunately for the Milan football team, it appeared that the refs had also suited up for SMCC because every call went the falcons way. If Milan and the birdies were to play again Milan would blow them out.

        1. Funny how Riverview is too big and now all of a sudden recruits. Truth is the view kids have been playing together for years.

          1. I wish we could recruit! Since we’re doing the receipt thing, all of your senior starters have played together since 3rd grade and have always worn maroon and gold. In fact, of our 22 starters only 1 o line player has worn anything other View colors in their career.
            Truth is, we’ve lost more players and potential starters to transfer than we’ve ever brought in.
            But I guess it’s an honor when rumors like this fly around, right?

    1. Milan also got a free fumble recovery although the back judge blew the play dead. Somehow the Falcon’s kick returner was ruled down because he bent his knee to field the ball. Come on have some class, don’t ruin a good football game by playing the officials card. SMCC also jumped offsides twice which forced them to punt. Milan had a 4th and goal and got stopped. Move on, you’re embarrassing your step-son’s school.

        1. The fact that Gary is denying that CC had the refs on their side is befuddling. I witnessed with my own little eyeballs that one of the refs had a falcon tattooed on the back of their neck. I didn’t have the guts to call that official out but trust me, I WAS FURIOUS! Once CC plays a real team like flat rock or Jefferson they’ll see that refs won’t win them guys anymore

          1. The tattoo on the back of the neck is an underground society and you are in trouble for outing them Hercules, they know who you are …watch your back

      1. I find it comical that you would even suggest that the birdies actually “stopped” Milan. If it wasn’t for the multiple face masks and false starts that the refs ignored for SMCC, Milan would have at least 3 more touchdowns that game. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

        1. “Facts don’t care about your feelings”

          Gary brought facts in actual stats.
          You’ve brought anger and opinion.

          Gary: 1
          Step dad: 0

    2. One of the worse comments I’ve ever read on this blog. The last two times Milan have won the game on last minute drives. Same exact thing that happened in that game to but Milan blew that opportunity. CC coaches n players knew what happened the last couple meetings n absolutely did not want that experience again. It was a great football game.

    3. Please don’t listen to guys like this. My guess is that this isn’t a person from Milan. If so, a very ignorant one. They don’t know football. Milan has a good team and so does SMCC. The Refs I thought called a great game letting the kids play. We’re not many penalties other than obvious ones.

      SMCC made a few more plays. Milan made a lot of mistakes, which is common for a team that’s young and doesn’t have a ton of seniors who play other than 4-5 guys. Give SMCC credit. They are tough, they are physical, and they are well coached. If they can get past Lumon, they make it to Ford field. Mark it down.

      I don’t know why people get so sensitive when a team loses. It was a great game. SMCC has just as much talent if not more than Milan. I thought it was an evenly matched football game. SMCC just made a few more plays. People that know football know that these teams were about as evenly matched as possible. What a fun game to watch. Just like Milan made a few more plays in 18-19. SMCC did on Friday night. And I can assure you those players respect each other after the battle they just had.

      Milan Fan

      1. We get it. A few fringe people out this year but most have been around long enough to know most fan bases can keep it level headed. None of us want to be judged by one or two comments here.

        Certified CC boy – obviously you didn’t read the comment from one person saying half the HL was looking to start playing out of state games including some teams from CA…according to his kid on the team.

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