Week 2 Thursday Night Scores

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Carlson 42 Edsel Ford 0 Final

Airport 35 Flat Rock 0 Final

Riverview 46 Jefferson 9 final

Grosse Ile 6 SMCC 41 final

Ida 14 Whiteford 34 final

Erie Mason 0 Hudson 22 Final

Dundee 13 Clarenceville 47 final

Summerfield 40 Lady of the Lakes 14. Final

70 thoughts on “Week 2 Thursday Night Scores”

  1. Am I crazy? Why isn’t there more talk about SMCC? In my limited time around the HL seems like they always rebound after a “down” year and how they’re starting seems to support that.

    Maybe as a Riverview fan I’m just trying to gas them up a little bit because the last thing that squad needs is a reason to feel disrespected.

    As of 2 weeks in, this is a 4 team race in the Huron League but we’ll quickly see that shake out in the next couple Fridays. I kinda wish these team didn’t play each other so early in the schedule every year.

    1. Coach Kipf and his staff stress one day at a time. He has an experienced coaching staff full of guys who have been championship coordinators or head coaches which helps keep things on the right path. They hardly discuss their opponent during the week either. It is all about them getting better. Best investment I ever made in sending my son there.

      1. Nothing but respect for what coach Kipf has done and how his players respond. I’ve seen them have down games and heaven help the team they have to play the week after because I don’t think it matters who it is, SMCC will put a hurt on them.

        Add on top of that the fact my kids have always spoken highly of CC players (after wins and losses) for having high character and it makes CC an easy team to root for any week they’re not playing my Bucs.

    2. It’s a top secret society over there my friend. They’re all business this year. They don’t even know what they’re capable of quite yet. Hoped they’re all playing by the time they meet up with Riverview or Milan.

    3. I love reading about how great people see Riverview being EVERY YEAR. Funny how it’s always an early exit. Has parents, players, or fans ever questioned why that is? Maybe look at the teams they play all year. They play only one …… ONE Division 3 team during there season. The rest are lower division teams. They should run the Huron league EVERY year. That’s why when they play playoff games it’s an early exit. Iron sharpens iron. Have to play better comp and run more then the T to make it in this division. All the Riverview post will be absent early in the playoffs. Keep leaning on the 2017 team that didn’t make it to states. Good luck .

        1. You ride with that brother. Not ever going to happen. We can talk latter after they get bounced out. I’ll be the one that posts I TOLD YOU SO.

        2. Riverview schedule Monroe to end the season and opened up with a good program in Divine Child. Rouge is a top 5 team in the state regardless of division. Traditionally since Parker took over, they have anywhere from 6-10 Division 1 players. That’s not counting the other 15 or so that play 1-AA, D-2, and D-3. Now are they from 7-8 different school districts? Yes they are.

          Riverview is well coached. But to get bounced by Rouge is nothing to hang your head about. Ask Chelsea how they feel and they have 70 guys on their teams.

          Riverview is legit and runs their program the right way.

          Milan Fan

          1. I try to live by a simple philosophy when on a HS football blog – speak positively or negatively about your own club, speak positively about other teams but NEVER negatively about them. Even rivals.

            No team is filled with bad guys. As a Riverview dad, we’ve always had that heated rivalry with GI but I know a bunch of kids there and some parents. They’re GOOD PEOPLE. It’s ok to be rivals but I’ll NEVER just jump on here and trash a program.

            I just don’t understand guys who want to come on here and cut down other programs. It doesn’t make your school any better, it just makes you look petty.

          2. I always wonder, if the people that have somewhat negative things to say about Riverview, are fans of Riverview or just haters. Wanting them to switch offenses. Thinking that is the answer to beat a River Rouge.

            People always want more. If you are a team that struggles, it’s just, be competitive, be in games. Maybe win some.

            If you are 5-4 type team it’s, win the league.

            If you are a league power, it’s win a Regional.

            If you are. Regional power, it’s win a state title.

            It will never end. For a Huron League D3 team to be a Regional Power, is quite an accomplishment.

            If I were a fan of Riverview, and I am a fan of how they play, I would be very happy with how my program is playing and the future of it.

            The only problem I have had with Riverview was their non league schedule. And it was more of a compliment than a problem. They reached a point when Romulus just won’t cut it. They completely changed that now with DDC and Monroe.

          3. I believe the post you’re referring to was talking about more than 1 year/last year of Riverview football, at least that is how I interpret it. It does seem to be a pattern, schedule weaker competition get bounced in the playoffs. Whether it be to RR, AP, or Harrison. If your standard is league Champs then you have met expectations, congratulations. If your expectations is Regional Champs or dare I say State Champs, the program has a lot more work to do especially if you plan on be a one dimensional offense who refuses to schedule quality competition throughout the season. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  2. Chris,
    Thank you for running this blog! A big shout out to Gary and Frank as well for helping Chris take it to the next level.I know all of you work and are very busy with your lives but this blog is very cool.
    I look forward to reading the blog especially your picks and the comments after games nights. The banter is good and healthy. I think you do a great job allowing people to voice their opinions while keeping it something that promotes all kids and teams fairly.
    I have to share this, my uncle who has been very ill for years just passed. He lived for Football, mostly HS and College. He loved The HL and followed all of the region teams. He also loved reading this blog. He would always ask if I read this or that on the blog or “did you see that pick Chris made” . He appreciated how much insight you guys had and the knowledge you researched. He loved that you posted in game scores and he could follow that.
    I wanted to post this as he will be watching over region teams tonight from the best view in the house.
    Thank you gentlemen for bringing excitement to my uncle during some dark days!
    Keep up the great work
    Region teams and coaches remember this
    At the end of the day you’re teaching boys to become young men. The wins and losses come and go and competition is important but do me a favor and savor every minute you get to be on the field or coach . No matter how bad or good it is. Because in my eyes and my uncles the best place to be on a Friday night is at a High school football game under the lights!
    – In 5 years from now, the things that will be taken from these games tonight- lessons learned and memories!! Enjoy fans!

    1. Very interesting take.

      GI had negative 15 yards rushing.

      The QB was running around for his life.

      CC averaged 10 yards a carry.

    2. Lol no actually the scoreboard said 41-6
      I was there and saw SMCC had over 500 yards of offense.
      It could have been 56-6

      1. Vikings committed 7 turnovers I believe, 5 picks, 1 fumble, 1 fumbled onside kick, 1 snap over punters head. Left Clarenceville in short field position all night.
        Even without these, Clarenceville was talented, really fast and outsized Dundee. Score may have been a little closer but the end result would be the same.

  3. Week 2, so far…

    Is SMCC really that good? I think so.
    Is GI really that bad? I don’t think so
    Carlson 2-0 , but beat 2 cellar dwellers in a weak DL.
    Airport really that good? I don’t think so, may a 3 win season.
    Is Flat Rock really that bad? I think so, something not right there. Keep throwing the ball with a running clock?
    Whiteford is very very good. Can win D8 this year.
    Ida is still very solid, will contend for LCAA
    Jefferson has tough kids, better pray Flat Rock.
    Riverview is very good, can win the HL
    Huron a must have tonight or say bye bye to the playoffs.
    Milan always finds a way
    Monroe, I expect better from you.

    1. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. Not sure about a 3 win season at Airport though. I’m not dogging on the Jets either. I don’t see them beating Jefferson this year. Maybe Robichaud because I know nothing about them. Monroe I think will be fine. Roseville is a very good team-not a bad loss. Looking at losses to Saline, Bedford, and possibly Riverview.

    2. This post is spot on!!
      I honestly think Riverview vs Whiteford would be a helluva football game.
      I can’t wait to see Riverview vs Milan.

  4. Hey GreyBeard, how did the monster on Jefferson look? Does he only play one way or both ways? It’s probably hard to tell how good he is against you guys.

    1. He played both ways.

      I’m sure he made plays but it was never anything that felt like it required game plan altering attention. From the looks of it, we played him straight up all night.

      To be fair, I don’t think I know football well enough to tell you if that’s because of coaching (theirs or ours) or just having athletes that matched up well or them not having the right players to capitalize on the space he can create.

      Still think he could be the best lineman in the HL since Michael Furtney.

      1. I get it. I’d like to see how he does against Airport. More evenly matched team. Probably hard to tell how good he is against Riverview. Thanks for the feedback GreyBeard!!

      2. The big kid from Jefferson is no where close to Furtney. I watched the stream and if he is the best in the HL #40 on the view is an all pro NFL player. He drove him back all night long when he was on defense. He held his ground on the O-line but was not dominant in the game. The View has some talent. I saw last week where several called #40 a stud and he is that. They also have a very physical middle linebacker (#51) that layer the wood a number of times when they tried to go up the middle. Also #11, 7, 20, 26, 5 are all players. The only gaps I see at this point is they are soft on the interior line abs need to figure out how to cover the short routes. If they figure those 2 things out everyone better look out because they are solid.

        1. Interesting you compared him to Furtney (assuming the older brother) because I had actually written out a couple paragraphs on comparing the two but deleted it. Furtney was in a league of his own. I watched him track down one of our RB’s who was a 1000 yard rusher on what should have been a breakaway (making several cuts gave Furtney time but it was impressive speed all the same.)

          Wish nothing but the best for him though, he’s a good kid.

  5. Catholic Central only had about 25 players there last night but close to 40 on the roster???? Was I seeing that right?

    1. CC was missing a lot of kids due to quarantine. I think almost all of them were starters too. To do what they did to GI with some main players not there is impressive. They might not be back for Airport next week either from what I’m hearing.

      1. Between covid contact tracing and injuries, SMCC has 16 kids out. My son says the coaches want to keep the JV together which I can respect so those young kids don’t get hurt. Last night was an impressive effort by the short handed Falcons who only had 20 players available last night. Hopefully they get some guys back for next week because I have a feeling Airport will not be as much of a pushover as GI.

  6. Airport= Their QB is really good. The defense brought pressure from everywhere tonight and Flat Rock’s offensive line never had a chance to figure out how to stop them. I’m not sure how you stop Airport besides play keep away from them with the ball.

    Flat Rock= I don’t know what I witnessed tonight. Just keep working hard Rams

    SMCC= I just watched the game on youtube, it was an impressive effort, even with them being short handed but they still have to find a way to stop the ball and throw the ball if they want to win the big games.

    Grosse Ile= not as bad as the score vs. CC shows. They have talent but alot of injuries too. I saw alot of kids in street clothes from the camera angle.GI is historically a program that gets better as the year progresses. They will finish with 4-5 wins.

    Huron vs. Milan is a big big big game. The winner is in the driver seat to play for the League title.

    1. Airport QB will likely finish as a 4 year starter. You can’t replace that experience.

      I’m not sure why, but everyone seems to be sleeping on CC. Historically, they’re a powerhouse and make the chances they need to. They’re never down long so in my opinion, they’re a contender every year.

      Huron v Milan is a big game but in the driver seat? I don’t think you can say that until the top 4 have played each other a bit. Both teams look good, SMCC looks good and Riverview hasn’t lost a regular season game in almost 2 years (23 months).

  7. Rams were marching to tie it up at 7-7 right before half and threw a pick that resulted in airport scoring with 2 seconds left in half. 14 point swing.

  8. Dear Ida fans,

    “Your thoughts, NOT Ours ”

    Remember this?
    AUGUST 19, 2021 AT 9:31 PM
    After watching what I did tonight, unless they get alot of injuries, Ida is going 9-0. Very physical, good size, and fast. SMCC could not score on them despite returning 7 starters on offense.

    AND THIS???

    AUGUST 21, 2021 AT 7:19 AM
    Hilarious… Ida had freshman and Sophmores in for the last 5 minutes… but tell yourself whatever your golden domer self needs to justify.
    SMCC starters could not move the ball against Ida’s starters.


    1. I don’t necessarily expect that to be written by the Ida fandom, but no doubt we deserve some humble pie. Whiteford is a great program and it was a very cool atmosphere to watch a football game yesterday. 4 turnovers vs 0 will really kill a team, but credit to the Bobcats for capitalizing. Frank was solid in the stripes yesterday so shoutout to him! Either way, it’s clear that Ida has to figure some things out before trying to crown themselves of anything, and Whiteford just needs to stay healthy and be ready for Sand Creek and the playoffs.
      Still a lot of season left and hopefully it’s exciting!

        1. Kudos to Frank who worked a lot of Junior High and Sub Varsity games to become a very good official. He’s certainly earned his stripes. We need more like him.
          He takes pride in his work, is on with a great crew ! Thank you for your continued efforts giving back to the kids while always promoting them!
          – We still miss you in Dundee!! Hope to see you in Wrestling season!

  9. I did call Whiteford over Ida..
    I am still calling Monroe will lose tomorrow
    Milan will get a huge test from Huron, imagine if Huron had Milan’s coaching!!
    Dundee better strap it on tight vs an angry Ida team next week . Dundee. Well they looked BAD vs Clarenceville
    Why is FR throwing down 35.. get out healthy for your super bowl next week, wait that was Melvindale…
    Frank is excited Blissfield received a forfeit win
    Also I called Airport over FR 61-56 kudos to the Airport defense but they’ll show their true colors vs CC next week. At least the Jets moved a few kids around on D .. remember Airport is defending the T next week, they struggle with that.
    Umm FR didn’t find a way to score?? I am a bit disappointed with the Rams. You returned all of your line of both sides, QB and RB. I know they had a nice JV so maybe they will find a way next year. Next week vs Jefferson will be interesting . I call Jefferson 16-15 over FR in OT.. write that down. Jefferson should have beat FR in 2017 when FR was 7-2 that game was an OT loss for Jefferson big game for both teams
    Jefferson or FR will be 2-1 after WOW and both could lose out after that.
    I love the Summerfield coach, he does a great job and they lay it on line with limited numbers!! Be happy Summerfield fans.. he’s also won 2 of 3 against Whiteford
    I think Whiteford beats Riverview in a football game

    1. It was a lot of fun 8-10 years ago but there were some pretty ignorant comments back then. The Trolls have definitely thinned out since Chris changed the “rules”. Now the only Trolls are Chris, Gary, and myself. Lol!

    1. If your QB has to look legit vs FR then you’re not that good.
      Airport could have run belly , buck and trap all night without throwing
      Being in the gun is holding them back,
      Nye is a pro style QB who should be putting up big numbers out of the old stuff under center

    1. Its actually like 13 players between injuries and covid contact tracing. We are looking forward to when our Falcons our healthy.

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