20 thoughts on “FNV Week 1 Playoff Edition”

  1. Recent playoff history between the 2 schools: 2004 Regional finals Allen Park 28 Riverview 20. 2015 first round Allen Park 18 Riverview 16. 2018 first round Allen Park 23 Riverview 20. 2019 District finals Allen Park 42 Riverview 26. Does Riverview finally get over the hump? Can’t wait to find out.

  2. FyI. The play The QB broke his leg was 4th and 4 and he got 3 yards but they gave him the first down for some reason after the 25 minute delay. Just in case you guys didn’t know that. I just don’t see them being able to take down Allen Park after losing that kid.

      1. Easily got the 1st down? “They said you’re not gonna stop us”? Monroe did get a stop on that play, feel terrible for #5 but you’re wrong.

          1. Not bitter. I was just commenting because you brought it to light on the video. Riverview is a great team and have great coaches. To be honest even if it was turned over it probably wouldn’t of changed anything. Good luck to them tonight.

    1. Is this seriously what you needed to say. That QB is my son, my baby boy, sounds like you were inconvinced by his injury with that 25 minute delay. I’ll pray you never have to be the parent with the child who caused that delay. That you will never have to live that experience and after all the pain, surgery, worry, etc. The emotional heartbreak he now has to suffer as well as heal. And then he can read how you feel it was a crappy call. Thanks for the comment though.

    2. Dude, just stop it.
      Monroe was spanked in the 2nd half, did not deserve to win.
      Riverview is a better team and they beat up a 3-6 D1 team.
      Good luck next year.

  3. I know they finished in 3rd place but Cole McElvany deserves consideration as well. At times, he was a 1 man show especially early in the season when Milan was banged up

    1. Very good high school player, worthy of all league, region and blog, not MVP though.
      Would have been interesting to see if he would have made a difference at Monroe High.

  4. I think Preston Thompson is Riverview’s MVP by far. Possibly the best QB in the HL-I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for that from Milan. Hard to replace a kid like Preston. I’ve watched Riverview 4 times this year (mainly on TV)-SMCC, Airport, Milan, and Monroe games. He’s a special piece to that puzzle at Riverview. I could only imagine how Riverview would look with Kincaid and Preston both being healthy. I still think Riverview wins that district though. With all that being said, Sampson from Ida is having a special year. His stats are unreal and it’s hard to ignore. He’s definitely having an MVP season!

    1. I think prob the best qb downriver is Preston Thompson. I heard the backup qb is pretty good but I find hard to believe that Riverview would lose in their district with both on the field. I think with that team they could give king/rouge a run for their money.

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