FNV Week 1 Playoff Picks

Erie Mason 5-4 @ Ida 7-2

Frank: Ida 48-22

Gary: Ida 28-7

Chris: Ida 30-14

Dundee 5-4 @ Lutheran North 6-3

Frank: Dundee 20-17

Gary: Dundee18-14

Chris: Dundee 14-13

Summerfield 6-3 @ Whiteford 8-1

Frank: Whiteford 28-14

Gary: Whiteford 41-25

Chris: Whiteford 34-21

Franklin 4-5 @ Bedford 7-2

Frank: Bedford 38-28

Gary: Bedford 33-28

Chris: Bedford 27-24

Trenton 5-4 @ Carlson 8-1

Frank: Carlson 31-29

Gary: Carlson 24-10

Chris: Carlson 28-13

Huron 5-4 Milan 7-2

Frank: Milan 42-32

Gary: Milan 30-25

Chris: Milan 28-26

Lutheran Westland 8-1 @ SMCC 8-1

Frank: SMCC 42-16

Gary: SMCC 38-7

Chris: SMCC 40-21

Riverview 9-0 @ Allen Park 7-2

Frank: Allen Park 36-35

Gary: Riverview 28-26

Chris: Riverview 28-27

15 thoughts on “FNV Week 1 Playoff Picks”

  1. Gabriel Richard Dad

    My kids team didn’t make the playoffs. Good luck everyone. I’m moving on. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

    1. No video stream is allowed per law or regulation during the playoffs other than through the MHSAA and NFHS.

      And the NFHS network is not streaming SMCC this week. Nor Riverview.

  2. Will any of the games be live streamed? The Troll doesn’t want to get wet. I thought I read earlier they can’t livestream because of it being playoffs.

    1. Its my understanding that the MHSAA and NFHS have exclusive rights to all playoff games as far as streaming live.
      Check the NFHS website to see who they are streaming. There is a cost.

      You can always listen to 2 guys who have no idea what they are talking about on 98.3 FM in Monroe.
      Or audio stream at 983nashicon.com

      Pregame at 630pm from Navarre Field

      Tonights topics of discussion may include, which Halloween candy is the best, Grodi’s date with Miss Tennessee in 1989 and much much more.

      1. I’m tuning in to the icon to listen to two icons talk high school football, and hoping to hear about Grodi’s date with Miss Tennessee. Also to verify how many pregame lucky hot dogs he ate.

      2. Ha! That’s great! I was planning on going to Navarre Field tonight but not so sure anymore with the rain. If I do end up going I’ll send you a top secret message as to where I’m standing.

      3. I’d like to know what toppings Grodi puts on his hotdogs, and does he like Monroe’s original over Vince’s?

        Of course I prefer the Junk Yard Dog in Jackson the best

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