FNV Week 7 Picks

Last Weeks Results:

Frank: 10-1

Gary: 11-0

Chris: 11-0


Frank: 51-16

Gary: 53-17

Chris: 54-16

Cakes by Stephanie

Carlson 5-1 @ Taylor 1-5

Frank: Carlson 48-12

Gary: Carlson 35-12

Chris: Carlson 42-6

Monroe 3-3 @ Dexter 4-2

Frank: Dexter 40-24

Gary: Dexter 28-27

Chris: Dexter 31 Monroe 24

Saline 6-0 @ Bedford 5-1

Frank: Saline 31-27

Gary: Saline 33-20

Chris: Saline 38-24

Ida 4-2 @ Onsted 2-4

Frank: Ida 44-14

Gary: Ida 40-10

Chris: Ida 30 Onsted 12

Dundee 4-2 @ Clinton 4-2

Frank: Clinton 35-28

Gary: Clinton 28-20

Chris: Clinton 22-6

Loy Norrix 0-6 @ Whiteford 5-1

Frank: Whiteford 38-24

Gary: Whiteford 31-19

Chris: Whiteford 34-24

Morenci 1-4 @ Summerfield 4-2

Frank: Summerfield 36-14

Gary: Summerfield 30-14

Chris: Summerfield 24-14

SMCC 5-1 @ Huron 3-3

Frank: SMCC 28-27

Gary: SMCC 21-18

Chris: SMCC 24 Huron 21

Flat Rock 2-4 @ Grosse Ile 1-5

Frank: Flat Rock 28-12

Gary: Flat Rock 22-18

Chris: Flat Rock 21-20

Riverview 6-0 @ Airport 3-3

Frank: Riverview 42-26

Gary: Riverview 44-22

Chris: Riverview 40-18

Jefferson 2-4 @ Milan 4-2

Frank: Milan 42-16

Gary: Milan 41-14

Chris: Milan 33-13

Remax-The LaBeau Team Game of the Week

Sand Creek 4-2 @ Erie Mason 4-2

Frank: Sand Creek 28-24

Gary: Sand Creek 22-20

Chris: Sand Creek 30-18

20 thoughts on “FNV Week 7 Picks”

  1. I think CC/Huron should be a great game. Don’t sleep on CC’s lines and certainly don’t sleep on Huron’s scoring potential.

    As far as Riverview’s toughest matchup so far, I think it has been Milan. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened w them vs CC if Dessilier would have been healthy.

    I know CC isn’t flashy, but I think you can never call them soft in the trenches. I might be wrong but as of right now, I’ll say they’re still strong there.

    I think Huron has the potential to win but it will be at the skill positions, not the lines, that wins the game if they pull off the upset.

    1. I agree With Jim Smcc is not a physical team up front on both sides of the ball… you can tell because they only have a few running backs that ran for over a 100 yards this year.. Smcc yards a game are way down from what they are use to.. that what’s going to keep Smcc from making a long run into the playoffs..

  2. I’m telling you Huron is going to open up a can of whoop Butt on Smcc.. they are headed to their biggest point margin defeat ever… the problem with Smcc is the O-line and D-line .. on tape they just are not physical.. very soft from the tape we watch… watch..

    1. Let us all know how soft CC was on tape Jim!!! They completely dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball! Keep drinking your own koolaid brother. See ya next year

  3. I agree with each pick, I think the SMCC and Huron game could be interesting, especially on Hurons turf field.
    I think both teams are healthy and COVID is not a problem, so should be no excuses either way.
    Both teams have talent,

      1. Ya Jim I agree smcc has nothing! Huron is the best 3-3 team in the state and will make a real statement this week against a smcc team that has done nothing and will do nothing! Overrated brother. You are spot on

        1. How is everyone so confident in Hurons ability to beat SMCC when they lost to the pirates? SMCC was easily the pirates hardest game yet you think huron will destroy them.

          1. Lots of gamesmanship on these threads, Earnest. When anyone can post with anyone’s name (or alluding to anyone’s name) and anonymously, you have to know a lot of this is kids trying to stir the pot. Laugh it off and let each team’s performance speak for itself.
            Oh, and apparently we now crown a JV league champion??? (If it’s in the comments it has to be true. Lol)

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