12 thoughts on “FNV Week 7 Video Picks”

    1. No Jim Huron isn’t going to “destroy” anyone. I think it is going to be a good,hard fought tight game but CC will probably win this one.

    1. In order to be a member of FNV, you have to pass a preliminary screening.
      Once it has been established that you possess the basic eligibility requirements, Chris lays out 5 real world
      scenarios. We are then asked to solve these scenarios using logic, bamboozlement and tomfoolery.
      This is done yearly as a refresher, so to not lose our edge or become complacent.

      Frank passed with the highest score ever seen on FNV.

      His application of logic regarding the question, “is ice cream and a tiny umbrella necessary to make a proper foofoo drink?”, was off the charts.

      Frank’s unwavering devotion to duty, reflect greatly upon himself and uphold the highest traditions and standards of Friday Night Victors

      1. Right now the Jets sit at #38. If they finish 5-4, it would mean that they had beaten either Riverview or Milan. If it’s Riverview, I would say they get in at 5-4.

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