FNV Week 8 Picks

Last Weeks Results:

Frank: 11-1

Gary: 11-1

Chris: 11-1


Frank: 62-17

Gary: 64-18

Chris: 65-17

Erie Mason 4-3 @ Pittsford 1-6

Frank: Erie Mason 34-0

Gary: Erie Mason 41-12

Chris: Erie Mason 41-0

Blissfield 2-5 @ Ida 5-2

Frank: Ida 40-14

Gary: Ida 37-14

Chris: Ida 28 Blissfield 14

Hillsdale 3-4 @ Dundee 4-3

Frank: Dundee 24-20

Gary: Dundee 22-15

Chris Dundee 21-20

Carlson 6-1 @ Lakeland 5-2

Frank: Lakeland 34-31

Gary: Lakeland 28-26

Chris: Carlson 21-20

Skyline 0-7 @ Bedford 5-2

Frank: Bedford 48-14

Gary: Bedford 49-12

Chris: Bedford 100-0

Pioneer 1-6 @ Monroe 3-4

Frank: Monroe 42-16

Gary: Monroe 48 Pioneer 0

Chris: Monroe 42 Pioneer 6

Grosse Ile 2-5 @ Riverview 7-0

Frank: Riverview 48-14

Gary: Riverview 44-7

Chris: Riverview 46-14

SMCC 6-1 @ Jefferson 2-5

Frank: SMCC 42-17

Gary: SMCC 33-10

Chris: SMCC 40-14

Milan 5-2 @ Airport 3-4

Frank: Milan 36-24

Gary: Milan 43-40

Chris: Milan 35-34

Huron 3-4 @ Flat Rock 2-5

Frank: Huron 38-16

Gary: Huron 35-14

Chris: Huron 40-18

Remax-The LaBeau Team Game of the Week

Summerfield 5-2 @ Whiteford 6-1

Frank: No Pick

Gary: Whiteford 51-29

Chris: Whiteford 56 Summerfield 21

27 thoughts on “FNV Week 8 Picks”

  1. This rain tonight will give Milan the advantage. Mcelvaney is gonna have a big game running the ball in this sloppy weather. Airport will have to run the ball effectively if they want to keep it close. 32-14

    Rain helps SMCC against Jefferson-that field will be a mud pit! Better off playing at Navarre. 42-0

    1. Airport will be a able to run the ball on Milan and score more than 14. I see this being scored in the high 20s maybe low 30s. Gimme the Jets 30 to 28

  2. I come from a basketball background but I know that d-1 players, single handily decide games. I played against a kid at Milan who was 6’9” and went to buffalo. He then went onto the nba summer league with the lakers.

  3. Hey guys, been a few years since I posted here, the blog really doesn’t need that 1 guy that would stick up for Riverview when they’re always a great team lol. Anyways I just saw on a few websites that Riverview may be D2 or D3 this year. Just thought I’d get your guys opinions on where you think they’ll head as you’re usually right.

  4. Jefferson 24, SMCC 21 in the upset of the week. Their field will be a mud bowl and it will come down to who fumbles the least. Jefferson has an excellent field goal kicker. SMCC is too busy looking ahead to Warren Mott.

  5. Those two defensive ends for cc #34 and #52, #52 is Noah smith and #34 I think is Riley desarko. Let me tell you, those boys can play. Desarko runs in the mid 4.6s and smiths got a motor that runs on diesel. Are they getting d-1 looks?

    1. Dude. Be real. Do you know how good you have to be to play D-1? I’m sure they are good players. Do they have any D-3 looks? Not being mean. Just honest. To be a d-1 kid out of the Huron League? That means you change every game individually? It’ few and far between. Ask the guys who run this thing.

      1. I remember in 2017, Riverview played DDC and Aiden Hutchinson. Who is now maybe the best D player in the B1G and a projected top 10 pick.
        He didnt dominate in that game whatsoever. But of course he had all the attributes you look for. I played with a D1(Wisconsin) DE/TE, he was 6’5 240lbs and the fastest kid on the team.
        D1 athletes in the HL usually jump off the page.

          1. HAHA no… I played in High School with the individual that went to Wisconsin. If I played at Wisconsin,
            I would have played with many D1 players.
            He played there from 1989-1994. Won a Rose Bowl.

      2. Milan has had a couple D1 players in the last couple years! I know Mike Furtney is at Wisconsin his brother is I believe a walk on for Eastern and let’s not forget about Tristen Hines out of Milan!! I think he would of went to a Big10 school like Furtney had he of been bigger! But the kid definitely changed the game for Milan and gave all of the teams he played against fits!! Glad to see Milan is still doing good this year!!!

  6. Week 7 so far:
    Airport- needs to play some D and beat someone to be legit.
    Milan- Needs this game . Having another good year.
    Jefferson- can score but not enough to beat anyone.
    SMCC- The names change, but the wins keep coming.
    Flat Rock- The names change, but they keep losing.
    GI- Nice win with 15 kids. Thanks FR!
    Riverview- Looking forward to Monroe game, good schedule to get ready for the playoffs.
    Huron- A little disappointing season, should win out to get in playoffs.
    Bedford- Nice season so far, keep it going .
    Monroe – a disappointingly year. Need to win out to get in the back door. Thanks Roseville!
    Dundee- surprise of the region, nice job, win and you’re in!
    Summerfield- Toughest 16 farm kids around!
    Carlson- A win against Lakeland is a good win.
    Prove your legit.
    Mason- Having a nice year beating up on TCC teams. Should be back in LCAA.
    Whiteford- Another great year. Mr. Karma might get you for the 76 you put up last week.
    Ida- I said you were good in August. I was right!

    1. You apparently missed Mason’s last game. White Ford will be worse.If getting your ass absolutely handed to you in two of your five conference games is “ beating up on the TCC” then I agree with you.

  7. Pretty much agree. I think Lakeland beats Carlson, although would like to see them win.
    I think Lakeland plays a tougher schedule, and beside Woodhaven and AP, the DRL is really week this year.

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