Week 7 Scores

Saturday Scores

Sand Creek 48 Erie Mason 6 final

Monroe 27 Dexter 56 final

Ida 37 Onsted 13 final

Friday Scores

SMCC 20 Huron 12 final

Riverview 38 Airport 19 final

Jefferson 15 Milan 43 final

Flat Rock 12 Grosse Ile 14 final

Whiteford 76 Loy Norrix 40 final

Saline 35 Bedford 21 final

Dundee 0 Clinton 35 final

Morenci 0 Summerfield 28 final

Carlson 52 Taylor 22 final

80 thoughts on “Week 7 Scores”

  1. The Cat even Wonders

    POINTDexter bbq’d 56 burgers on the grill of good ole MHS…Dexter is a good team but come on. Can The Trojans beat Pioneer next week? Sorta makes you wonder. How about Riverview the week after that? How true can you be to MHS?? The last few years all we heard on here is…this is Monroe’s time to shine more or less…yet here came the clouds…the rain…the hail and maybe even a couple waterspouts aimed at the Red and White. But hey…they might win the next two.

  2. In response to the What happened to FR last night question.

    FR is decimated by injuries and had another key player go down last night (hope he’s ok). They are on the 3rd QB of the season. The offense seems to be designed to continuously run the Qb and running back for most of the game with out very positive results. The lack of passing allows the defense to key in on the run which is why the results are not positive. Things might open up a little if they target the big 6’6 tight end over the middle a little more helping both the running and passing game.

    They did a great job on speedster Swick until he fielded a punt at the end of the game with a huge return putting them in scoring position then converted a touchdown pass on 4th and long for the go ahead TD.

    FR future years look possibly brighter but that may be dependent on if the offensive play calling tweaks a little more to lean towards the individual strengths
    of the skill players. I think the sophomore class went undefeated several years in row in middle school. There taking there lumps now.

    FR did not “Find A Way” last night but the saying goes longer then one game or season….

    Keep a eye out in the future… they are coming and going to FIND A WAY!

    Mark my words!

    League champs in a few years!!!

    1. Hard to judge future success by middle school and jv records.
      With football numbers down, most teams bring up many 10 th graders and even freshmen.
      Most the top jv kids are already on varsity rosters.
      This is especially true for smaller schools, many don’t even have jv squads.
      This was unheard of 15-20 years ago.
      Also difficult to run spread offenses every year with smaller schools.
      It is why you are seeing most small schools going under center again and running a more ball and clock control offense.
      I know there are exceptions to this eg: Milan, but it is what we are seeing.
      Flat Rock would benefit greatly by changing offense, but in off season.

    2. League champs in softball?? I hope that’s what you were referring to. If not, and you’re referring to football, I’m going to need you to turn yourself into the police right now. It criminal to think or even believe FR will win the Huron league in football. They haven’t done so since 1978 my friend. Your comment was made at 1:46pm I assume you have been into the sauce since 1:46am.
      If you are relying on middle school records to tell me tale of the future you need to put down the bottle and start drinking water- after you turn yourself in.
      Look at Riverview- they barely field a Middle school team because their smaller skilled kids play JR football. They’re doing ok
      Your skilled sophomores are basketball kids and the 6’6 kid should focus on football and lifting
      6’6 kids from the Huron league don’t go places in hoops – sorry.
      6’6 TEs with soft hands, decent speed and that frame are a D-1 football coaches dream.

        1. That basketball team is SCARY good. I remember watching them as 8th graders against my Pirates and they were incredible. Now I believe most of the core is sophomores. Could run 2-3 HL titles.

    3. I want to mark your words can we bet a lot of money in this?? I’ll take the field you take FR.
      Please tell you meet me at the FR liquor store so we can bet

    4. Flat Rock last won a league title 43 years ago. The Rams have qualified for the playoffs 1 time in past 30 years.
      The Rams have enjoyed 2 winning seasons in the past 30 years.
      I know now it will never change, but the Rams should be playing football in a different league.
      Times change, the Rams don’t.
      They will not win the HL in the next few years I can assure you.

  3. I know I am getting ahead of myself but according to one of the projections from the Searn forum I saw, Jackson Lumen Christi could be in SMCC’s district now? Gary what do you think?

    1. That could happen, but there is a new Czar over football at the MHSAA and you could see a shake-up regarding which way the Falcons go in playoff time. Don’t be surprised if they head north instead of west.

      1. When SMCC plays JLC their season ends. JLC dominated both lines last year, and SMCC’s o line isn’t performing

        Plus JLC recruits better

          1. Look how many returning starters JLC has on the D and O line this year.
            They dominated SMCC last year and SMCC had a better O line last year

            Last year game was at Navarre. This year will be at JLC. They have the most D7 playoff points

        1. Love the keyboard coaches who can come on here and rip 16-17-18 year olds behind anonymous names. SMCC’s underperforming O-Line is still 6-1 so even if they are not what a traditional SMCC line may look like (Which the bar has been set pretty high), they are working with their teammates and an experienced coaching staff to find a way to win each week. I mean how many posts did we read in earlier threads about how CC was going to get dominated in the trenches, couldn’t defend the pass, etc. I hope their players and coaches don’t come on here and read this stupidity.

        2. Looks like we have a real JLC guy who knows their program in and out! Must be nice to be so knowledgeable about that team this year. O wait….maybe just another SMCC hater! Makes sense! Your a real winner….makes your day that hopefully SMCC can lose sooner than later. Keep your nonsense posts coming…it’s fun to read haha

          1. Sir, I went to JLC, moved here about 23 years ago. In fact played on the 82 team that made the trip to Navarre and spanked the birds opening game of the year. We had a down year 5-4, but found no issues with MCC (name at the time)
            The Titans are my team, and I find it comical when facts/ data are presented by some one on the blog- you are labeled a hater.
            wait for it ……………………………………..
            Just pointing out the Reality of the situation

          2. One more thing- from your post above. “Your a real winner”
            Should read “You are” or “You’re”

            It’s the Catholic English education I received at JLC

          3. Reality,
            If we are going to spell check everybody on here like an entitled, disgruntled, little child that you seem to be, I want to inform you of your misspelling of the name “Huber”. I believe you spelled it Hubner which is very much incorrect, sir, and I think it best that you apologize to the gentleman, especially given your superb JLC mannerisms.

            Additionally, you seem to be confused on the meanings of certain words. You mention that JLC ‘spanked’ MCC in 1982 but the 1982 score was 20-8. This leaves me to believe you are more uneducated that you assert yourself to be as a 12 point loss hardly constitutes a ‘spanking’.

            Finally, why snoop on the Friday Night Victors blog which covers Monroe area teams unless you have a serious concern about the Falcons as a threat come playoff time?

            I earnestly await your response.

            Sincerely, Frank

          4. Frankie,
            I was correcting the improper use of a word, which is often called grammar . Spelling was fine.

            With regards to the 82 game being described as a “spanking”. 20-8.
            I would describe the SMCC VS Riverview game this year 22-6, and the SMCC VS JLC game last year, 22-6 as spankings as well

            Think outside the score- dominance on the field, the eye test, line dominance, etc.

            JLC fears no one in D7
            Just pointing out the Reality of the situation

          5. D7


            All these teams could win D7. Some have a better chance than others, but Nobody is afraid, or in fear.

            All of these teams, but Lawton, have multiple state titles on their resume.

          6. Can anyone tell me how last year’s line play is doing for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs this year🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Well said Gary,
        Not asking for any research, but off the top of your head, does anyone of the above have more than JLC.
        Believe they have 12 or 13

        1. Appearances:
          MCC – 15
          JLC – 13
          TCSF – 9
          SMCC – 7
          PW – 5

          MCC – 12, 2016
          JLC – 11, 2018
          TCSF – 6, 2009
          SMCC – 3, 2019
          PW – 3, 2019
          NL – 2, 2020

          I didnt add Ithaca to this group. They have 6 appearances and 5 titles since 2010. I dont think they are a true title contender this year. However, if they beat Millington this week, that all changes.

        2. Hey I guess JLC won the spelling and grammar award as well!! Awesome reality! YOU ARE the best! Get out man we don’t need you here

      2. How is JLC guy promoting #40 from riverview! He is the best and I wish him well and I do believe he will be playing D1 football! JLC get out of here. We are all sick of your nonsense! #iwascatholicschooltoooooo….

    1. I saw a comment about their ends earlier this week. Didn’t think much of it. They were impressive. That tandem is a problem.

      Hats off to the falcons as a whole. Their defense played great.

    2. #11 From Riverview and the d end from Huron along with Kinciad who got hurt. I’m sorry but those kids are on a different level

  4. Richard Tempoute

    Huron vs SMCC was a good game. CC controlled the game throughout and momentum usually favored CC. Their defense was outstanding except for 2-3 huge plays for huron. #2 on huron is the best player in the huron league. CC’s offense grinded it out as they usually do. Some really nice throws and runs from their qb also. #11 and #14 impressed me too

    Hats off to both teams. Talented teams

    1. It was a hard fought game on both sides. Too many penalties by both teams but no dirty play. #4 Bellino for SMCC was impressive, he carried the load when they needed a first down. SMCC’s defensive line was in Huron’s backfield all night which I thought was the difference maker because both of Huron’s quarterbacks never had time to settle in the pocket. I hope Huron makes the playoffs, I think they could win a game or 2.

      1. What does that mean in this context? All this means something to the kids who are working hard everyday and playing their hearts out.

          1. We’re talking about high school football in this box. I don’t know exactly what you need to stretch that to in order to make yourself feel better about whatever your comment means, but I do have some suspicions.

        1. Regarding your last comment. It’s not about feeling better or whether it’s high school or not. It’s your way of thinking. You need look outside of the box.

  5. My thoughts on airport was normaly I would blame the defense but they didn’t let a single score during the quarter and got to fumbles and even took one back to the 5 but the offense couldn’t run the ball at all. With Huron losing if airport wins the next two they have a chance into the playoffs

    1. You’d have to ask Gary to break down the points, but I think it might be hard for AP to get in at 5-4. Their 3 wins right now are all against class B opponents with a total of 5 wins.

      1. I did the math. This was important that Huron lost and I think Airport has a legitimate shot but yes I will defer to Gary on this as he knows his playoff point projections.

        1. Huron (3-4) currently sits in 34th position overall while Airport (3-4) sits at 40th and over 5 playoff points behind Huron. Airport plays Milan (D4, 5-2) and Robichaud (D6, 4-3) while Huron plays Flat Rock (D5, 2-5) and Crestwood (D2, 5-2). If both teams win out, they have a chance. Huron would most likely be in and Airport would be on the cusp. I would say if both end up 5-4, there is no way Airport would jump Huron because of the Chief’s strength of schedule. In knowing what I know about the playoff points and current system; Huron will get in and Airport most likely won’t at 5-4. Much will depend on what teams like Tecumseh, Sault Saint Marie, Allendale, Hamilton, Alma, Fruitport and Forest Hills Eastern do.

          I will add, that Airport playing D6 Ida and Robichaud does not help compared to someone like a Huron playing D2 schools Milford and Crestwood. The Jets would get a big bump if they beat Milan, which would need to happen if they want any chance at all.

    2. It was a downpour that’s why they didn’t let up a score, the Riverview running back was in the clear and the ball just fell out.

  6. Grosse Ile finally put together a solid game on both sides of the ball. Congratulations boys on a job well done. Very impressive for a Varsity team with only 15 players!

    1. Follow up and an honest question: do you think the success of the GI soccer program is pulling kids away from football? Back-to-back titles (w a real shot at a 3 peat) seems like it might to someone who has no knowledge of what’s going on out on the island.

      1. Great question. IMO the soccer team definitely pulls some kids away from football.

        First, the football team competes for a playoff bid every other year. The soccer team competes for state titles every year.

        Second, kids want to win. Joining a very successful team (soccer) makes you part of a winning team, regardless of whether you ever see the field.

        Finally there is the negative impression football has with many parents and some kids. For many years the “concussion drum” has been beating about the dangers of playing football. IMO that causes many parents and some kids to be diverted to soccer and/or band.

        Just my two cents

        1. That all seems legit. I agree, the concussion concerns has dampened numbers across the board and winning does bring out new fans so why wouldn’t younger kids be enamored w it?
          Appreciate the response.

  7. 2 questions
    what happened with GI beating Flat Rock tonight

    I was looking at the MHSAA web site to see some of the scores across the state and some times a forfeit for a team is listed as 1-0 and for other schools is listed as 2-0. why the difference?

      1. 116 pints scored in a game?
        I know they play no defense in the TCC, but how do you put 76 points on someone in high school football?
        I also notice Whiteford scored the last 2 TDS in the 4th quarter.
        Padding some stats or just no class.
        Take a knee dude.
        I officially will stop rooting for any team that does that to anyone.

          1. Same name scored in the 1st quarter scored in the 4th quarter.
            Jv kids start the game?
            Sorry bro, you know much about the coaching fraternity, you take a knee when ending the game on the 2 yard line up by 30.
            No class, they lost my vote.

          2. No, they tied a school record with 76 points, they tried to break it but the “2” point conversion was no good.

    1. GI finally quit making stupid mistakes. Played a solid 2nd half and then came up with a huge defensive stop at the end of the 4th.

      Flat Rock looked really good in the 1st half, but when GI got ramped up in the 2nd half things switched really fast.

      1. Great job GI, nice win with a very small roster.
        I did not see the game, but am shocked that The Rams lost this game.
        What the heck happened?
        Did you not find a way?
        Flat Rock now in the HL cellar as the season goes.
        Huron will not be kind next week,
        Could be ugly.

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