Friday Night Scores

Crestwood 27 Huron 42 final

*Bedford 35 Mumford 6 final

Flat Rock 6 Clarenceville 29 final

*Whiteford 62 Erie Mason 22 final

Osborn 0 Milan 51 final

Flint New Standard 6 Summerfield 54 final

*Grosse Ile 16 Clintondale 22 final

Dundee 0 Hudson 28 final

Airport 55 Robichaud 21 final

BCC 12 Ida 43 final

*Jefferson 38 Northwestern Collegiate 0 final

Carlson 28 Woodhaven 14 final

*SMCC 56 Warren Mott 21 final

*Riverview 28 Monroe 17 final

72 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Among all the Monroe/Riverview talk, I’d like to add it was a touching and classy move on Monroe’s part to come out with the Riverview players to wish our injured player well as he was taken off the field.
    In the biggest moment of the game, those Trojans stopped and recognized something bigger was happening. Thank you, Trojans

    1. Well put Greybeard! That really puts the game in perspective. It hurts me to see an athlete go through something like that. That was my highlight of the game for me.

    1. I’ve heard RUMORS (for what that’s worth) AP is going to break ground on their new field this week so they’ll be the home team but play on the road. Anyone else hear that or is it typical internet talk?

  2. I think a teams “strength or greatness” truly shows at playoff time when they’re matched up with like teams. Over the last several year’s I’ve seen the same 2 HL teams consistently advance in the playoffs. One of them is a D 6 or 7. In league play, they’re going up against D 3 or 4 teams and, if not winning then, giving them a real battle. It’s ironic that that the more successful (HL) playoff teams rarely brag on the FNV site about their team(s) success, they let the season results do the talking.

    1. Just a though…maybe there’s a LOT of talented D3 teams around here? Currently 3 teams top 10 in the state could be matched up locally in either districts or by regional.

      Trying to drag a team for having a tough district and not winning it every year is ridiculous.

  3. It was 13-6 with 5 minutes left in Flat Rock/Clarenceville game. Rams May have hosted a playoff game if they would have won. Very young at skills, they will be even more improved next year.

    1. Agreed. Have a freshman quarterback who will be very good down the line and skill positions loaded with sophomores and juniors. Flat Rock could very well surprise a lot of people next year.

  4. My Predictions for the 3 huron league playoff teams

    Riverview: I think they will lose in round 2 to Carlson.

    Floor: Round 2 loss to Carlson
    Ceiling: Regional loss to rouge or king

    Smcc:I think they will lose in regionals to lumen Christi

    Floor: Round 2 to Detroit central
    Ceiling: State championship

    Milan. I think they lose to Chelsea round 2

    Floor: Chelsea
    Celing: Chelsea
    Just ask Grosse Ile about them

    1. I think SMCC will pay JLC 2nd round- at JLC
      Here come the Titans- The Mighty- Mighty Titans
      Come on sing along

      Guarantee Green & Gold will win

    1. I pick CC to win quite a bit.
      I don’t want to be seen as too much of a Homer. Mott was just clueless as to how to defend the T.

      1. You should pick who you think is going to win. Not factoring in others’ perception of you being a homer. Congrats and good luck to the Falcons. Good season this year Airport. Shot at the HL title next season

  5. How about Monroe’s 2nd half adjustments? Congrats to Riverview. You guys played well and are well coached. Unfortunately you guys that were at the game can see what the real problem has been with Monroe all season. Lost 6 games and it was like the movie groundhog day. We literally didn’t run anything different that we did today. Good luck in the Playoffs and I wish the QB a speedy recovery.

  6. I’m probably going to drop this a couple times on different posts over the next couple weeks, but I believe it completely: it’s time Coach Mac and his staff at Riverview starts getting some love as one of the top coaches in the area.

  7. Really Monroe?
    20-0 shutout in the second half by a Huron League team?
    Big, slow, no half time adjustments.
    I’m a Monroe Trojan alumni, first game I’ve seen in years.
    Not the same Trojan football I remember or experienced.
    I’m sort of pissed off, to watch that tonight.

    1. Not slow at all. Unfortunately when your only game plan is to feed a big running back. It doesn’t take long before a good coach sells out to stop him. There were a lot of threats everywhere but you wouldn’t know it. Why try to continue to force the deep ball when the short crossing routes were open most of the game. Not prepared and basically looked like most of the other losses.

      1. Have to agree with Greybeard.
        Riverview has one of the better coaching staffs in the region. Good play calling, and the ability to make adjustments to what’s happening on the field. You can see that their players trust them, and have confidence in the program.

  8. what is he correct score of Huron dh Crestwood it was 28-7 in the 3rd when I left not score listed above 14-3 NB Huron

    1. Next man up mentality, from what I saw their backup qb looked like a really solid player. Riverview has great depth I think he’d start at 80% of school downriver.

    2. Heartbreaking, Troll. 2nd broken leg for us at a Monroe field this year to a senior captain.
      Is that enough for a class action lawsuit against the city? 😉
      We’re proud of our boys. We’re a deep squad and tough down to the last man on the bench.

  9. Last i I checked Crestwood was winning 7-0 in the first… how’s it possibly 14-3 now? with Huron up? Btw got a text from someone at the game and Huron is winning 35-19

      1. Game Watcher just trying to provide a update since i couldn’t make it tonight and nobody else wanted to update. Thanks for the score blog rookie

  10. Riverview vs Monroe
    Speed vs more speed
    Big runs from both teams in the first half.
    1st half Difference is Monroe is playing better defense and their QB is throwing some great passes and view has a fumble.

  11. Well Gary, I guess size matters…Monroe looks good so far. Monroe scored with 30 seconds left in the half. Riverview turned it over inside the Monroe 15 on a fumble. That’s basically the difference in the game now. Monroe needs to power it in between the tackles a little more with #24. Riverview can’t stop it.

  12. Bedford and Jefferson having great games tonight! Bedford ahead 35-0 versus Mumford and Jefferson leading 23-0 in 2nd quarter.🏉👍

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