My Thoughts, Not Yours 10/31/21

When was the last time a Huron League team won a Regional in football? Asking for a friend.

Bedford: T’was a nice season for the Kicking Mules, but maybe the SEC Red isn’t what everyone thinks it is.

Carlson: The Marauders are peaking at the right time under first-year head coach Landon Grove.

Dundee: Defense wins championships.

Erie Mason: The LCAA has not been kind to the Eagles for the last 17 years.

Huron: The Chiefs had as much talent as anyone around.

When was the last time a Downriver League team won a Regional? Asking for a friend.

Ida: The Bluestreaks have a tough road ahead, but the ability to make a strong run.

Milan: Milan could sure use a muddy track against Chelsea.

Riverview: Pirates lose in the first round again, this time injuries didn’t help.

SMCC: The Falcon offense isn’t what many thought it would be, but the defense is solid.

Summerfield: Lightning rarely strikes twice

Whiteford: The Bobcats are laser-focused. The Sand Creek Aggies are up next.

Is it true that 4 Huron League teams have combined for 13 Regional titles since 2004 while the teams that make up the Downriver League have had 1 Regional title in that same time period? Asking for a friend.

Listen, nobody is saying that the Huron League is better than the Downriver League head to head. What is being said, is that when comparing teams in the leagues against schools their own size, the Huron League simply matches up better.

Good luck to all the teams this week. I plan on being at the Carlson game versus Allen Park.

17 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours 10/31/21”

  1. To change the subject has any one read the article about the high school in California beating the other school 106-0. Th starting QB threw 13 touchdowns the varsity coach said he was not very sportsman for running up the score. My question is why did he leave the starting QB in to score 13 touchdowns and instead of throwing so much why did they not run the ball more,

    1. Most coaches shut it down when they are up 40-50 and know their team is greatly superior.

      Throwing when you are up by 50 is definitely unsportsmanlike in my opinion, if your starters are in.

      If the winning team has the backups in. I would play as normal. Let the down and distance determine what play you call.

      I coach basketball, which is probably a little different when it comes to blowouts and waiving the white flag.
      Its up to the losing coach to put his 2’s in first. The losing team’s starters can catch up very quickly against a teams subs.
      You can make up 20 points in no time.

  2. All sports are mental, You have to go into the expecting to win if you go in telling your self you are going to lose it will be self fulling prophesy, Practice is to help your muscles to train to do the same thing over and over until it is 2nd nature but if you mind tells you we are gone to lose you will. I have read it 90% mental and10% physical.

  3. Thanks you guys for doing this again this year.
    Gives everyone a place to talk smack and ideas.
    Always love the kids and coaches that make this all fun.
    Good luck to the teams still in it.
    For those who are not, start getting ready for next season.
    That’s where it all really begins!

  4. Milan hosted Chelsea a few years back on just about the muddiest track imaginable, with the Big Reds coming up short. Chelsea has a turf field, so while it could be wet, it shouldn’t look like the mud bowls that we all experienced last week.
    Chelsea is always well coached and no matter the conditions the Milan coaching staff will have to come up with some answers. It’s up to the players to buy in and execute. If this team is going to accomplish its goals, it had to take on some of the big boys eventually.
    Every team still alive in the playoffs have had plenty of success this season to draw from. Your opponents have had their own success this year, but they haven’t faced your team yet. Give it everything you have, have faith in your team, and let’s see what happens. I can’t wait!

  5. I have some thoughts. They may not be yours.

    I’ve heard rumblings that some teams don’t expect to win Friday because of how tough the opponent might be.

    For those who have that mentality. At least a little bit. Those who aren’t preparing to win the game. For those who fully don’t expect to win. Drop your pads off at the AD’s office. Actually. Leave them on your porch. I’ll come by and collect them. You won’t be needed.

    Wipe those thoughts from your mind. I need soldiers. Rough Riders. Play for your teammates. Play for your family name. It matters.

    Marauders, Bobcats, Falcons, Vikings, Blue Streaks, Big Reds. Spot the ball. Bring it.

    1. Seniors will remember these games the rest of their lives. Win or lose, if they and their teammates leave it all on the field, the memories will be good ones.

    2. Very well said Gary. Those are my thoughts also. Any team I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve felt that way.
      If you don’t think the team can win, we don’t need you.

    3. You guys should preview each game like Chris used to do where he gives an in depth look at each team. I know its a good amount of work but only 6 teams left and who knows who will survive… just a suggestion because those are always fun
      –Brock Lee

      1. We talked about it.

        I cover 5 teams myself. Each write-up would take me 3 plus hours to write.
        I just dont have the time any longer to do them that way. I dont want to just mail it in either.

        We will do a video, it will be out Wednesday night. We will talk about each game and go in depth as much as possible.

    4. I couldn’t agree more Gary with you, my response would’ve been R rated but obviously you can’t post it..I’ve never known the feeling of not competing or not doing my best or going into a game already giving into defeat, that’s an absolutely terrible attitude and shows zero character..My uncle who isn’t here anymore was in Vietnam unfortunately and the only thing he would talk about was his friends that he made during the war and what he would say about his friends was that these guys are fox hole worthy !!! I never knew what that meant till I got older, what he was saying was these guys had fight in them, they had character, they didn’t quit, they were gonna fight till the bitter end like they did no matter what..and you could count on them !!! So hopefully these kids or teams will do the same ?

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