My Thoughts, Not Yours 10/9/21

Airport: The Jets need an upset victory over Milan to have any playoff shot. They currently sit at #41 and are a significant 7 playoff points behind #32

Bedford: Even though the Mules fell to Saline on Friday, they are quietly having a nice season and could make some noise in D2. They currently sit a #9 in the D2 playoff standings.

Carlson: The Marauders sit at 6-1 and in the 7th spot right now in D3 with two huge games against Lakeland and Woodhaven.

Dundee: At 4-3, the Vikings rest in a solid 23rd postition in playoff points. One more victory should guarantee them a playoff birth.

Erie Mason: The Eagles (4-3) are in big-time danger of missing the playoffs. Even though they have a winning record, they sit in 32nd position right now with a 29.643 average. Two wins would secure a spot, but a split could leave them on the outside looking in.

Flat Rock: Believe it or not, the Rams (2-5) still have an outside chance at making the playoffs. They currently sit at 35th in D5 and are less than 1 point out of a playoff spot. A victory over rival Huron or D4 Clarenceville (6-1) will probably get a 3-6 Ram’s team in.

Grosse Ile: Certainly a big victory for the Red Devils over FR. At this point, GI (51st) has no shot at a playoff spot unless they can beat rival Riverview and get by Clintondale

Huron: I’m not sure what the Chiefs were trying to do offensively in the 1st half Friday against SMCC, but victories over rival FR and then D2 Crestwood should get Huron (34th) into the postseason.

Ida: Ida (5-2) is nestled in at #7 in D6 right now. With two winnable games to close the season, the Blue Streaks could find themselves as the #1 seed in their district and a possible home playoff game against Erie Mason.

Jefferson: The Bears currently sit at 46th in D5 and would need a miracle finish with victories over SMCC (D7) and Northwestern Collegiate (D6) to have an outside shot at getting in at 4-5.

Milan: The Big Reds (5-2) are solidly in the playoff field (#24). They should be fine unless they drop the final 2 games of the season, which seems unlikely.

Monroe: The Trojans (3-4) currently sit at #38 in the Division 1 playoff standings and are less than 4 points out of the final playoff spot. If Monroe can close the season with 2 wins, they may slide into the playoffs.

Riverview: While the Pirates are only 1 of 2 undefeated teams in D3, they sit at #9 in the division behind Carlson (7) and Allen Park (8). If they win out they should hop those teams and be the top seed in their region. A loss and they could be on the road, week 1 of the post-season.

SMCC: The Falcons (6-1) currently sit at #2 in D7 and could dodge a huge early playoff bullet (Lumen Christi) if they send the Catholics north towards Detroit (I fully expect that to happen).

Summerfield: The Bull Dogs (5-2) will most likely find themselves in the playoff field, even if they somehow lost their final two playoff games. Whether they make another run like last season could depend on which way they get sent when the brackets are released.

Whiteford: The Bobcats are #2 in the D8 Playoff standings right now. Even with two victories to close the season, they most likely end up in that spot behind #1 Hudson and would have to potentially travel to Hudson if they make the Regional Final.

14 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours 10/9/21”

  1. Erie Mason DE Cooper Kinsey still out with injury. The absence of this key player has been insurmountable for EM defense.

  2. Curious…. How does a 5-4 team make it to the middle of the pack in the playoffs? Back in the day you had to be undefeated or lucky to get in with one loss. Then they went to a soft win 6 and your in model….now 5-4 or 4-5 teams have a good chance. Are the divisions that weak or has the MHSAA gotten that soft with the rest of society?….then there’s future talk that all teams may make the playoffs…are we giving blue participation ribbons now??
    Sorry, but no 5 win team has any business making the post-season IMO… a win is a win and a loss is a loss.
    I must be old school…

    1. Back in the day very few teams made the playoffs. Now there are 256 teams that make it.

      Some 4-5 teams will make it. This is because the divisions are predetermined. Teams in lower divisions, who play very tough schedules (Detroit Loyola), will make it with a poor record.
      I am fine with this, as they are one of the best in D7.

      The objective is to have the best in the playoffs. So far, it looks like this system will succeed in this. More than the previous system.

      1. Agree. Wish there could be a combination win/loss and point system, though. Have to have a minimum # of wins to qualify then seed regions on points. Not sure this is even possible but seems like the best of both worlds. Both systems alone have shortfalls.
        That said, I hope the ADs “everyone in” discussion doesn’t play out next year. Watering the playoffs down is not the answer.

    2. I guess you don’t buy into strength of schedule. I guess everyone should play smaller/ lower division schools and make it easy on themselves to guarantee they make it then right? The system is actually pretty good because it doesn’t punish you for a loss to a good team or a bigger school. In the playoffs it usually works itself out as the weeks go by though.

      1. But not all bigger schools are created equal. There are some downright lousy D1 schools. Strength of schedule is much more telling.

    1. I am a Flat Rock Fan, but I’m not in favor of them still having a chance to get in the playoffs with only 3 wins.

      That doesn’t seem right to me.

      Got to earn and prove it. I’m not in favor of everyone gets a ribbon either.

        1. Could say that many times over. Many seasons that FR doesn’t get the number, they could have made noise in their division.
          43 years without a championship, 1 playoff appearance in past 30 years?
          They just don’t belong in this league.
          How many more coaches, lost years will it take?
          I already know the answer.
          They need to be in a position to succeed, my proof is in the stats.
          Times change, logistics change, but Flat Rock doesn’t.
          I’m sure most HL teams want them to stay, it’s usually a win….for them.
          I’m not putting it on the kids or current, past and future coaches.
          They just don’t belong.
          Give them a chance, it’s already been a lifetime.

        2. Flat Rock belongs in the LCAA or the WWAC.
          Melvin is currently 5-2 and will enjoy being in the playoffs.
          My god, wake Up FR administration, wake up.

          1. Congrats to Riverview on winning the Huron League. They don’t do anything flashy, just lineup and physically dominate you on both sides of the ball. Airport actually played a good game but were just overmatched. Good luck to the Pirates in the playoffs. I know Allen Park has had their number in recent years but i fully expect Riverview to beat them should they meet in the playoffs.

          2. People have pushed for this for years except FR administration. Someone with some stones needs to Step up. Not big enough to start their own feeder program and they battle against Huron little league and the Yellow Jackets
            Huron got it right back in the day when they started their own little league. Now the HC that started it is coaching the Varsity reaping the rewards.

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