Week 1 Playoff Scores

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Whiteford 42 Summerfield 0 Final

Milan 27 Huron 6 Final

Carlson 27 Trenton 2 Final

SMCC 28 Lutheran Westland 12 Final

Riverview 20 Allen Park 28 Final

Ida 30 Erie Mason 0 Final

Bedford 14 Livonia Franklin 35 Final

Dundee 6 Lutheran North 0 Final

84 thoughts on “Week 1 Playoff Scores”

    1. That would actually be a nice move by the DRL. The only issue is that RR would not want an assignor for officials. They would push to hire their own crews in football and basketball

      1. After watching College Football all day I think it’s fair to say Michigan and Penn State should also join the DRL. It would be a great way to prep them for Big Ten East!

    2. If Rouge actually played with Rouge kids they might consider 😉 Stop the recruiting nonsense and local schools would be way more accepting

          1. Very true!
            Rouge actually has bus routes in Detroit to pick up these kids.
            I will never root for schools that get away with this stuff and everyone looks the other way.
            High school football in Michigan is not on a fair level anymore.
            Was the last level that it was pure, not so now.

          2. RR used to be a D6 school and is now D3, going to take more than football and basketball to accomplish that, nothing wrong with parents wanting better for their kids. You’d be surprised at the number of schools that bus outside of their city.

            We all know RR recruits. So does Belleville, Canton, West Bloomfield, Cass Tech, King, DCC, GRCC, Muskegon… (welcome to the party AA Huron). Look at the top teams in D1-4 and I’ll show you a list of teams that recruit. But I’ll tell you this also, parents are worse at recruiting than most coaches. And it starts in youth football. All these parents want super teams and start early to make that happen.

            Michigan has never had a level playing field. Before this was just the private schools doing it, the MHSAA has just made it easier for everyone else. Until they change their head-in-the-sand approach and make a decision to make recruiting legal or severely punish those who do nothing will change

  1. Did Huron lose to Milan because they run the spread? They have the 2 best athletes in the Huron league. If cc loses this week it will be there offense on here. If Milan losses it will be Chelsea was better. Why because most fans don’t understand the offense or see it in the weekend so they think it’s dumb. The offense that you run doesn’t matter as much as how you execute it.

    1. The Spread. The only offense that works. All other offenses are little league offenses. – signed, Newbie football moms and Freshman boys.

      1. Tell SMCC that. They have had same offense since 1968.
        Their excuse is they win, so keep using it. Whatever.
        A big part of their offense is time of possession. I guess if your 1968 Car still gets you to work, keep driving it.
        They are teaching their offense in the CYO at a very young
        age. If they changed it up, they would most likely struggle for
        a few years and they can’t afford that. Especially at 11k
        a year.
        Spread rules. Way more exciting, win or lose.

  2. Did Huron lose to Milan because they run the spread? They have the 2 best athletes in the Huron league. If cc losses this week it will be there offense on here. If Milan losses it will be Chelsea was better. Why because most fans don’t understand the offense or see it in the weekend so they think it’s dumb. The offense that you run doesn’t matter as much as how you execute it.

  3. These comments about Riverview are classless. My god, they lost 2 of their best players due to broken legs this year. To lose your team leader in the last regular season game is heartbreaking for that team. Devistating to say the least. As far as comparing the DL to the HL I remember quite a few times when Jefferson would meet AP in the playoffs and kick their ass so don’t act like the DL is far superior over the HL. Let’s see some of those DL teams schedule a team like Monroe. Put Monroe in the DL and they have a cake walk kicking everybody’s ass. Monroe would destroy Allen Park 9 times out of 10. A healthy Riverview team wouldn’t lose in the DL. They were devistated with injuries!! PERIOD!!! Riverview-congratulations on winning the HL. You guys still had a hell of a year and it’ll probably go down as a “what if” year for a very long time. You guys are a classy group of people that really never had anything bad to say all year.

    1. First Riverview is a great program so I agree with you there— and had wars with AP recently in the playoffs—but maybe you should check your facts when it comes to AP and who they play
      If you insist on going back a ways Allen Park played Monroe Jefferson three times in the playoffs —and beat them twice – lost the other game by three points I hardly say that you remember a time when they kept Allen Park butt consistently in the playoffs—
      Also Allen Park used to play Monroe Jefferson and Deerborn every year when they were Division III in a division one league when it was a mega league—in that time they were 6-2 vs fordson and um 5-5 vs Monroe which are outstanding programs usually. —So again I doubt that Monroe would beat them 90% of the time. I also believe they played Harper Woods in their non league game this year which is a lot tougher than Monroe this year
      So you don’t want to criticize one program but you bash another? What has AP said negative about Riverview on this platform?

    2. And if you think Carlson and Woodhaven are cake walks you’re wrong— both leagues have some very good teams and programs

    3. Take it easy pal. I’m a huron league guy. But Monroe is not Good at all. And it’s because of coaching. PERIOD. They would lose to Woodhven, Allen Park and usually WR on a yearly basis. Riverview, SMCC, and Milan, year in and year out could compete with the DRL. Even with 1/2 or a 1/4 of enrollment. And Ill say this. The two kids View lost were special players. I don’t think they lose if they have them. They just didn’t lose some players. They lost some of the best players in the area. And still competed and almost won without them.

  4. allenparkbeatriverview

    Frank: Allen Park 36-35

    Gary: Riverview 28-26

    Chris: Riverview 28-27

    Now you know why Riverview played at Allen Park, better luck next time, don’t let bias get a hold of ya, be like Frank 😉

      1. allenparkWriverviewL

        aren’t you the same person that said that Riverview if put into the downriver league would do fine? well clearly they lost the ap, who is tied for 1st with Carlson and Woodhaven, they would not have a chance in the downriver league lmao, stick to your bias towards the huron league and accept that the downriver league is steps higher than the huron league XD!

          1. Agree, they would be better off in the DRL, the way playoff points are awarded, plus think about travel, time, etc.
            Times change, sometimes you need to change with them!
            Like Carlson, Tecumseh, Blissfield, etc did.
            When HL started in 1940, there was no SMCC, Jefferson, Airport, Huron, GI, or even a Riverview back then.
            Actually Flat Rock was the only original school and they still think it’s the 40s (lol).
            My point is times, schools, populations, school of choice etc.change things.
            The View is a better fit in DRL now.
            Nice season Bucs!

          2. I actually think Riverview would be a great addition to the Downriver League. The problem would be the number of teams if they added a Riverview. Ten is not a good number. I think a better move would be for the Huron League to add Trenton and possibly another team and go two divisions in football. That would make the DRL 8 teams and allow them to go to a 7 game schedule and allow weeks 1 and 9 to be open. Maybe the Huron League could add Melvindale or even an Ida. Actually, I would love to see Carlson come back. Something is going to need to change in the Huron League, especially with football if the playoff point system stays the same. I am not ripping anyone here, but Riverview playing SMCC does the Pirates no good. It does not matter whether the Falcons are good or bad (well let’s face it, they are never bad), it hurts the Pirates to play SMCC period!

          3. Shame , it hurts the Pirates to play a perennial state champion contender in SMCC, and would benefit them to play Downriver league pushovers Taylor, LP and Edsel Ford. MHSSA needs to recognize quality over school size.

          1. Good point Chris.
            I would love to see the HL expand and have 2 divisions.
            Invite Ida, Dundee, Trenton, Carlson and keep Riverview in HL.
            This would allow teams to play schools their size to satisfy playoff points,etc
            Could have cross-overs like FR-Huron, Airport-Jefferson, Riverview-GI rivalries continue.
            Could look like:
            Huron league 1
            Huron league 2
            Flat Rock
            Grosse Ile
            Something along those lines, just my thought anyways.

        1. Downriver league is steps higher than the Huron league? The data doesn’t support your argument. Game records show otherwise. Remember, they played HS football before 2021.

        2. Just an outside opinion but when is the last time a DR team made it out of the regional? Asking honestly….. There are good teams in that league for sure, but even the good WR teams or Allen Park teams don;t win any big games. At least that I can remember in the last 10 years. Chelsea Ap two years ago would be an example. I’m curious though. So honest question…… When is the last time a DR team made it to the semis or won a state title?

    1. Yeah Frank knew it was gonna be a slopfest
      You don’t run a 90 kick return and hurt yourself sliding in the slip for no reason right??? Get a clue weather and field condition played s big factor
      A team that never turns the ball over had 6 of them l

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself posting an “in your face post” to a group of kids… grow up. These boys worked hard all season and played hard all season they deserve some respect for that… period. Not one time all season have I seen a Riverview fan/parent/player post an “in your face” comment towards the losing team on here. ALOT of things could have changed the game and we ALL know it.

      I’m disgusted to see someone would post something like this towards kids… my kid. He came home crushed his last game ever and NOT one time did he dog AP. Proving the class of our team.

      1. Why are all these Mom’s crying the blues on here? Losing is part of the game and nobody likes it. You can’t let a comment or 2 bother you like that. Move on and celebrate your team’s accomplishments. Just so you know every senior that has their last game goes through this heartbreak and your team is not any different. That is why people lash out because they hate losing.

        1. I got a feeling that was not the last game to be played by some of the View seniors. Some will play on Saturday next year.

  5. Frank: Allen Park 36-35

    Gary: Riverview 28-26

    Chris: Riverview 28-27

    better luck next year! now you got your answer to why Riverview went to Allen Park!


    State championship will be played next weekend on the frozen turf of Jackson Michigan.

    In divisions 5-8, all teams combined, both teams are top 7 in total playoff points. Same division, same region, same district!!

    These teams have played some battles recently. Go back to last year and you saw lumen take care of business at Navarre to win their district. Go back to 2014 and you saw CC grit out a tough victory on the road en route to the state championship

  7. Why doesn’t riverview use its speed, legitimate question. Teams will stack, hammer 3-4 a carry works great until it doesn’t. Your YAC players should matter, shouldn’t they!

    1. Because they run the unstoppable T….well unstoppable until they play AP, RR, or Harrison. The administration and coach staff are happy with conference titles and have little expectations around playoff success. The talent must fit their system not find multiple systems/plays/formations that fit the talent. Hopefully the underclassmen can step back and see that is the ceiling at Riverview so they are mentally prepared for that in the future. A very wise man said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Good season Bucs. Thank you seniors.

    1. The mighty riverview lost to a two loss downriver league school…. Again…. The same team that always beats them… When riverview plays a school with some talent, depth, and some skill players… the results are predictable…. They can’t bully with their one demential 1897 offense. They are playing schools with more than 22 players on their team. The Huron league is great… until it’s not…. Let the excuses begin….

      1. So running a different offense would have made a difference? Send coach Mac a message, I’m sure he’ll change, because you’re so smart.

      2. you’re insane if you don’t think that the bucs beat the crap out of Ap if 5 and 40 are there. 51 and 20 didn’t make it to halftime as well who are the two starting inside linebackers.

        1. For the record Jets4life doesn’t speak for the real Airport fans. So if Riverview isn’t any good, what does that make us? We haven’t beat Riverview since 2011.

      3. Not sure what you are talking about. Canton beat Saline with the same offense. Sometimes the other team just makes more plays.

      4. 4 fumbles 2 ints and lose by 8 with that many turnovers game should have been a 20 point blowout
        That field is by far the worst a complete swamp fest not to mention players kept getting hurt in the mess

      5. They also lost both starting line backers in the first half. #51 and #20. #20 could make a case for blog player of the year. Must feel powerful talking upwards from your perennial 4-5 teams.

    1. Another soft schedule in the Huron League and Riverview is out of the Playoffs. The weak Huron League is not a competitive league and this will continue as long as the View keeps playing a D4, D5 and D6 laced schedule.

      1. Thats garbage! Stop trolling. Calpreps is the ultimate resource for high school football and has Riverview’s schedule as tougher than Allen Parks. AP was just better tonight.

      2. Not too many teams are going to lose the starting qb, one of the best players downriver, and make it through. Thompson plays, you have a different outcome.

      3. Do your saying just move to DRL beat up on all those garbage teams taylor lp southgate ef Wyandotte to earn more points get real none of those teams would have beat a huron league team

      4. Downriver league has been around since 09. Since 09, Huron league teams have lasted longer in the playoffs. SMCC, 2-2 in the State finals, and a semifinal appearance. Riverview with a semifinal (in D3), and Grosse Ile with a semifinal. Only Wyandotte in the DR league has a semifinal appearance.

        1. Do you understand how hard it is to get to a D1, D2, or D3 final. With Cass tech and King, and the whole Catholic league you have to go throw as well?

          All I know was a this… Riverview the gem Of the Huron league is usually done playing by the first week of November.

          1. Those of us who started following HS football before 2021 know that Riverview has lasted longer in the playoffs than any Downriver league school has. But lets not let facts get in the way.

      5. Forgot Huron.
        4 Huron league teams in Finals or Semis since creation of Downriver league. SMCC, View, GI, Huron
        1 downriver team, Wyandotte.

        Huron league in playoffs .534
        Downriver league , sub-500 at .417

        Huron league is better
        Downriver league is just bigger

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