Week 6 Scores

Riverview 42 Milan 29 Final

Monroe 16 Bedford 22 Final

Whiteford 54 Pittsford 0 Final

Ida 36 Hillsdale 17 Final

Airport 49 Jefferson 28 Final

Columbia Central 0 Dundee 43 Final

Huron 39 Grosse Ile 7 Final

Anderson 0 Carlson 39 Final

Summerfield 8 Sand Creek 46 Final

SMCC 35 Flat Rock 0 Final

Erie Mason 8 ND Prep 44 Final

76 thoughts on “Week 6 Scores”

  1. Coaches make mistakes at all levels, I watched two coaches on Saturday and Sunday make make mistakes at the collegiate and professional levels that cost their teams with what seemed like an easy call from this armchair QB. I like the passion that is displayed on this blog but nobody plays or coaches a clean game. A bad choice gets magnified in a close game and no one feels worse than the player or coach who made it. Give them a break because this is a game played by your children and coached by your peers with every intention of providing growth
    for the players and entertainment for the fans.

  2. Are Riverview fans even happy about winning the huron league again this year? I mean they’re the biggest school in the league and there’s a conference called the downriver conference that makes more geographical sense plus they’ll actually play schools their size

    1. Why would they want to do that? It is much more favorable to play smaller schools when it comes to your record. Unfortunately, come playoff time it usually doesn’t workout for most teams that do this. SMCC is an exception though because their schedule prepared them for the better teams in their division. This isn’t to knock ant team either, but it is a fact.

      1. That’s funny. Your kidding me, right.
        SMCC has done this for years. If a private school with their own no boundary talent pool with kids that pay to go there, is still in the league,
        a school that has grown to a 1,000 kids has every right to be in the league also.
        If you want to create some real parity in the league,
        a great idea would be to give SMCC and Riverview the
        boot and invite Dundee and Ida to join. That would make the league very evenly competitive.
        How does this get done? Its got my vote.

        1. SMCC is division 7. What is confusing about that. That School is very small in comparison to some of the others. I’m not sure why people keep saying the are recruiting because I have watched most of the kids grow up here. Just a lame excuse. Whatever makes you feel better though.

          1. SMCC’s own web site says over 60% of students receive money to attend. Paying someone to attend their school sounds like recruiting to me . Oh that’s right, none of the athletes get money- I do feel better, stating facts

          2. or go to a public school with all the amenities.. for FREE!

            Are you dense?
            Some of these people are working on their last brain cell.

            If SMCC or Riverview werent winning, nobody would say anything.
            Its only because they are winning, that SMCC recruits and View gets a lot of school of choice kids.

            Great football players dont flock to a D7 school who runs the T.
            Its laughable. Get out of Monroe. See football elsewhere.

            I know of players SMCC has lost because of this. One attends Monroe High right now.
            He wanted to play with the big boys and against the big boys.

      2. If I were the Huron League AD’s I’d vote SMCC out. The way the playoff points are determined it hurts all teams to play a D7 school

        It only benefits the birds

        Plus the way they recruit , it isn’t a level scenario

        Have them play in Whiteford ‘s league. Or become an independent

    2. There’s always talk about this, every Huron league team has gone through periods of dominance and now that it’s Riverview’s reign it’s an issue and they must be removed to a division where they will be the small guys. I’ll never understand it, population doesn’t even mean much in this game you’ll see that it’s luck having talent

    3. Fans and players are both happy about potentially winning again. They play whoever is in front of them and winning feels good. Recent playoff history also has wins over Trenton and Carlson twice w two close losses to AP so they could hold their own.
      No reason to “yeah, but” the accomplishments because talent is cyclical. We’ve just been on a streak where been able to stay competitive and I believe that’s more to do with coaches and their character than school size.
      But back to the thought about talent:
      School size doesn’t mean talent. GI with one of the smaller schools had a 9-0 run w Blanzy and crew and Milan did it w Hines/Furtney. Not to mention CC also is ALWAYS near the top.
      And you can see talent shifts. Look at the Troll’s Airport squad. QB is a 2 year starter as a sophomore. He’s gonna help that team do great things the next 2 years and Huron always seems loaded w talent too. Jefferson is improving and for a few years now, FR has been snakebit and losing
      close games but they’re also trending up.
      Point is, the kids don’t pick their schedule or conference. They just play on Friday nights and SHOULD be grateful because once they get older all the “yeah, but” arguments are forgotten but the W’s remain.

  3. Airport has a really good offense if thier defense wakes up and brings it they have a good chance against riverview and Milan and they may make playoffs going 5-4

    1. That is not what I saw. Milan outcoached themselves.
      Put 9 in the box on third and long and let View pass right over them.
      Putting QB under center and fumbling when hes been in the shotgun the entire season.
      That fake punt failure.
      Going for it on 4th and 9 from their own 30 and failing, when only down by 1 score with 8 minutes left.
      The Milan athletes played hard, but these were all bad calls by the coaching staff.

        1. Reputation doesn’t win games. You didn’t watch the game. There is a difference between gambling and making bad decisions.

          1. That is fair, but I am guessing they were playing Riverview’s huge tendency to run trap on 3rd and long. (I’m sure you haven’t charted the opponent’s tendencies) I’m sure they still practice under center daily, so the game situation doesn’t really matter. If the fake punt works, you’re not complaining. As for the 4 and 9th, only the coach knows his team well enough. I suspect he felt if he punted that he would never get the ball back. I would trust my offense more than my defense against View’s offensive machine.

            With all that said, Riverview has a better team and most likely wins 8 out of every 10 times. The Pirates are a very good team.

          2. I would bet the coach wants both those play back as well. Yes, he’s a great coach, but the play call on the fake punt (and not the fake punt itself) was baffling. Only one receiver down field and putting Cole further behind the line asking him to make a play with the entire defense in front of him. He’s one of the 2-3 best offensive players in the league but that’s a huge ask against a tough defense.
            I kinda agree, those were actually bad decisions and not gambles.

          3. You act like Hoskins hasn’t built any equity with the fan base. I mean not everything is going to work all the time. In general, Hoskins makes the right calls and wins games. Give him a break. He has earned it.

      1. I did not see the entire game, but what I did see was Mcelvany right, Mcelvany left, Mcelvany up the middle, etc etc etc.
        Better team won, let it go.
        I am a little surprised about the amount of points the View gives up to good or better teams.
        They better fix that or they will go early when they play schools their size in D3.

        1. I’m a View fan guys. I know Riverviews tendencies. Milan kids are well coached, execute well, and play hard. But bad decisions are bad decisions. It seems Milans coaching staff is beyond reproach?

          1. I don’t think Hoskins call the offense or defense, he has 2 very good coordinators who he lets call the game.
            That being said, the head guy is still the head guy and shoulders the responsibility for the game,
            Maybe a bad call,
            I think the play calling out of Milan , where coaches get paid very little is a hell of a lot better than the Lions, who pay their 18 coaches millions.
            Oh, by the way, the average salary of a high school head coach in Texas is $78,000 per year.
            These coaches bust their asses all year for pennies, quit hammering them, or move to Texas.

        2. The average salary for a high school coach in Texas is $112, 500.
          Highest paid in 2018 was $159,000.
          You can bet they are being paid to coach football and football only.
          If they are the AD, they have a “staff” that takes care of all other sports.
          And no , not all coaches have AD duties.
          How much they pay in the Huron, SEC, LCAA, DRL or TCC?
          My point is coaches in these parts make very little for the year round commitment they endure.

      2. The game was 22-22 with 9 min left in the game. And Riverview made a few more plays. Sometimes you have to take chances to beat teams that are better than you physically and sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don’t. That Riverview team is legit. Ask SMCC who scored 6 points on them last week what they thought. Milan had close to 400 yds offense. Dropped a TD in the endzone before half and marched the ball up and down the field the whole game. A couple of questionable holding calls killed a few drives. And sometimes kids make mistakes. Sometimes coaches make bad calls during a game. The defense ran multiple fronts to try to stop a big, fast, and strong offense of Riverview. They weren’t able to get a stop, but had their chances more than a few times. And at the end of the day Riverview made a few more plays.

        If Hoskins ever decides to take a break or move on to a better situation, people will be sorry. They win the Huron league every other year or so and make the playoffs every year, along with three district titles in the last 6 years. Be careful what you ask for if you think you or anyone else can do a better job.

        I think if you asked the faithful at Jefferson, GI, Huron, Flat Rock, Airport etc They’d be pretty happy to have those results. We support coach Hoskins and his staff.

        Milan Dad

        1. Besides being a good coach, Hoskins just seems like a good guy and that’s evidence by his players’ behavior. We have a lot of respect for what he’s done and built down there.
          I’ve had at least one kid on Riverview’s varsity squad since 2017 (4-1 against Milan in that stretch *teasing wink*) and every year my boys always tell me they enjoy playing against them because they play hard and play the game the right way. Even on social media, every Milan player I’ve come across “gets it” and knows that competition on the field is just that – on the field.
          I was impressed not only by the play of Cole but Dessellier and especially Jett Isaacs, who should win the HL Best Football Name award. Kid was tough to bring down and played bigger than his size.

    2. As a Riverview fan I respect the heck out of Milan. It is a hard fought game every year. In games like that where you are not the better team you have to take calculated risks. They did unfortunately for them they didn’t work. They are a good team with great coaches. They will make a big run in the playoffs.

  4. Cmon Monroe enough is enough … run the ball behind that big offense line.. get physical with people.. go right at teams.. Monroe is not talented enough to run the offense they are running.. if they would just line up and power teams they would be a much better team.., again Monroe loses to a team with less talent.. again and again.. so embarrassing.. we have become a joke on this blog… I’m so tired of it all..

    1. Because they’re in the spread
      Anyone that says it’s. Just blocking and tackling is ignorant
      There’s a reason SMCC doesnt run the spread or Bedford..
      Monroe . Get under center in the Wing T , tailor your offense to your talent out of the Wing T …LIKE AIRPORT
      and figure it out
      Remember this was the year “We beat Saline “
      You don’t have Saline or AAH speed
      Control the clock and play 10’ football with quick hitters … Bedford does and they beat you with less talent

      1. That wasn’t the difference last night. How about more creativity? How about new plays that the other team hasn’t seen? You will not see that at Monroe. They had way more size than Bedford and didn’t use it effectively at all and fixing the pass defense has not been a priority all season . It was a good football game and the players on both sides played hard, but in the end lack of preparation and creativity will always cost you a game like this.

      2. Hey football genius,
        Once the season starts you get about 8-9 hours of practice time a week. Monday -Thursday.
        You cover offense, defense, special teams, conditioning, film prep, etc in that time frame.
        You don’t have a lot of time to prepare for your weekly opponent.
        You are not going to install a new offense, terminology, timing, personal, etc, in about 2-3 hours.
        Offenses are put in during off season and pre season.
        Not gonna happen with any success.
        I even agree they should probably run the wing T or some variation, but not in week 7.
        These are high school kids.

        1. Blocking posts again. Why do you guys coddle the Monroe program? Everything that is mentioned is true but you guys are afraid someone might get their feelings hurt. You guys are soft but not as soft as Monroe’s staff.

          1. Please be sensitive to the players and coaches that put in a lot of time and effort. Apply for the job if you think you can do better. Who knows, maybe you can.

        2. Ok. So 8-9 hours to work on things. If you are a coach would you work on things you are not doing well? Answer should be yes. If your secondary is not performing well then work on technique and coach the players up or find replacements that will do a better job or maybe realize certain kids are going both ways the whole game and just don’t have the gas left to play their position at a high level. If a formation you are running does not get you enough yards find out why and adjust. It doesn’t take very long to introduce a new package because high school kids are not dumb like you think. You don’t have to change everything you are doing but adding new looks confuses your opponents. Do you end your practices with a 2 minute drill? Are your receivers running the routes correctly? Again this is very basic stuff that should be done. It doesn’t take a football genius to do this stuff. It just takes coaches that can’t stand to lose. Bottom line I just can’t stand what is happening to the Trojans this year and as a former player it bothers me.
          One other thing, I do think Chris, Gary, and Frank do a great job on this site. I really enjoy reading all the comments.

          1. Obviously none of us can sit down with any of the football staffs because our kids won’t get to play. Seen that at pretty much every school.
            Even SMCC. Wait till my kid graduates, staff
            is going to hear it. Nobody soft here.
            Might even get into coaching too, too many politics and most of these guys are teachers just trying to make a few extra bucks.

    2. Monroe is not going to make the playoffs. They needed this game last night. This team won’t beat Dexter or Riverview so 4-5 is not going to be enough. My question is why was this team so hyped at the beginning of the season? They have an enormous line and can’t move the ball. Sounds to me that there is other issues keeping this team from winning. If you have any idea why I would love to hear it because something doesn’t add up. At least they seemed to be competitive last night.

          1. The Cat even Wonders

            Why this person named anonymous…keeps arguing with himself?? Interesting…but yea…Monroe…smh…ugh!!

  5. SMCC bounces back this week with a win over a broken Rams team. It was nice to see Cole Jondro running wild. Flat Rock is decimated by injuries but they fought until the end.

    1. Absolutely brutal 3 week stretch for FR. At Riverview’s HOCO then CC and Milan both after losses and looking to take it out on someone

      1. Flat Rock had their emergency QB in, I would know because he’s literally my brother but… yeah, they are decimated by injuries to say the least.

    2. FR would score points under center with that Oline
      They are huge.
      They need to adapt . Most small schools don’t have 2 spread QBs
      When they don’t they are in trouble if the starter gets hurt
      Look at our Region
      Who are the best teams?
      All under center running the ball CC,View, Whiteford, Bedford Top 4 teams under center running Wing T concepts

      Milan is the exception but they are basically in the “ wildcat” with a RB playing QB

  6. Was just at the Dundee game Brooklyn started the game off real physical which flipped a switch to the Dundee team and they just took it to em. Brooklyn couldn’t even get positive yards. Literally everything was going backwards. I left early in the third it was 28 to nothing.

    1. This is the best Dundee team they have had since the Bolster years with the best staff they have had in a LONG time. They are getting better every week and could be a district or regional playoff team by time the regular season is over.

      1. You got to be kidding… they played the 3 weakest teams in the LCAA in a row with all losing records. Close game with Ida, but Ida hurt themselves with turnovers, otherwise not a close game. They may have a chance against Hillsdale, but no chance to beat Clinton or Hudson. 4-5 or best at 5-4. Hardly a playoff team…spread the butter, not the offense.

  7. Airport 14, Jefferson 7, 2nd quarter

    SMCC 7, Flat Rock 0, 2nd quarter

    Gibraltar Carlson 15, Southgate Anderson 0, 2nd quarter

    Riverview 14, Milan 7, 2nd quarter

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