FNV 2021 Week 2 Playoff Video Picks

Watch as Frank, Gary and Chris discuss some of the MHSAA games from last week and make their picks for week 2 of the playoffs.

23 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 2 Playoff Video Picks”

  1. A lot of people jumping on the Twitter strong Carlson Marauder’s… They talk a big game, but surely got exposed the last time they played the Jags… Young coach will soon learn that social media excitement can’t and won’t win him big games, especially against the staff that AP has. Jags by 2 scores plus.

    1. Just because a “young coach” is promoting his program and players on twitter doesn’t make him bad. They have won every game but 1. Very impressive season for Carlson. Even if the Marauders lose by 2 touchdowns, it isn’t going to be because the coach promotes his program on social media. They have exceeded expectations and have a bright future regardless.

      1. I don’t know what funnier, you telling someone to prove that they’re the real Big Cat, or the fact you think Big Cat would actually visit this site.

        I’m sure Grosse Ile’s dad has Big cats email, he can get you two in touch.

  2. How in the world do you think Zeeland East would be a final 4 team Chris? That would mean beating Muskegon… Did you even research them before making that comment? Come on guys, we need more effort on your end when talking ball if we expect to get more people to watch! BIG FNV supporter but man… Too many opinions over facts on your shows. Gerry not knowing Marine City has been to ford field more than once is also gross…

    1. Well sir,

      You are wrong in that Zeeland WEST would face Musky prior to the semi’s(final 4).
      Zeeland West or East for that matter, are in completely different Regions than Muskegon.
      I dont even think Chris mentioned Zeeland East as you did. Did you even listen?
      If you are going to bring something to our attention that we may have messed up.. come correct.

      Regarding MC. I knew they made it to FF but didnt know how many times. I do know they are quite good at football.
      No research needed there.

      If you can find anyone that knows more about Michigan HS football(im sure there are some), let us know, we would add them on.
      But you just grossly eliminated yourself.

  3. Frank Picks Clinton.. Why am I not surprised..

    “Clinton has been on a tear” The common denominator in “The Tear” is the fact that Clinton rarely ever subs their starters against inferior teams. Clinton revels in running the board up against weaker teams.

          1. Did he pick the correct games? Otherwise this is the same as me predicting the Sun comes up tomorrow.

    1. LOL …. Must be a parent of a 3rd stringer…. Clinton has 4-5-6 solid running backs that all get to carry the ball in their blow out wins . they also play their #2 QB in these situations. Oh and Ialmost forgot . they continue to run the ball between the tackles in these situations and are not throwing passes so if that’s running up the score you are an idiot !

  4. Ida and Clinton are evenly matched. It will be an exciting game with the Bluestreaks having home field advantage. It is going to be a grind on the grid iron. The Ida defensive line has improved tremendously since Game 4 against Clinton and the Offensive line also has improved on their execution. Sampson, Levicki, Gianino, Schafer, Hovest, Morrison & Miller have become a powerful combination that is difficult to stop.
    Good Luck to our Bluestreaks…..

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