FNV 2021 Week 2 Playoffs Picks

Clinton 8-2 @ Ida 8-2

Frank: Clinton 31 Ida 28

Gary: Gary: Ida 28 Clinton 27

Chris: Ida 26 Clinton 20

Dundee 6-4 @ Marine City 10-0

Frank: Marine City 34 Dundee 10

Gary: Marine City 48 Dundee 15

Chris: Marine City 28 Dundee 3

Sand Creek 7-3 @ Whiteford 9-1

Frank: Whiteford 42 Sand Creek 20

Gary: Whiteford 55 Sand Creek 18

Chris: Whiteford 40 Sand Creek 21

Milan 8-2 @ Chelsea 10-0

Frank: Chelsea 31 Milan 22

Gary: Chelsea 30 Milan 19

Chris: Chelsea 40 Milan 21

SMCC 9-1 @ Lumen Christi 9-1

Frank: Lumen Christi 27 SMCC 21

Gary: SMCC 17 Lumen Christi 14

Chris: Lumen Christi 28 SMCC 21

Allen Park 8-2 @ Carlson 9-1

Frank: Allen Park 35 Carlson 28

Gary: Carlson 32 Allen Park 30

Chris: Carlson 28 Allen Park 27

15 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 2 Playoffs Picks”

  1. Preview: SMCC at Jackson Lumen Christi-

    Another great game. I think SMCC comes into this game very motivated but Jackson Lumen Christi is no slouch. They are one of the best, if not, the best, team in their Division. I don’t think the Falcons are quite ready for this matchup yet. I think Lumen Christi is too much for the Falcons to handle. Expect the Titans to make the trip to Ford Field unless something crazy happens.

    Lumen Christi 28-17

    1. Preview: St Mary Catholic Central Falcons (9-1) @ Jackson Lumen Christi Titans (9-1)

      SMCC vs JLC. Falcons vs Titans. Catholic vs Catholic. Tradition vs Tradition. 59.000 vs 59.778

      This may go down as the greatest District Final of any division as these two teams run the table against any D6, D7, or D8 team in playoff points (except Lansing Catholic 59.556). The fact that these two teams have the honor of seeing each other so early in the MHSAA playoffs shows that maybe the system should be tweaked again. However, no process will be perfect and there will always be some teams that draw the short straw no matter the format (Lumen AND SMCC in this case as both have to play each other earlier than either would wish). Nevertheless, playoff format bickering aside, this game will most definitely be remembered.

      Both teams have legendary programs and legendary coaching. SMCC runs a Full House T while JLC does what they do pounding the ball down everyones throats. JLC has the upper hand in history with a 3-1 record over the Falcons as well as 8 State Championship Titles in the 2000s (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2016, 2017, 2018) to the Falcons’ 2 Titles (2014, 2019). JLC took care of business at Navarre field last season in a 22-6 District Final victory before falling at the Regional while SMCC won the previous matchup in 2014 at Jackson 27-26 in the Regional Final.

      Neither team cares about total passing yards, tackles, rushing yards, receptions, or any other statistic that only fans and losing programs care about so I won’t bother adding any. These programs are winners through and through but unfortunately only one will win this Friday. The history seems to favor the Titans but players from the past can’t suit up in the present. The winner will be determined by the current high school kids that show up on a chilly November friday night in Jackson, Michigan.

      Get your popcorn ready for this.

      Prediction: JLC 27 SMCC 26

      1. About time SMCC had a tough game early in playoffs.
        Many years they have had cakewalks too the finals.
        Good luck, but won’t beat TC St. Francis anyway.

  2. Preview: Sand Creek at Whiteford-

    The Aggies are gonna have a tough time dealing with a really red hot Whiteford squad. The only loss Whiteford has is to a team from Ohio? How is that even possible? Whiteford is Whiteford again. I think this game is gonna be back and fourth, but in the end, Whiteford has a big 4th quarter to put away the Aggies.

    Whiteford 35-21

  3. Preview: Dundee at Marine City-

    I looked at Dundees District from Snooze 2 You earlier in the season and kept looking at it. It kept saying Dundee would play Marine City if they and Marine City won their first round matchups. Well, here we are. I just think Marine City is way too much for Dundee. I wouldn’t count them out as a potential State Champ, but with Frankenmuth and GRCC on the other side I just don’t see it. Marine City does beat Dundee, and I think it’s gonna be a running clock.

    Good Luck to the Vikings

    Marine City 56-14

  4. Preview: Clinton at Ida-

    Clinton has one thing on their mind. Getting back to Ford Field for revenge against Montague. I don’t know if the Red Wolves will get that far, but I think they get past Ida.

    Clinton 35, Ida 31

  5. Preview: Allen Park Jaguars (8-2) @ Gibraltar Calson Marauders (9-1)

    Allen Park will be traveling to Gibraltar Carlson after a huge win over the Huron League Champs. Carlson took down Trenton 27-2 in the predistrict and looked much improved after having only beaten Trenton 28-27 in the regular season. 3 of 6 FNV playoff teams that are alive match up this week against league opponents. This is one of them and it is the downriver rematch we have all been waiting for. Carlson will be hosting despite having lost to the Jaguars in week 3 42-14. Allen Park doesn’t like that but neither did Carlson like the 28 point blowout so both teams will be playing angry.

    It is hard to beat a good team twice and this is one of them.

    Prediction: Carlson 35 Allen Park 28

  6. Preview: Dundee Vikings (6-4) @ Marine City Mariners (10-0)

    Good Luck Dundee

    Prediction: Marine City 34 Dundee 12

  7. Preview: Clinton Redwolves (8-2) @ Ida Bluestreaks (8-2)

    The Clinton Redwolves are 20-16 against the Bluestreaks all time but are split-even since Clinton joined the LCAA for the 2020 season. Clinton won last season’s matchup 49-28 but Ida prevailed this season 26-20. This will be the rubber match held at Hemelgarn Field where one LCAA team will bring home the District Championship.

    Ida is lead by Senior RB Owen Sampson who is having an outstanding senior campaign rushing for a total of 1,861 yards through 10 games. He carried the ball 30 times for 223 yards in a 30-0 victory over former LCAA foe Erie-Mason. Austin Schafer and Luke Levicki also get carries in the backfield but the biggest battle is won in the trenches on both sides of the ball by Ryan Johnston, Ryan Morrison, Eliot Morrison, Nick Hovest, Kirby Carsten, Antonio Iocoangeli, Zach Lindsay, Cameron Carner, and Seth Pizzo.

    Clinton is lead by Sophomore RB Joey Preston and Junior RB Bradyn Lehman as well as Shadley brothers Nik and Zak. The Redwolves average 44.4 points per game while giving up 15.5 points per game. The Clinton defense will be the difference maker. If they can hold the Bluestreaks to 26 or less they will win the game.

    Clinton will be looking to avenge their loss this season and earn their right to play in the Regional Finals against either Michigan Center or Constantine. Ida is looking to obtain their 3rd District Championship of all time. This game will be close as both teams play hard-nosed football and are coached well. Ida will have the home field advantage and that might be the difference.

    Prediction: Ida 34 Clinton 27

  8. Preview: Sand Creek Aggies (7-3) @ Ottawa Lake Whiteford Bobcats (9-1)

    The Aggies travel to Ottawa Lake to take on the Bobcats in a rematch of the TCC’s finest programs. The regular season’s matchup ended in a Bobcat victory 58-30. Sand Creek had issues stopping the Whiteford offense just like everyone else in Michigan as the only team that could contain them was Edon out of Ohio who still allowed 32 points. Whiteford’s defense is often overlooked as it should be with such a high powered offense game in and game out. If you’re wondering what the Bobcats are averaging in each game I’ll tell you. It’s a whopping 51.4 points per game. That’s right, Whiteford averages a 50 burger. Whiteford gets the best of the Aggies once more.

    Prediction: Whiteford 46 Sand Creek 28

  9. Preview: Milan Big Reds (8-2) @ Chelsea Bulldogs (10-0)

    Both teams are coming off solid wins as Milan took care of NB Huron 27-6 and Chelsea controlled all 4 quarters in a 40-14 win over Romulus Summit Academy North. These teams are familiar foes as Chelsea holds a 32–25-1 overall historical record against the Big Reds. Chelsea is 9-0 this millennium against Milan with their latest matchup a Bulldog 35-14 victory in the 2018 District Final. Both teams had great 2020 runs with Chelsea advancing to the State Semis and Milan falling short in the Regional Final.

    Milan is lead on both sides of the ball by QB Cole McElvany. They average 35 points a game while their defense gives up just under 15 points a game. Their defense’s leading tackler is Sophomore LB Billy Gaskell (129 Tackles) while McElvany makes major contributions in bringing down ball carriers (99 Tackles). McElvany has also thrown for over 1000 yards on the season and rushed for 1078 for 27 total TD.

    Chelsea averages 42.5 points per game while giving up just 12. They have no weakness or at least no one has shown it. Their closest matchup came against St Joseph when Chelsea prevailed 24-14.

    This should be a battle as both teams have serious offensive firepower and great coaching. There is no doubt Milan will leave everything out on the field but I’m not sure it will be enough.

    Prediction: Chelsea 35 Milan 20

    1. MCL injury in the first half last week after rushing for 179 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He’ll be out two more weeks, which means he likely won’t play again until a Saturday next Fall .

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