FNV 2021 Week 3 Playoff Video Picks

Watch as Chris and Frank discuss some of the previous week’s games and make their picks for week 3 of the 2021 playoffs.

15 thoughts on “FNV 2021 Week 3 Playoff Video Picks”

  1. I think Allen park needs to play in a tougher league to get ready for games like tonight. They should have won with the talent they have. If they played tougher teams that could have been the difference. But we all know that is not going to happen. Guess they are happy with winning a game or two then exiting the playoffs every year.

    1. This is not my post. Cowards out here without verified addresses pretending to be me? Please screen a little better and no anonymous posts. This is not Chris Gajewski with the post from Mr Gajewski

      1. I think you’re right. Playing all these cupcake Downriver teams. AP needs to get into the KLAA and play some real competition

  2. Thanks for another entertaining year of the blog. I appreciate the work you guys put in to keep the rest of us up to speed on high school football, especially the teams in this region. I know several people who follow religiously, just like I do. God Bless

  3. Thanks for another great year with the blog guys. Appreciate the work you guys put in to satisfy those of us who love HS football!

          1. Very well done gents! Appreciate what you guys do. I realize it’s a lot of time and effort! Thanks again

  4. Good thoughts on your picks this week. Frank is wrong about West Bloomfield though. Chris was right. They played Clarkston week 4 in 2017 and won 37-16 and then lost 3-2 in the D1 Championship. Both were members of the OAA Red that season.

    The Finals rematch was a thriller!

  5. Anonymously as The Troll

    To whoever Chris Gajewski is-look, your arguments are somewhat valid however the one thing I have to disagree with you when you say it wouldn’t have mattered whether Riverview didn’t have injuries or not. Obviously you haven’t seen Riverview at full strength. Losing Kincaid earlier in the season hurt big time. 6’ 4” 240 pound tight end is hard to replace. Then you factor in losing the QB in the last game of the season. I wouldn’t even say they’re excuses. I would say they’re facts. It’s hard to run that well oiled machine without those 2 players. I’m not a Riverview guy but I’ve watched them play 4 games this year and losing those 2 players changed the dynamic of that team. Those are facts-not excuses.

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