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This is the 4th annual Friday Night Victors All Blog team. As usual, it was tough with 16 teams and us picking an offense and a defense. There will be 12 players on each side of the ball plus a kicker and a punter. We reached out to every coach asking for nominations. We heard back from almost everyone. Nobody will be listed twice. We also included our Overall Player of the Year, as well as, Defensive Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year. We also included a Wildcard player, that is too good to keep off of our team. Click on the player’s name and you will see highlights for most of the players.

Overall Player of the Year

QB/DB Preston Thompson; Sr Riverview

Friday Night Victors on Thompson: Preston was the ultimate leader and a great high school football player. Imagine a player running the ball 45 times and completing 20 passes and finding the end zone on 42 of those plays.

Offensive Player of the Year

RB Owen Sampson; Sr, Ida

Friday Night Victors on Sampson: Owen had one of the best individual seasons in Ida High School history and one of the best of high school players we have covered since we started this thing back in 2009.

Defensive Player of the Year

OLB/DE  Cal Lockhart; Sr, Riverview

Friday Night Victors on Lockhart: Cal was one of those players that was able to dominate a game from his side of the field. He made plays in the backfield, but also could make plays down field in coverage.


QB: Cole McElvany: Sr, Milan

RB: Cody Britt; Sr, Carlson

RB: Cole Giesige; Jr, Whiteford

RB: Brandon Thompson; Jr, Summerfield

E: Tyler Swick; Jr, Grosse Ile

E: Issac Smith; Sr, Huron

Jaishaun Williams; Sr, Carlson

OL Ethan Manger; Sr, Bedford

OL: Alex Mansfield; Sr, Jefferson

OL: Jordan Bassler; Sr Monroe

OL: Robert MacAleese; Sr. Carlson

OL: Wayne Flannery; Jr, Milan

K: Degan Garcia; Sr, Bedford

Cole Giesige, Whiteford


DL: Kaiden Hubbell; Sr, Dundee

DL: Tommy Huss; Jr, Bedford

DL: Joseph Sinarski; Sr, Flat Rock

DL: Noah Smith; Sr, SMCC

DL: Noah Bauman; Sr, Whiteford

LB: Alphonso Leal; Sr, SMCC

LB: Gavin Larrow; Sr, Erie Mason

LB: William Gaskell; So, Milan

LB: Ryan Johnston; Sr, Ida

DB: Nik Hammond; Sr, Airport

DB: Matthew Williams; Sr, Huron

DB: Ben Johnson; Sr, Riverview

P: Tristen Panza; Sr, Monroe


QB/DB: Shea Ruddy; Sr Whiteford 

Tyler Swick, Grosse Ile

Selections were made by Chris Schultz with input from Gary. If I missed someone you think should have made it, I apologize. There were many players worthy of a selection. This was the hardest year selecting a team since we started doing this. Let’s celebrate those who made it, instead of complaining about those that didn’t. Please note we only select a certain amount of players from each position on the field. We try to mimic a legitimate 1st team overall. (Example: Each team has 5 starting offensive linemen. With 16 teams, that is 80 different players, we chose 5)

30 thoughts on “FNV All Blog 2021”

  1. Hey guys, did you hear anything on the Monroe football coaching situation. I thought the goal was before Christmas?

    Will you be posted something on this news when it comes out?

  2. Congrats to Milan’s Cole McElvany on his preferred walk on offer from Eastern Michigan University! It seems like Milan has a nice pipeline going to Eastern Michigan right now. I attend a Huron League game every week this year and he stood out on both sides of the ball. I hope to read about more Huron League players advancing their careers to the collegiate level as we approach early signing day.

  3. Retired Ball Coach

    thanks for all you guys do for Monroe county area football. For the people complaining: get a life. These guys volunteer countless hours of time to promote your sons’ programs. What Chris, Gary and Frank put together every week is far better than your local newspaper coverage, no offense.

    I wish the best of luck to all the Class of 2022 seniors.

  4. where’s noah white from jefferson??? had 77 tackles and was a straight stud on the defensive side of the ball. 1st team huron league and was 1st team all region! he should be in here.

    1. You guys do a great job. The only issue I’d have is that teams that don’t win have players on here. Nothing against any kid, but having a kid from flat rock and Jefferson on here is kinda baffling. Neither was a difference maker in my opinion. Watched both play. Out of 18 teams, there were “lots” of kids that were just better players in my opinion. And I dont have anyone I’d name. Just being honest. If those kids were awesome and changed the game, I’d get it, but neither did. Just average players and I’m sure great kids.

      With that said. You guys do a nice job and it’s fun to read the post and watch the picks.

      People don’t understand this is not just a 7 team Huron league all team. There are 18 teams. Players left off might be better then players selected because of the competition they play. I’m really glad you don’t select a second team. Out of 18 teams, 25 kids get selected. You have to be really good.

      Thanks for doing the blog. It’s a fun read and watch.

      Huron league fan

      1. Those kids that you are referring to were mentioned by numerous other coaches from around the area. One was a four year player and the other is most likely one of the biggest players ever in our area. I saw both play before and they are worthy of the recognition. You may disagree, but I don’t. Thanks for reading!

      2. Just because you’re not on a good team doesn’t mean you’re not a good player that’s why they call it a team

  5. Carson just got selected to Legacy All Star Senior game in Brighton Sunday
    He got Defense MVP
    He’s a beast
    Not to mention his stats considering Monroe didnt go to any extra games/playoffs
    Stats/reg season alone proves he’s at the top

    1. Unfortunately he was not used in the right position like a lot of players at Monroe. He along with others could of really helped that team if used differently. FNV has done a good job. Don’t criticize them.

        1. This may be why your coach left. And the coach before him left. And before him. Some people just get on here and complain about coaches. That’s why they are leaving. That’s why they’re aren’t many people that want to coach. This blog has I believe 3 coaches that quit. Not fired quit.

          1. Well said, people keep complaining about coaches and officials, soon you won’t have anyone wanting to do it, already a concern with lack of officials.
            Then we can have a polo blog or something.
            Just relax and enjoy watching the kids and thank the coaches and officials for allowing their kid to even have a game.

  6. If you’re going to be sensitive to people sharing their opinions of your media opinions, then you should perhaps find a new hobby…

  7. Can’t argue any picks, but boy, some great players left off or not mentioned.
    Just hard to do covering this many schools.
    Thanks for the effort!

        1. People need to relax, if you named them all blog? Great. If not? That’s OK too..
          Nobody from these parts going to the NFL.
          Just stop people and enjoy your kids ride.
          It goes by very quick.

          1. Speak for yourself. I’ve been watching the NFL. They definitely need to start looking in these parts!

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