FNV 2022 Schedule Analysis: Airport Jets

By Frank Vajcner

Has it really been five years since I came aboard to Friday Night Victors?

That’s the thought that crossed my mind as I was sitting in the gym of Bedford High School at an open gym night for basketball.

By now, most readers know my history with the blog. For those that don’t, that’s a story that could come at a later date.

It was in the gym that I decided to get to work on my annual Schedule Analysis series. At the time of writing, baseball season is wrapping up, and the dog days of summer will be upon us. Safe to say that a majority of our readers will need something to satisfy their football fix, and what better way to do so than this series.

I know I have said the following for all previous first entries in this series, but it bears repeating. This is NOT a prediction for how a team will do (as certain fanbases have liked to claim that it is). This is rather a deep dive into a team’s schedule, where I take a look at certain games, and how they could potentially impact said team’s season.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let us begin by making our first stop in Carleton for a look at the Airport Jets. Jim Duffy and company slipped to 4-5 last year. Is a bounce back in the cards?

2022 Schedule:

Aug 25: @ Ida

Sept 1: Flat Rock

Sept 9: SMCC

Sept 16: @ Grosse Ile

Sept 23: New Boston Huron

Sept 30: Jefferson

Oct 7: @ Riverview

Oct 14: @ Milan

Oct 21: Dearborn Heights Robichaud

Gut-Check Game: SMCC. When the Falcons come to town anywhere, it’s always considered a big game. When they venture to McCormick Field, it’s a big deal for the Jets, given that this has been one of the bigger blood feuds throughout the history of both programs. Duffy and company battled hard against SMCC before the Falcons pulled away for a 35-26 win. Will the Jets be able to knock off the Falcons for the first time since 2011? It’s worth mentioning back-to-back road trips to Riverview and Milan at the back end of the conference slate, which is just as brutal.

Trap Game: You can pretty much make a case for any one of Flat Rock, Grosse Ile, or Jefferson, despite all three being at the bottom of the Huron League last season. The Rams come to town a week before SMCC, and took some steps forward last season. A trip to “The Island” to face the Red Devils is right after SMCC visits, where the Jets have not won since 2010. The Bears visit Carleton to close September, and have given the Jets fits the last couple of seasons. That’s also in addition to being right before a tough road trip. 

Snoozer: In short, there does not appear to be one.

Non-Conference Challenge: The Jets will open at Ida in Week 1. The Blue Streaks were 8-3 last season, having qualified for the playoffs for the ninth time in the last 11 seasons. They also handed the Jets a 43-26 defeat last year. Dearborn Heights Robichaud comes to town to conclude the regular season. The Bulldogs were 5-5 having made the playoffs, but were trounced by the Jets 55-21 in the regular season finale last year.

Notable: The Jets schedule remains the same from last season.

Thoughts from Frank: Right now, I would say the Jets have no gimmes on the schedule. If they get into the postseason, it will have been earned. They may have to steal one against one of the proverbial big guns of the Huron League to make it though.

Thoughts from Chris: This seems to be a manageable schedule for the Jets. On the road in weeks 8 and 9 against league powers Riverview and Milan appears daunting, but a split in those games would likely propel the Jets to the playoffs.

Thoughts from Gary: Love the opener vs Ida. One of the best opening games in the region in my opinion. The Jets would do themselves a huge favor by beating the Bluestreaks, giving themselves a real chance at 2-0. Something they haven’t done since 2017. Road games at GI, Riverview and Milan, loom large if the Jets are to make the playoffs.

14 thoughts on “FNV 2022 Schedule Analysis: Airport Jets”

  1. Jeffrey the Jet!! Alum 79

    Airport losses to The View and Smcc.. Both teams will control the ball against Airport.. I don’t see Airports D stopping either of those teams.. I hope I’m wrong..

  2. Airport lost 7 starters on offense from last year so not sure where returning 10 or 11 starters is coming from?
    Without including names which would be fine, they lose……

    WR # 6
    LG # 52
    RG #62
    RT # 74
    TE # 24
    Slot #7
    HB # 2 – And this kid was one of the best running backs in the league over the last 3 years.
    AP also gave up 28 points a game last year. You’re not gonna win many games unless you play defense.

      1. So 10 out of 11 returners lol

        But look at the roster. If you’d like to go name for name we can?

        I just don’t know why people lie?

  3. I expect Airport to put up many points per game. Offenses like SMCC and Riverview could control the game against a team like Airport. Remember the saying though; offense fills the seats, defense wins championships.

    1. You nailed it Chris the offense should be really good but the defense will determine whether this is a playoff team or a 4 win team. This is no longer a young team as quite a few of the Juniors and Seniors are entering their 3rd year on varsity. Love the opener with Ida, a win there could set the tone for a fun season in Carlton.

  4. Aug 25: @ Ida- WIN in a close one over a tough Ida tea

    Sept 1: Flat Rock- WIN

    Sept 9: SMCC- WIN , SMCC barely escaped last year, at home this is their year

    Sept 16: @ Grosse Ile- WIN

    Sept 23: New Boston Huron- LOSS, Huron could be the best team in the Huron League

    Sept 30: Jefferson- WIN

    Oct 7: @ Riverview- TOSS UP , for the sake of picking, I will say LOSS because Riverview will still be physical

    Oct 14: @ Milan- WIN , Milan loses alot

    Oct 21: Dearborn Heights Robichaud- WIN, Airport better coached

    OVERALL; 7-2 , I think this is Airport’s breakout year

      1. Airport brings back 10 of 11 starters on offense. I can see them being a pretty explosive team. I do not know much about their defense but these guys will at least put up some points.

        1. I agree with Chris.. The View and the Falcons can and probably will control the clock on Airport.. that being said should be interesting… I’ve seen the Falcons control a whole quarter and about 2 minutes of the next.. they will be limited in possession in both those games..

    1. Gotta disagree on Ida, CC, and Milan. I could see them winning 1 possibly 2.
      Milan under Hoskins has been a consistent contender. We’ll see when the time comes. Similar logic for CC too. Last year against Airport was when their coaches and decent amount of players were out if I’m remembering right.
      Ida will be good this year. Sampson was elite, but they return a physical team with a lot of size.
      Like you, I’m extremely high on NBH this year.

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