2022 Schedule Analysis: Monroe Trojans

By Frank Vajcner

We now head over to Herr Road for a look at Monroe. It’s a new era for the Trojans, as Dave Mifsud takes over as head coach. How does the schedule shake out for Mifsud and company?

2022 Schedule:

Aug 25 Jackson

Sept 2 @ Ypsilanti Lincoln

Sept 9 @ Ann Arbor Skyline

Sept 16 Saline

Sept 23 Ann Arbor Huron

Sept 30 @ Bedford

Oct 7 Dexter

Oct 14 @ Ann Arbor Pioneer

Oct 21 @ Riverview

Gut-Check Game: Saline is the easy answer for reasons I have stated many times over the years (refer to Bedford analysis). But there isn’t much of a break after the Hornets visit, as a much-improved Ann Arbor Huron visits, followed by a trip to Bedford for a rivalry game. Follow that up with a visit from Dexter. All of the aforementioned defeated the Trojans by a combined score of 150-64, and qualified for the playoffs. The good news for Mifsud is three of the four will be at Bunkleman Field, which should be rocking if the Trojans open up 3-0.

Trap Game: The first road test for the Trojans will come on the gray turf at Ypsilanti Lincoln. Even though the Rail Splitters went 4-5 last season, the Trojans escaped with a 28-21 win in last year’s meeting.

Snoozer: The aforementioned four-game stretch has visits to Ann Arbor around it. Both Skyline and Pioneer were downright abysmal last season. Monroe put up a 50-burger in both contests, as they beat Skyline 57-14 and Pioneer 56-7.

Non-Conference Challenge: The Trojans will welcome Jackson to open the season, and travel to Riverview to end the season. The Vikings went 5-5 while qualifying for the playoffs for a fourth straight season. The Pirates went 9-1 while making the postseason for a fifth straight year, including a 28-17 win over the Trojans. And I’d be remiss to not make a mention of the smack talk in the comments in last season’s entry between both fan bases was quite entertaining.

Notable: This will be the third all-time meeting with Jackson. The teams have split the previous meetings, while winning on the road…Also, the season opener will mark the first game on a new turf field.

Thoughts from Frank: Welcome to the SEC, Dave Mifsud. The Trojans should be 3-0 by the time they open the murderous stretch in Week 4. Will there be a home-field advantage when Saline, Huron, and Dexter visit? Getting through at 2-2 or better will help the Trojans’ case for the playoffs.

Thoughts from Chris: Certainly the brutal 4 game stretch from week 4 to week 7 stands out, but this is big boy football. The Monroe program should be able to compete at this level on a yearly basis, this year included. Dave Mifsud is a veteran coach, who will give the Trojans a sideline advantage most weeks.

Thoughts from Gary: Need to start fast do the Trojans. Middle of the schedule is a meat grinder Monroe will have revenge on the mind in week 9. Will this again be to make the playoffs?

8 thoughts on “2022 Schedule Analysis: Monroe Trojans”

  1. The team will not have the talent or threats that they did last year but I believe this coaching staff will get the most out of the kids they do have this year. I can see them being very competitive especially if the kids are coached up and pushed to a different level. The line will be definitely smaller but like I said above they will be well coached. The SEC RED is always a tough league with not a lot of easy games. With a great coaching staff, new field/ weight room Monroe does to be heading in the right direction.

  2. I expect big things for Monroe this year. I have family that attends SMCC so I follow them closer but since I live in Monroe, I hear about the Trojans all the time. Their coaching staff is LOADED with talent which should separate them from the rest of the SEC. I know Joe Palka is a great coach but the trojans have a staff full of experience. They are full of former head coaches including Coach Giarmo from SMCC, Coach Hogg from SMCC and Flat Rock, and Coach Mossburg who was a Head Coach & defensive leader in Flat Rock and Airport. Plus a new field and weight room, there is no reason why the Trojans can’t finish 6-3 or 7-2. We might be seeing a Trojans team similar to what they were in the 90’s! I admit I do not follow them as closely as my Falcons but it you can’t ignore how much is in place over at MHS.

  3. Proud Pirate Dad (PPD)

    It will come down to Riverview and Smcc this year.. that’s what I’m hearing from the Riverview kids..

  4. Agree that Monroe should win their first 3 games. People might think Jackson is a quality opponent due to making the playoffs each of the past few years, but they really just beat up on weaker teams and get dominated by strong opponents. Monroe should get pass them, probably easily, like in 2020. Out of the ”Big Boys” which are Saline, Huron, Dexter, Bedford and Riverview, I think Monroe is most likely to take down Bedford. Monroe has won the last 2 times they’ve visited Bedford, and 3 of the last 4 times. If they win those games and Pioneer, they’ll probably be in the playoffs.

    On a side note, the Trojans have pretty ridiculous weight room numbers.

    1. Been saying for 3-4 years now, Bucs aren’t going anywhere as long as Coach Mac is there.
      They have fully established their identity and its a good one.

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