My Thoughts, Not Yours

Each week, our Friday Night Victors founder, Chris Schultz gives his idle thoughts.

Jets get huge opening season win on the road at Ida

Kicking Mules flex their muscle in the 2nd half and pull away from Utica Ford

Classy tribute to Carlson assistant coach Jim Kalbfleisch by Lincoln Park on Thursday.

Dundee makes an early season statement by going on the road and forcing a running clock on Adrian Madison.


The Rams made my prediction partners look rather silly this week.

Red Devils open with another win over Gabriel Richard.

Chiefs have some work to do but should be a formidable opponent each week.

Bluestreaks played well enough to win and seem poised to have another solid season.

Super happy for Jefferson and Coach Tipton after the Bears opened with a win over Onsted.

Milan’s 47-0 victory over Berkley in week 1 just shows that you should never doubt whether Jesse Hoskins will have a good team each season.

Obviously, the Trojans were a little shorthanded on Thursday, but Jackson is solid.

Excellent job by Riverview completing the comeback over Divine Child and holding strong on defense late in the game.

Not the outcome or score I expected, but the loss by SMCC to Michigan Collegiate should make them better.

Nothing surprising about Summerfield’s week 1 win over Our Lady of the Lakes.

It doesn’t appear much has changed down at Whiteford.

My favorite game of the weekend was a 9-0 score.

Cade week 1 and J.J. week 2? That doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I know?

I think the Spartans are in a little bit of trouble without a Kenneth Walker III.

Look for Jared Goff to have his best statistical season as a pro, but the Lions still miss the playoffs.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. I have heard before that teams learn more from a tough loss than a easy win.
    Good luck GI playing a ticked off CC team this week. I could be wrong – just my opinion.

  2. All good comments to start the season.
    People need to ease up on Kipf and SMCC.
    They had kids hurt and not playing and they didn’t schedule a patsy like many teams do for an opener.
    They’ll be just fine in league play.

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