Our Thoughts, Not Yours

Each weekend, Frank and I give our thoughts on the Michigan high school football games of the teams that we cover

I’m pretty confident nobody saw that score (48-6) coming

Mules survive a trip to the grey turf. Two rivalry games loom in the next two weeks.

Marauders are headed for a week nine showdown with Woodhaven for the league championship.

 I’ve said a lot about how impressed I’ve been with the Vikings’ defense, but how about special teams getting a big performance from The Big Homie?

Twas a closer game than many expected, but the Eagles stay perfect.

FL-AT, ROCK; Flat Rock! FL-AT, ROCK; Flat Rock!

A win is a win. Red Devils don’t let a loss beat them twice.

I wonder how many penalties Huron had against Airport? Please say zero!

Blue Streaks finally get one in the win column. Will it start a run for playoff contention?

Bears kept the game closer than many expected.

Healthy bodies at a premium out at Milan.

The Trojans haven’t seen losses like this since 2009

Riverview appears to be in the driver seat for another Huron league title

Believe it or not, if the playoffs were to start today, SMCC would be in at 1-4.

Not much to say other than the Bulldogs got beat by a monolith.

 The Bobcats just keep on truckin’, and will likely continue to do so en route to Week 8.

From Frank:

Sitting out due to injury is no fun, whether you are a player or an official. But it will take a lot more than what happened to me on Thursday night to keep me away from the field.

Once again, I’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who reached out to me. I’ll see you on the field!

12 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

      1. Wow..didn’t think that was possible. I think Huron is probably a loss, FR a tossup, and Jefferson and Ecorse should be a lean win for CC.

    1. The two “questionable” penalties against Huron were followed immediately by “ball don’t lie” plays. It’s satisfying when it goes that way but it’s alarming how undisciplined Huron is. It took them out of the game against Milford (they’d have had a chance without the excessive penalties) and it could cost them huge in the coming weeks.

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