Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your scores. We will try and get them posted ASAP. (The guys are working their other football gigs tonight, so please be patient)

Flat Rock 19 Airport 21 final

Jefferson 0 Riverview 43 final

SMCC 14 Grosse Ile 21 final

Milan 12 Huron 13 final

Whiteford 32 Ida 18 final

Edsel Ford 6 Carlson 42 final

Clarenceville 20 Dundee 36 final

Fowler 35 Summerfield 14 final

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  1. Hey guys just just wanted tell you I still appreciate this blog and the “time” you put in bringing us videos and insights on teams in this area. There is still a majority of us out here that want to keep our views on the positive side. After all we are talking about players that are basiclly still kids. Thanks.

    1. I will never understand the posts that slam coaches who work for a quarter an hour or teenagers who are just out there playing a game that we all happen to pay a few bucks to go watch. My last season of coaching was in 2014 and while it was bad back then, I can only imagine what players/coaches have to deal with now in terms of fans on social media.

      1. RV probably wins, but Grosse Ile has a legit defense this year. Stopped SMCC big time while missing 2 starters on defense

        1. Relax. View moved down a division. Maybe have a shot at the playoffs this year now that they they won’t face AP or Rouge.

          1. What does that have to do with beating grosse ile by 40? It’s a yearly occurence pal, the division doesn’t have anything to do with it😂 Riverview lost by a touchdown last year and they were one of the most banged up teams I’ve ever seen.

          2. So, you’re only content with the View winning the Huron League, and that’s it? Beating opponents 40-0. Haha, Ok, Alabama of the Huron League. We’ll talk in November.

          1. 20 posts from this guy going back to last year. Almost all are unprovoked bashes of SMCC. What’s the point? We get it. You have a very weird thing for SMCC. Time to move on.

  2. HL=Gauntlet
    SMCC will be back against Airport. That’s gonna be a good one! It’s hard to believe that SMCC could start 0-5. But the schedule doesn’t get any better for them after the Airport game. Whiteford looks to be a top 3 power rankings team after thrashing Ida the way they did. And Chris was right about Huron’s defense being good-when was the last time Milan was held to only 2 TD’s?

    1. Whiteford and Dundee! They should vault up the rankings.

      Milan was held to 2 TD’s twice last year. 1 of those being to the eventual state champs however.

  3. Can’t post a lot of this stuff guys. Reword or rephrase. Also, keep in mind, these are young men and women playing. We have to assume they are doing their best. Football is too much work not to. And the coaches, please realize how much time and effort is being put in by all of them. It’s easy to cast blame, me included, when you aren’t at a single practice, or have to be accountable for anything. The best interest is always first and foremost. So let’s tone down the vitriol and let the season play out. Hopefully it can be enjoyable for everyone. The way it should be. Win lose or draw.

    1. Agreed Gary. I know of Huron League coaches at more than one school who receive threats of violence after losing games. These are schools that expect to win all the time as well. We have already seen the effect it has had on officials as we are in a officials shortage crisis, the teachers shortage has been ongoing (Jackson Public Schools offering up to a 10K signing bonus!!!!!) and I think it will be only a matter of 3-5 years before we see a shortage of coaches stepping away.

  4. I told you, CC having 3 starters coming back this year from last year’s team this would be a down year…they will lose 5-6 games this year…not impressed at all with what I see…they always say The Team, The Team, The Team, but I’m telling you it’s ALL about The Trenches, The Trenches, The Trenches……

    1. you are giving them that much credit?

      League is tough this year. Looks very balanced.
      Teams 2-7 are very very close to each other I would say at this point. Not going to be easy for anyone to get 4-5 wins in league play.

      For CC, they played about as bad as you can play. Mental errors everywhere. Missed assignments.. too many to count. Called 4 timeouts due to not enough players on the field for special teams and another because of a lack of urgency to get to the line before the play clock expired. and lost by 7.
      This can be fixed. Players and Coaches need to be accountable, and get things on track. Will take a total team commitment but it is very doable.

      If not, they are staring 0-9 in the face. Disfunction can domino but it can also be mended. What path will this team choose to take?

      I should also give credit to the Red Devils. They played a good football game. A victory earned, to get them to 2-0. Well done.

      1. Gary.. I totally agree with 0-9 unless something changes.. i also was at the game last night and have a son who plays… i’ll say it this way some kids should not be on the field right now.. you have to play the best players both ways to get through this.. if my son isn’t good enough he doesn’t play period.. Both lines are just not playing well.. at all.. play your best players Coaches you are in this together.. if not you are going 0-9..

        1. I’m sure the coaching staff feels they are putting the best players on the field. Sometimes that changes due to circumstances. CC’s staff will figure it out. They have been around long enough. The Falcons lost to a very good Michigan Collegiate team and a GI team that could win a few games in the D5 play-offs. Like Gary said, the Huron League is good. It’s a very tough league with solid coaches. Evidence last night was GI’s John Bodner. He has pretty much seen and experienced it all in his career at GI. He rarely will get out-coached, if at all.

          1. STFU Chris, you jinxed there ass as usual with your fuckn dumb ford field dumb shit…Hillbilly !!!

          2. 91 State Champ,

            I scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba “Spare Tire” Dixon.

            You arent special

    2. Any coach who doesn’t put the Team first slogan in front of their players is missing the point and soul of the game. Talent comes and goes. The team and traditions are forever. There’s a lot that goes into a successful team. Number one in my opinion is the weight room. It is very evident that Riverview just in the last 5 years has adapted this. They have been significantly stronger than most of the Huron league opponents. Add talent in key spots and it’s a recipe for success. A strong training program builds many things. Teamwork, toughness, getting outside comfort zones, strength, explosiveness, conditioning, Injury Prevention, speed, confidence, courage, the list goes on. Another aspect of the game is players being students of the game. Film study, knowledge of the philosophies of football, understanding assignments, students of the game versus fans of the game versus my uniform looks good players. But at the end of the day you have teenagers some very young playing varsity football, not JV, not pee wee varsity ball. They will make mistakes. They will do their own thing. They will shut their brains down in critical moments. This is a game of wills and sacrifices. Some players are willing and ready, others not so much. Some learn from mistakes, some make the same ones over and over. Hell adults do the same. But if you get on the same page, make the sacrifices, light the right sparks, and push to be better every day good things can happen. At the end of the day this game is simple. Blocking, tackling, no mistakes or miscues, and execution. If a team can do that, they will meet more success than failure. I’m not talking wins/loses but successes in being the best team they can be. But wins will follow at some point. If you go in any teams historical records season by season, there are ups and downs. Some more than others. Established programs have downs years with young players, then in three years a good season.

      1. Well said. We have seen instances of this at every program this blog covers. My personal opinion, which isn’t worth a nickel since I haven’t coached since 2014, is that with more schools offering “opt out” credit for PE/weight lifting classes if you play any varsity sport, we will start to see less kids lifting weights unless it is a “sports tech” class. Riverview is a great example of this. It is all within the rules and the results show on the field. I know Flat Rock has a football tech class as well, with them dominating week 1 then playing Airport tough, maybe that class is starting to pay dividends for them as well. I am not positive on what Milan does but I thought Coach Hoskins teaches weight training courses? I do know from my time in coaching, and having a nephew graduated from SMCC in 2018, they do not offer football tech or weight training class. In fact, I am not sure if they even have PE at all anymore with the “opt out credit” for playing a varsity sport.

        After 2 weeks of football,, I am excited to watch the Huron League race. It seems like much of the league is equal, and then there is Riverview.

        Thank you Chris, Gary, Frank for your coverage of the area teams. I am sure you put up with alot of crap while providing a great service.

  5. The Huron League is shaping up to be an exciting race this year. Like you guys predicted, there could be a multi-team tie. Flat Rock almost beating Airport, Huron bouncing back to beat Milan, Grosse Ile beating SMCC, all makes this league race more interesting. Riverview is in the drivers seat and would have to slip up somewhere along the way but it is hard to count out any team just yet. I attended the SMCC@Grosse Ile game and left shocked. They certainly made a ton of mistakes, especially on offense and in the kicking game, I wouldn’t count them out just yet as it looks like Jondro is returning to full health. On the flip side tonight it seemed like CC had 5-6 guys go down while Grosse Ile chugged along. Grosse Ile’s quick passing game was good. Also, speaking with a friend, I was told that Flat Rock’s defense has vastly improved from last year and this could be their best defense since 2017 (in his opinion, I have yet to see them in person)

  6. Relax SMCC fans! Plenty of football to be played. The team can fix the mistakes and still make a run. They will figure it out.

    1. Ryan Zanger Soph QB at Dundee…. Remember the name. He has a bazooka and can move…. He’s only a sophomore!! Built and plays like a senior! Dundee could win the LCAA this year.

      1. I do believe CC went 1-7 and 2-6 Jack’s first 2 years (starting out 0-3 at least). And most recently in 2016 CC started out 0-2 or even 0-3.

  7. GI. 21-14 over SMCC. GI With the ball taking a knee in 4th
    SMCC. Poor special teams
    SMCC took 3 poor time outs

    Game over
    0-2 falcons

        1. FR Dad it was a very entertaining game. Airport went up and down the field on all 3 first half possessions but FR made some nice adjustments at halftime. Airport’s D also came up big with 3 red zone stops, also the stop on the 2 point conversion with no time left that would’ve sent the game to overtime. I won’t be surprised to see Flat Rock pull a upset or two this year.

        1. They have gone winless for 3 games to start the season a few times. Started a few seasons with ties, then a couple losses. It has been awhile since that has happened.
          Every school and team cycles. Even SMCC.
          Academics has improved at a lot of schools. Paying to go to school is becoming less popular. Sign of the times. Public schools compete for kids these days, they have all upped their game.

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