Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your sub-varsity scores and we will get them posted ASAP.


SMCC 21 Airport 14

Flat Rock 48 Jefferson 0

Riverview 30 Huron 0

Carlson 36 Allen Park 0


Carlson 28 Allen Park 6

18 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. Was FR JV that good or was Jefferson not so hot?
    48-0 seems pretty lopsided.
    I hope they didn’t run it up and showed some respect, if the Bears are down.

    1. 48 points isnt much really.

      Lets face it.. all you can do is put your subs in and run up the middle.
      I would expect Flat Rock did exactly that.

    2. Flat Rock didn’t run up the score pulled starters early my sons a starter and hardly played and didn’t see the field in the 2nd half and that went for a lot of other players.

  2. Drifters Step Brothers Nephew

    Lack of bodies is the issue for the bears right now. 14 bodies able to play that are 9th/10th graders. they get lucky and have some juniors that can dress for them as well. but most only get 1q each. hopefully more kids start showing up.

  3. Riverview JV team impressive win . They physically dominated Huron. The time spent in the weight room this summer will continue to pay dividends going forward. Great jobs players and Coaches.

  4. Could SMCC be the first program to have their JV go 9-0 and Varsity go 0-9? I don’t mean to sound like a jerkwad to the players or coaches but with each team having around 35 players, and we know how strong the varsity schedules are, what an odd situation

    1. Drifter’s step-cousin

      Only 10 freshman/sophomores playing and only 38 total kids playing…so to field a JV team every junior has to play a quarter which wouldn’t be a problem if the games were played after the varsity games but until the league switches to that format jv games might get canceled…

      1. So play a JV game at 10pm on Friday night? Also, doesn’t answer as to why a team was able to be fielded weeks 1 and 3, but not week 2.

        1. Drifter’s step-cousin

          Well maybe to make sure you can field a healthy team for THE VARSITY GAME on Friday/Thursday night you don’t chance sending key pieces to play the night before for a JV GAME

      2. Jefferson only has 10 kids for JV?
        What the heck happened there?
        I know they have lost a lot in enrollment, but I remember when they had 50 kids on JV and a freshman team too.

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