Thursday Night Scores

Please submit your sub-varsity scores. We will get them posted ASAP.


Milan 21 Flat Rock 20

SMCC 28 Riverview 8

Carlson 33 Roosevelt 0

Huron 8 Airport 7

24 thoughts on “Thursday Night Scores”

  1. But Milan actually won and they had 50, actually they played with 23 one year and had Country Day on the ropes.
    What has FR done
    Had one decent season in 2017 when they had the most talent in the league and their most talent since 1990?
    It’s time for them to put up and win a game they’re not supposed to win.
    They also had the same talent in 2018… 4-5

    1. Agree, and FR has had maybe the best QBs in the league for past 6 or 7 years.
      School populations are much closer to each other now than in the past, no more excuses.

      1. Glad Frank is going to be ok. He went down hard and looked like he was down for the count but he pushed through. Thanks for (almost) finishing the game Frank. You’re a trooper.

      1. Atta boy Chris –no broken bones= no time off.🤣🤣 Seriously though – hope you feel better soon Frank! A big thank you to Frank and all the refs who give their time each week!

    1. my son was the one blocking a MCC young man into Frank ,we hope Frank is ok . On a positive note the block was a down field block on a safety from the Tight end.

    2. Had a CT scan, and the good news is nothing is broken or cracked. I’m just really sore, but I’ll be back next week. I appreciate everyone for looking out for me.

      1. Frank needs to get in a slightly more athletic stance. Keep that center of gravity lower and that is a pancake block the other way.

      1. Do we need to?

        We talked about the game. We gave our scores for all to see.

        I thought the game could go either way. But Huron really hasn’t shown much all year to this point. I didn’t see a 40 point win by either team.

        1. Respectfully disagree, Gary, that no one cares about JV records. Players, coaches, parents and others do. It’s definitely not as meaningful as varsity records but that doesn’t make scores and records meaningless.

          1. Here’s why I replied nobody cares about JV RECORDS. Record being the key word.

            1. They don’t matter.
            2. So often JV success does not mean varsity success. Same goes for JV failure.
            3. People come on here, when the Varsity is doing poorly and like to inform people that the JV team is 5-0. See above. It’s a little cringy, at least for me.

            I go to JV games when I can. Usually because I know the kids. But trust me, 9-0 JV or 2-7 JV doesn’t mean the Varsity in a year or 2 will be good or bad.

            I coach freshman basketball. The record varsity players had as freshman is long forgotten. I want to win, the parents want to win, the kids want to win, but it’s all about development. Way more important than the record.

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