Week 3 Friday Night Scores

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Riverview 33 Huron 7 final

SMCC 14 Airport 33 final

Flat Rock 62 Jefferson 28 final

Milan 42 Grosse Ile 50 final

Bedford 6 Dexter 27 final

Monroe 42 Skyline 7 final

Loyola 14 Whiteford 52 final

Erie Mason 44 Fremont 0 final

Dundee 14 Blissfield 7 final

Ida 6 Clinton 18 final

Carlson 35 Allen Park 6 final

95 thoughts on “Week 3 Friday Night Scores”

  1. Your Step-Dad’s Step Dad

    I thought Riverview was going to take a step back due to their size, but they look very tough. Defense made some great plays. I worry about their pass defense if they want to make a run, but Muzzy was no joke and he had some big receivers. Look forward to next week.

  2. Warren Collegiate step dad

    You know it’s one thing to have a successful SMCC program in the Huron League. Still sucks because they are so small. You can’t lose games and be small. That’s not a contributing member for the league.

  3. This is a fun time to be a football fan in Monroe County
    Carlson is quietly going about being really good again.

    Whiteford is the real deal. I don’t see anyone stopping them from a D8 state championship.

    Airport’s offense is very good. SMCC’s youth made strides tonight but just isn’t good enough yet. Very chippy game with alot of cheap shots.

    Flat Rock’s offense is on fire? Are they for real?!?!?!?

    Grosse Ile says “hold my beer” before letting Airport or Riverview be named the Huron League champs

    Riverview hasn’t lost a beat from last year but could we see a multi-team tie?

    Dundee poised to win their first league title in quite some time. The difference is now they are playing championship defense.

    Jefferson still struggling but like SMCC, but both tough programs who will only going to get better every week.

    Will the real New Boston Huron please stand up?

  4. You guys are the ones who said coin flip, not me. See, your doing it again. A little homework, you guys would know this game was far from a coin flip. Your not going to admit that are you. That’s fine.

    1. Do you think Frank really thought this was a coin flip? And it just happened to come up heads to the team that won by 40? Cmon guys.

      It’s not about disrespecting FR, it’s about not bashing the other side. Same reason when we pick our in-league scores. We usually don’t pick what we really think the score will be. If it is to be lopsided. We sometimes have it much closer than we think it will really be.

      1. Ok Gary if it isn’t about bashing FR why did you have them losing by 35 to airport. that one might’ve been closer to a coin toss for you guys.

        1. Flat Rock is better than I thought they were at the start of the season. You really think I’m bashing Flat Rock? Why would I choose to do that?

          1. Gary you are not blasting Flat Rock. Ultimately We have beaten two bad teams as we should have. We did take Airport down to the wire. Good game. We have to win 1 of our next 3 which will be tough with Riverview, CC, and Milan being the next three. Flat Rock is excited to be relevant and wants to get to the playoffs. You guys do a great job.

          2. Flat Rock has had 2 winning seasons since 1990. I think it’s fair to temper the expectations early in a season based on that alone. However, we have all said Flat Rock now looks to be a very good team in 2022. I’m excited for them.

    2. Hey FR fans,
      Nice start to the season, you beat 2 teams who are way down and played a decent game against a decent team and lost.
      You need shut down the look at me talk and tell me where you’re at after next week.
      You could win 4 or 5 this year while the usual league leaders are down.
      That doesn’t mean much.
      Show some class, geez

      1. Yo anonymous,

        I’m with you… FR will slow our roll until we prove more.

        We’re excited of our start, believe we are capable and understand we are coming off a little overboard.

        The real test is over next few weeks…

        I told you we were coming last year, mows our time to prove it.

        We will control our excitement, your point is 100% true

  5. From last year CC has lost 3 starting offensive linemen, 2 of their 3 starting runningbacks as well as all their tight ends and their 2-year starting quarterback.

    Defensively, they lost an all stater on the d line as well as all of their starting linebackers (two of which were first team all conference) and two starters in the secondary.

    We knew this team would have to replace a ton (like 2020 after the state championship). That year they started 1-2 and looked pretty awful in both losses albeit to two really good teams though. After that bad start they broke off a 5 game win streak and dominated looking like one of the better teams in the area.

    Besides 2020, look at 2017. These are teams that got off to poor starts but turned it around. Give it time. They’ll be fine

    1. You know what, we all have injuries, we all have some critical players out. There’s no need to right a book about excuses. Suck it up, do you best and take your lumps. Every school cycles and has tough times.

      1. Where are the excuses at? I said that CC lost a bunch of starters like they did another year where they got off to a bad start in which they turned it around and had a good season. Said that this team might quite possibly do that to

      1. We love the bulletin board material. Please keep it up. Your coin flip phrase was all over the school. We are not one dimensional anymore. We have the ability to score through the air and on the ground.. The kids have a lot of pride and believe. Keep up the good work on website.

      2. We love the bulletin board material. Please keep it up. Your coin flip phrase was all over the school. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it.

        1. Seemed like a coin flip game to me. No such thing as bulletin board material. Frank deserves some credit thinking it would be close.

      3. It’s been a little while since we got to talk any smack so I guess we are having a little fun with it…

        I personally don’t expect you guys to know every detail about each game and I saw Chris at our scrimmage were we really looked bad so I can see we’re he would be scratching his head.

        I personally can’t wait each week to read and watching this site every thread and video. You guys do a awesome job!

        That being said FR is on the rise as it looks other teams are as well.

        What a great league…

        We will truly find out what we are made of this week!

        I’ll be looking for that guy who called me out for the adult beverages soon….

        1. FR thinks they’re Michigan because they played the equivalent of Colorado State and Hawaii.

          At Polk High we trash talked before the games, how it’s supposed to be, and take our lumps after every crushing defeat

      1. Just admit you didn’t do your homework on Flat Rock. Even the ESPN guys admit when they screw up. No big deal, just be man about it and not give the other commenters crap. Saw Flat Rock first hand tonight, they are very good.

          1. You guys are the ones who said coin flip, not me. See, your doing it again. A little homework, you guys would know this game was far from a coin flip. Your not going to admit that are you. That’s fine.

          2. Just saying not much credit been given to FR yet…

            Melvindale to beat us…

            Airport predicted to win 42-7.

            This week a coin toss.

            We are moving in The right direction and just poking fun at no respect YET!

            We will earn it…

            I told everyone last year we are coming over next few years and got laughed off the site….

            FR is on the rise!

      1. There is no way Frank, Chris and Gary can watch film and see every game. After watching Flat Rock’s scrimmage vs Edsel Ford I would have picked them to go 0-9. Respect is earned by winning football games. No disrespect to Melvindale or Jefferson, but Flat Rock needs to beat the other teams in the league not just the same teams they beat last year. Thanks for all of the work Friday Night Victors puts in to provide this outlet and covering the local teams. Stay classy Flat Rock. Just keep pushing forward week to week.

        1. Agree with you 100%!

          We have not proven anything yet…

          No one is not be classy here….

          FR took the coin toss phrase as fuel to motivate the team that no one believes in them yet. (Great move by the coaches) Then with some sarcasm we posted on this board… just having some fun with it.

          We aren’t real until we beat a powerhouse….

          We have our chance to prove if we’re any good this week

          STEP UP BOYS!

  6. 33-14 and Airport has the ball at midfield-4th and 10 and they elect to go for it instead of punting it away?? Questionable to say the least…

  7. People were talking smcc might make it to ford field

    It’s looking like they have minimal offense and a struggling defense


    1. To anonymous at 7:59
      So true.
      FNV staff see everything thru green and gold glasses

      Continue to say the coach said they wouldn’t b good early on- But will improve as season goes on

      But they continued to predict Ford Field

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