13 thoughts on “Week 4 Video Picks”

  1. Here is my crazy prediction:
    Airport beats Grosse Ile
    Eventually Milan loses to Riverview
    and Flat Rock upsets either SMCC or Riverview.

    The Huron League doesn’t have a singular champ, and SMCC and Grosse Ile find a way to make it to the regionals. Grosse Ile maybe even to the semis.

    1. Cant always pick the favorite.

      FR has what it takes trust me. Will they pull it off Friday? Maybe, maybe not.
      I like the match-up however. Rams get a chance to truly prove themselves.

    2. Why did he lose credibility? Looks like Flat Rock is getting tired of being pushed around. In my opinion they could be a dangerous team. This is High School football and eventually a great class comes through and proves everyone wrong. This may in fact be one of those years.

  2. Graham Junge 45/62 for 606 yards 9 TDs and 1 pick. That’s a 73% completion rating. I think Graham is the better of the 2 QB’s, but Cooper obviously is still a very good QB. Graham will get a great opportunity this week to prove it.

  3. Gary’s trying to keep peace with the Flat Rock faithful…don’t call it a coin flip whatever you do. I’ll say this about what I’m seeing out of Airport this year-in years past they’ve had some pretty darn good backfields but they lacked size in the trenches. This year they have about as good of a backfield as you can get and they have the size to run the ball and keep Nye protected. SMCC had some big boys on that line last Friday and I saw an Airport team take care of business on the line. Defense was tough as nails! This isn’t your typical Swiss cheese Airport defense. However, I do not like that this game is being played at GI. I still like Airport by 20 though.

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