Week 5 Picks

Here are the Michigan high school football picks for week 5 from our Friday Night Victor’s staff; Gary Hauf, Frank Vajcner and Chris Schultz.

Here, are the results so far for this year. Last week is in parenthesis. Frank and Gary had a big week, Chris not so much.

Frank: 35-12 (10-1)

Chris: 37-11(8-3)

Gary: 39-9 (10-1)

Bedford @ Ypsi Lincoln

Frank: Bedford 35-17

Chris: Bedford 34-21

Gary: Bedford 40-21

Ann Arbor Huron @ Monroe

Frank: Huron 37-24

Chris: Huron 27-17

Gary: Huron 28-10

Dundee @ Brooklyn Columbia Central

Frank: Dundee 48-6

Chris: Dundee 34-13

Gary: Dundee 40-0

Hillsdale @ Ida

Frank: Ida 22-20

Chris: Ida 22-21

Gary: Ida 30-26

Sand Creek @ Erie Mason

Frank: Erie Mason 48-6

Chris: Erie Mason 42-12

Gary: Erie Mason 40-7

Carlson @ Roosevelt

Frank: Carlson 48-14

Chris: Carlson 38-14

Gary: Carlson 50-7

Grosse Ile @ Jefferson

Frank: Grosse Ile 45-21

Chris: Grosse Ile 42-21

Gary: Grosse Ile 51-14

Milan @ Flat Rock

Frank: Flat Rock 42-20

Chris: Flat Rock 21-20

Gary: Flat Rock 36-28

Huron @ Airport

Frank: Airport 35-21

Chris: Airport 31-21

Gary: Airport 33-25

SMCC @ Riverview

Frank: Riverview 40-16

Chris: Riverview 30-20

Gary: Riverview 35-14

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Summerfield @ Whiteford

Frank: Whiteford 38-20

Chris: Whiteford 48-28

Gary: Whiteford 42-20

18 thoughts on “Week 5 Picks”

  1. Hopefully Airport puts last week in the rearview mirror cause the Chiefs will not be an easy opponent. Huron is big and physical and plays good defense and now they have a local high school legend on the sidelines. That being said i do believe Airport is the better team and will get to 5-0. Gimme Airport 28 Huron 17

  2. Huron-Airport game could go either way.
    I heard Milan has a lot of injuries and may only dress 16 players. I can remember when Milan dressed 50 and Flat Rock 17.

    1. Is it me, or are student numbers down substantially at most Huron League schools?
      I think Riverview, Airport, Huron, Jefferson, Flat Rock, SMCC, Milan are all down, in some cases hundreds of students over 10 or 15 years ago.
      Not sure on GI.
      Whay is this happening?

        1. Why do you think that is?
          Most have school of choice.
          Flat Rock’s city population is now over 10,000, almost doubled in size over maybe 15 years, yet the high school remains the same and even down substantially over 4 years ago.
          Don’t get it.

          1. Here is my point Chris.
            FR population in 2000 was 8,488
            FR population in 2020 was 10,541.
            That is approximately a 21% increase in population during that span.
            Flat Rock actually had a few more students in 2000 than they do now.
            FR high school population is not reflecting the growth trend.
            Why do you think this is?
            Is this also the trend in other HL communities?
            Excluding SMCC of course.?

    1. I’m glad to see that you got early on parole and are back at prognosticating HS football games again. I believe that is a violation of your parole (just like Art Schilster). Enjoy freedom while you can. Go Bears!

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