7 thoughts on “Week 6 Video Picks”

    1. Chris does them. Im sure he could explain better than I how he does them… however.

      Teams are listed in a rank as to how well they are playing. Recent games are given more weight than games played 5 weeks ago.
      Of course record matters as well. Airport getting beat like they did would obviously drop them.
      They are not a list of who would beat who. Whiteford being ahead of Carlson does not mean they would beat them.
      Riverview and Whiteford are both undefeated and have the best chance, in my opinion, to go furthest in the playoffs in their respective divisions.
      So it makes sense Chris has them 1 and 2.

      1. I was honestly making a joke about everyone’s comments on the power rankings post. I know how they go-I’ve been on here for a decade! Lol

    New segment idea: Frank out of context.
    From the video “I was playing with the Goosepoop” 😉

    It’s going to be a very entertaining stretch in the HL as there are a lot of teams grouped up w one loss who still have to play each other.

    Glad there’s a week between the loss to Huron and when we have to play Airport. Sorry, Jefferson. It’s probably gonna get ugly this week.

    Great analysis on our (Riverview) team speed this year but as Chris pointed out, we have one of our largest and most athletic group of linemen we’ve ever had. Guys like Diley, Landskroener and Labadie are playing great on the offensive side and dudes like Lipchick and freshman Evans are parlaying tough alongside the guys I already mentioned on the defensive side

    I think the other RB you were looking for was Anthony Bowman. We also have incredible talent that gets in for reps at the position like Gavin Blackwood and Ian Adams (who is a Shank clone right down to their 40 times).

    Lastly (and you know why, Gary) Max has been great in the power running game for us but he’s shown some speed too. Just ask FR. Rumor has it they’re still chasing him.

    1. Yes Bowman was who I was thinking of.. and Blackwood. I know Max has speed as well, just in the moment I was trying to think of the other back.
      But ya, Max bounced it outside with speed more than once last Friday.

      1. Freshman Evans with yet another huge sack Friday night. Which brought up a 4th and 11. You guys need to keep an eye on him. Not only size (6’2″ 225lbs) but talent seems to be coming through more every week. He is going to be a lot to deal with for the next 3 years in football and watch out on the ice I here he plays hockey too.

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