Weekly Power Rankings

Quite a shake up in the Power Rankings after Airport loses to a 2 loss Huron team, but five teams remain unbeaten. Dundee has a huge opportunity to make a statement against Clinton. Disagree with the Power rankings? Let us read your take by commenting below.

  1. Riverview (5-0), Pirates continue to flex their muscle.
  2. Whiteford (5-0),Bobcats making a solid case for the #1 ranking.
  3. Carlson (5-0), The Marauders cruising toward a week 9 showdown with the Woo.
  4. Erie Mason (5-0), Eagles survive Sand Creek.
  5. Huron (3-2), Chiefs open a can on previously unbeaten Airport.
  6. Grosse Ile (4-1), Red Devils can flip these rankings with a win over Huron.
  7. Airport (4-1),Jets free fall in the rankings after blowout home loss to Huron.
  8. Dundee (5-0), Vikings struggle to beat 1 win BCC , biggest game in years looms this week.
  9. Bedford (3-2), Kicking Mules survived a week on the gray field.
  10. Flat Rock (3-2), Rams do their part beating Milan, but drop a spot.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Power Rankings”

  1. Clinton struggles stopping the spread as well as playing on the road. If I was a betting man I’d slide my chips towards the Vikings.

    1. Dundee might beat them, their defense has really been something to see this year. I had the privilege of seeing them play Onsted and Adrian Madison and they thumped both. This is the new Dundee, be ready.

  2. Erie Mason and Grosse Ile are too high. Grosse Ile wouldn’t beat anyone on this list. Also, Flat Rock should be higher.

      1. According to the comments Whiteford beats Riverview every year. Wins the Huron League too. Riverview knocks Carlson out of the playoffs a couple times recently. So by default Whiteford beats Carlson too.

        Whiteford should go straight to D1.

        1. FR is playing better than GI or Airport right now. You’ll probably say, Airport beat Flat Rock, but it’s not supposed to be about who would/could beat who.

          1. I suppose. But. They don’t have a qualifying record. FR is 3-2. GI and Airport are 4-1.

            And FR hasn’t beaten a good team yet.

          2. Right it’s not about who would /could beat who. Not in in the Huron league. Don’t over look Flatrock, GI or SMCC. And Riverview better be ready for Airport. They all are coming to win. Two or three turnovers and it can be anyones game.

            But I guess you have to Rank the teams.

          3. Who has GI beat? Their best win is probably over 1-4 Milan. Airport’s best win is by 2 points over a Flat Rock team you don’t seem to be impressed with.

          4. Are you arguing that FR should be above GI and/or Airport? I gave you the reasons why they shouldn’t be. The main one being they are 3-2. They could be above those teams in a week or 2 but it doesn’t make sense now.

          5. FR still has more to prove… I agree.

            But the two losses came to Airport which came down to the last play and Riverview where they had a 6 point game to start the 4th quarter.

            We got next 3 weeks to prove ourselves. Next 3 weeks should be fun to see unfold for all the teams.

          6. You’re right Gary. Flat Rock doesn’t have a quality win yet. If they win the next 2 they should move up.

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