Friday Night Scores

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Taylor 0 Carlson 35 final

Dexter 52 Monroe 13 Final

Bedford 7 Saline 0 Final

Flat Rock 28 Grosse Ile 0 final

Milan 48 Jefferson 28 final

Huron 33 SMCC 6 final

Airport 13 Riverview 18 Final

Dundee 23 Hillsdale 14 final

Ida 27 Blissfield 28 final

Whiteford 66 Loy Norrix 7 final

Erie Mason 8 Madison 14 final

Summerfield 20 Sand Creek 8 Final

139 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Marvin Mittelstadt

    Flat Rock Defense, Offense and special teams played a great game last night.
    GI offense never had an offensive possession in the 3rd quarter.

      1. Marvin Mittelstadt

        Correction 1:03 was left in the 3rd when Flat Rock went up 28 to 0.

        Thank you for pointing out my error
        Marvin Mittelstadt

  2. FYI. Riverview.
    Don’t think for min your hiding anything by closing down your Michigan high school network.

    H L fan

    What do you think about that Gary. Chris and frank.

  3. We can’t say FR is the best in league because we are not. Riverview earned that.

    We also lost 2 games on the last play of the game, but we still lost.

    What we can say is… Remember when everyone said we would be lucky to win 2 games and we are now competing and winning games…. We can also say we are two plays away from being 6-1. No one at the beginning of the season (except us)had us pegged to have a winning record right now.

    We are on the rise! Good Job boys! Fun to watch!

  4. Not one person would’ve guessed anyone would’ve went up to saline and shut them out.Im still in awe.just shows anything can happen.Go Mules.

  5. Gary I’ll take back what I said. If a team isn’t playing to its potential and continues to make careless mistakes and missed assignments. They absolutely should be called out. Not to be belligerent, but to point out this is not how teams wanting to be good play. It’s hard to watch. You think they turn a corner then take two steps back.

      1. Huron was good. Big up front and physical. #81, #8, #15 were solid players for them offensive. #51 is best two way play, unfortunate he got hurt on a pointless attempt to block an XP. CC has gotten pushed around all year up front. They also continue to make critical mistakes that puts them behind. The T never plays well from behind. There is some light at the lower levels, but they’ll have to get a lot stronger to compete with the top HL schools.

      1. Here’s the deal with SMCC.
        You live by that offense and you die by that offense.
        Not sure why the Riverview and SMCC still run it.

        Tradition I guess

          1. Zeeland West has won state titles with the same exact offense in the same division(4) and D3.
            They are also the #1 team in the entire state in regards to winning percentage. They have run the Full House T in it’s entire existence.

            The Full House T can win a state title. And why say such a thing. Why be so pissy?
            Cmon my man, chill.

        1. I am all knowing about high school football offenses. If I don’t like it, they should run something else. Better post it.
          – Anonymous

  6. SMCC Plays Division 3-5 schools in HL and schedules the toughest Division 6-7 opponents they can for non-conference games. They have a good chance of making it they win out and will likely win a couple games in the playoffs. The new system rewards competition, not just records.

    1. Objective thinker

      So the system works for cc but for everyone else in the league they’re a detriment bc of size…leads me to think cc should not be in the league should play in the catholic league then w richard…how it’s set up now cc is just bad for the Huron league whether they’re good or not

      1. I have said this for years. The only team that makes out from SMCC being in the Huron League is SMCC. The AD’s in the league put up with this. We could get rid of SMCC and easily pick up Dundee or Carlson. Lumen Christi finally joined a Catholic League, SMCC should also. Things should be apples to apples. Private schools versus public schools is not apples to apples.

        1. Or Riverview and Huron can go to the downriver league where they belong and the HL can pick up Ida, Dundee, and Erie Mason so they don’t have to travel so far.

          1. Huron League has a winning non-conference record every year. Statistically the best league in the area. But you say it’s weak because you’re smart.

        2. Huron league is one of the weakest in SE m
          MI. Everyone knows this. Riverview (School of choice 9-0 again…..snooze)

      2. Possibly schools like Riverview and Huron have outgrown the HL. That happens with school of choice, growing districts. If the league doesn’t work for your school it may be time for advancement to another league. It happened in the late 69s when the HL began, and it maybe time for adjustment. But for teams to.move because of a football point system, that is just crazy lol

        1. The league did not begin in 69. It’s been around since the 30’s I believe. Those Schools aren’t overly big. Quite frankly, the only school that seems out of place is SMCC in division seven. I think they should opt to play up in football. It has to be approved and I believe SMCC tried to move up one division. I think if a team wants to move up they should have to move up two division. I don’t ever see that happening. What I do see happening in the very near future is them joining the Detroit Catholic league. Lumen Christi is joining Lansing Catholic is joining and Flint Powers is joining. I think you’re going to see the archdiocese step in and say you must join the Catholic league. Call me crazy, but I think it’s coming

          1. What schools are left from the 30s in the HL? Basically the league as we know it realigned much later.

        2. I’ve always thought the Huron league should grow bigger and invite schools like Trenton, Carlson, Dundee, Ida in and divide it into 2 divisions.
          Larger schools like Trenton, Carlson, Riverview, Huron, Airport, Milan in 1 division. Smaller schools like Jefferson, FR, GI, SMCC, Ida, Dundee in lower division, and play crossovers like Huron/FR, etc. to keep old rivalry’s in tact.
          Just a thought .

          1. I like the idea, play 5 games in your division, 2 crossovers to keep rivalries and 2 non league games.
            I bet Trenton an d Carlson folks might like it.

          2. How can you say Milan is a bigger school? Their enrollment numbers are closer to Jefferson, Grosse Ile and Flat Rock than Riverview for sure and Airport.

        3. Sorry to break the new to everyone The huron league has been around for 60 plus years. I think SMCC was in very early. Tecumseh left around 1980 and Riverview was added to the league in 1980. Carlson left around 1992 . And than Milan was added added around 2000. Huron and Riverview have the highest enrollment. They are within 10 student of each other. And one could be in 3 year and in 4 the next year.

          The league is fine.

          1. Hate to break it to you.
            Huron League has been around 82 years.
            Milan was in the league in the 50s.
            AE Smith, now Riverview High School also.
            FR is the only chartered school from the first year, 1940.
            Some schools that were in original league were, FR, Chelsea, Ypsi Lincoln, Wyandotte, Dundee, AE Smith and possibly Clinton, not sure of the rest.
            FR won the Huron league championship in football in 40 and 41, and tied with Dundee in 43.

          2. League is over 80 years old.
            CC left the Twin Valley league to join the HL in 1970 I think.
            Millan was in the HL in the 50s and left and came back from SEC in 2000.
            When league originated, there was no SMCC, Huron, GI, Airport, Jefferson or Riverview High schools.

          3. We all know that. I wasn’t going back to the Stone Age. Just when most of the teams where in the league.


            The league is fine.

      3. Ok who in the huron league do you think is getting the shaft for not making the playoff?
        Riverview is in
        Huron needs one more game
        Airport one more game
        Flatrock maybe in one more game
        GI maybe in with one more game
        SMCC maybe in with one more game
        I don’t see and issue.
        Frank Gary Chris. What do you think you guys been looking at this for years and years. Is the system broke

        1. In general I like the new system, but there are some flaws. Last year Riverview was undefeated but had to play a road game and part of the reason was the lack of points they got from beating SMCC. Trenton has a nice advantage in the Downriver league because they play mostly schools that are bigger than them. Obviously SMCC has that in the Hearon league, but let’s face it they’re in division seven and would probably be the majority of those teams anyways. The new system is not perfect and it’s not entirely fair but I do think it’s better.

          1. At this point with losing records getting in. Drop the ninth game and EVERYONE is in like any other sport and like we did Covid year. I also think seedlings should be redone differently.

          2. Do you know why losing records get in?

            The MHSAA wants the best 32 in. Not teams that don’t play anybodY, go 6-3 and get their drawers blown off week 10.

        2. I think the way the playoffs are set up now is better than the past. It rewards teams for playing good football teams, not just patsies.
          Huron League started in 1940, I believe FR is the only original team left.
          I think Milan joined in the early 50s.
          Maybe AE Smith (Riverview) was in also.
          Nothing wrong with more teams getting in the playoffs.

          1. I agree with 90 % of what Patriot said regarding playoffs. Here is my suggested format.
            1. Play 8 game regular season games. Week 9 becomes Week 1 of playoffs. All teams qualify for the playoff.
            2. Use current divisions and play-off point system for seeding the brackets.
            3. If an 0-8, 1-7 team opts out of the playoffs, it would be an 8-0, 7-1 team getting forfeit win to advance to round 2. (Luck of the bracket / seeding draw for who receives a forfeit win).
            4. Season Start date and Thanksgiving weekend championship games would be unaffected.
            5. Every team is still guaranteed 9 games every year.
            6. Everyone gets a participation trophy. (LOL, just kidding)

          2. I wouldn’t be against an all in playoff.

            A drawback to me is that would downplay the regular season. There aren’t many games in football, unlike other sports, I’d prefer each game carry as much weight as possible.

          3. I also don’t think letting all the 2-7 teams in is a good remedy for those who are upset that one 2-7 team might get in.

        3. I think the whole key to SMCC’s success (most years) is playing up. When you play up, you raise the bar. Then when you go play people your own size, you beat them rather easily. Its a mentality.
          Its like little brother playing against big brother out in the yard all the time, when little brother goes to play kids his own age, he beats them easily. Its a concept they live by.
          Being private, I do think they should be in a league with other private schools.

  7. I can’t believe Bedford beat Saline even though I was there. And CJ Carr completed just 24% of his passes ? What was going on tonight ?

    And Yikes Monroe losing to Dexter 52-13. What’s worse is that I’m 99% sure their starting QB and Cole Cabana wasn’t playing. The Trojans are too athletic to be losing like this, shorthanded or not.

    1. They both played and Cabana was good but didn’t do it all. Monroe is not super athletic either. Defense has done well but the offense is still not using the players in the right spots. Gotta keep high powered offenses off the field and Monroe couldn’t do it in the second half and that is why the game got out of hand.

      1. How do you think the defense has done well?
        They’re 2-5 and average giving up 32 points a game.
        That isn’t very good.

        1. Cabana had 100 yards and pouted all night. If you know anything about football and I’m assuming you do. With multiple 3 and outs in an offense that gives the ball back in a minute or so. If your defense is on the field the whole game kids get gassed. I know Bedford eats the clock with their offense and it gives the defense a break. Gotta have an offense that can give your defense a break. Last few games Monroe has forced multiple turnovers and you wouldn’t know it because the offense gives the ball right back. In the 2nd Quarter last night they controlled the ball and outscored Dexter 13-0. Why? Offense moved the ball and the defense got some rest. I understand what you are saying with the score Im just telling you what Is happening. Why was Monroe-Bedford game close? It was the defense but when the offense gets just over a hundred yards a game it just won’t cut it.

          1. I never understood the defense gets gassed thing.
            The offense is on the field the same amount of plays, offensive players don’t get gassed? Plus, many schools players play both ways especially the smaller schools anyways.
            Tell me this , how many Monroe players play both ways?
            I think a lot do, so the majority of the D players stay on the field to play offense.
            I don’t buy that D players get gassed thing in high school.
            They just gave up 52 points. Not good.

          2. Monroe 97’ Alum

            Good point. The speed of the game is different in Division one with teams like Saline, Huron and Dexter. They can wear a team down especially if kids play both ways in this division. Unfortunately talent was gonna be down this year but I think expectations were very high with the new coach coming in. Hopefully they can bounce back and win the next 2 games.

      2. Thanks for the correction, I was looking at the scoretracker on maxpreps and thought #3 was someone other than the starting QB, but it was him. And looks like the coach didn’t want Cabana getting a lot of carries since he just about got knocked out on his game winning touchdown against AA Huron last week.

        And I think Monroe is pretty athletic since they have pretty ridiculous weight room numbers. One of their starting DL benches 400+, but looks like that doesn’t mean much for them.

      1. Bedford has a good team and very physical. Hats off to them. They are getting better each week which is all you can ask for.

  8. The league hires the officials not the individual schools. It would be interesting if Huron could replay those first two games.

    1. Any great Coach will say:
      Beat the team and the Officials
      New Boston Huron didn’t lose any game because of officials.
      Riverview played a great game

      Huron Alum

      1. I do beleive that Huron did not lose any games to officials but it would be interesting t see them play their two losses over now that it looks like they have found their stride and putting things together. I don’t know if the outcomes would be different but I don’t think the scores would be as lopsided as they were

  9. 64 teams per division, 32 make playoffs. If cc is among the top 32, they make the playoffs. I see no indication that the system is broke.

    1. Agree the system is NOT broke
      It is a lot better than the old system from the 70s and 80s.
      Lose once in the regular season and you could be done. NO Playoff.
      You could say the system is watered down.
      Maybe go back the 6 Div system.
      I like the way it is. Gets more teams in the playoffs. Fun for the kids
      We all no SMCC has a great program.
      We where just great full to beat them.

      Huron fan

    1. Then they are bad for their league

      Somethings wrong with system or league alignment

      Heave them play with Whiteford- Summerfield

    1. Right. GI step dad what happen.

      Goose egg again this week.

      Flatrock huron game should be a good one. Flatrock QB is the real deal.

      Not sure how SMCC stole one from them.

      HL fan

          1. FR played a complete game. The defense smothered, the offense had a great mix and was very efficient, all aspects covered!! Great job by the boys and coaches.

        1. Chris is right. Flatrock’s QB is Good. Look at the film. His passes are on the money. They just need to catch the ball.

          Huron League Fan.

  10. I truly believe that the rams are the best team in the huron league, regardless of their record. If the kids and coaches are able to get the game going early, instead of being their usual second half team, there is no team that could actually beat them.

    1. Do you honestly believe that? That’s a really bold statement. Then why do we have rankings or standings? What makes you believe they are the best team? If they were the best team they wouldn’t be a second half team.

    2. That’s a pretty bold statement considering FR lost to two very good teams in Riverview and Airport along with an average team in SMCC. Doesn’t wins and losses indicate how good a team is? If FR was such a good team then they wouldn’t have to get it going in the 2nd half.

    3. Flat Rock is the fourth best team in the league, at best and very generously the third. Riverview has proven all year long to be one, and Huron has proven these past few weeks to be number two. Airport beat FR H2H, although close, and besides the loss to Huron has looked very good. Rams fans are very quick to forget what happened last week…

  11. Looks like Bedford will hold saline scoreless for the first time this season. Impressive and did not expect that.

    1. Riverview 18 Airport 13. Very entertaining football game. Congratulations to Riverview on winning the league. Can’t wait for the rematch in the first or second round of the playoffs.

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