Friday Night Scores

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Huron 28 Flat Rock 29 final

Grosse Ile 21 Riverview 41 final

Milan 21 Airport 34 final

Jefferson 0 SMCC 28 final

Carlson 30 Lakeland 14 final

Erie Mason 14 Whiteford 50 final

BCC 22 Ida 48 final

Dundee 17 Hudson 46 final

North Central 6 Summerfield 38 final

Skyline 6 Bedford 40 final

Pioneer 14 Monroe 49 final

84 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Congratulations to Riverview.

    League Champs and Undefeated.

    You are the aspiration of the league.

    You Been doing it for years.

    You setting goals for our kids and the league.

    Good job, congrats & Thanks!

  2. I am a flat rock fan. The trash talk by flat rock is embarrassing. The athletes at Huron are amazing athletes and so much fun to watch. We are not in basketball season we are in football season. We need to be an example for our young athletes. I know for a fact that both teams have friends on each side. Leave it alone FR 19.

    1. I hope you all do well. Unfortunately, there’s A LOT of great talent locally at D3 which can make coming out of the area a real challenge.
      Best of luck. I’m a Pirate but in this era where the kids all know each other, I don’t really root against any team except the week we play them.

  3. Flat Rock can beat anyone in this league. It showed tonight – tried telling people that they’re not a bottom feeder.

    The crazy thing is, their basketball team is far and away the best in the league as well. They likely won’t lose a conference game.

    Carry on lolololol

    1. Is Junge the best QB and best all around basketball player in the HL? Junge and Muzzy from Huron looked like the top 2 QB’s IMO.

      1. He’s the best basketball player it’s not even close, like literally, not close.

        Him and Muzzy are neck and neck at QB – but Junge is younger. As long as FR has Junge they are going to be a good team.

        1. And Muzzy is the best baseball player it’s not even close, like literally, not close.

          What’s your point? Both QBs had a great game!

      1. Gary. Could have been a bad call.
        What do you think Frank.
        The controversy call.
        The defenders interception momentum rule inside the 5 yard line

        1. I just saw the play.. sure looked like a pick to me.

          The ref signaled TD so quickly. It never looked like the WR even had the ball at all.

          The ref was right there though. So it makes me think the FR player stole it from the DB.
          Great play if that was the case.

          Nonetheless it was a great win for Flat Rock.
          Best win in maybe many many years.

          1. Ultimately this game will come down to the catch.
            However after the catch Flat Rock was still losing 28-27.
            This is when plays were made to win the game.
            On the extra point Huron jumped off sides.
            Flat Rock goes for two and gets it.
            Flat Rock kicks to Huron and has to give the ball to there offense which had great success all night with 1:51 left.
            Flat Rock picks off Muzzy to win the game.

            Great all around high school game.

          2. The DB did intercept it at the 2 yard line and the FR kid quickly ripped it out and landed on his back in the In zone with the ball. Should of just knocked the ball down. So no controversy. Huron Fan

    2. They were gifted that game by the refs and anyone who is being honest with themselves knows it. I was there to watch without a dog in the fight and the two 4th down plays late were egregiously miscalled. Two big mistakes early by the crew, almost equally terrible, offset for each team. Sad to see it come to that. FR’s offense is fun to watch, but that was hard to watch in the end.

      1. John.
        Any great coach would tell you have to beat two teams on the field.
        Refs and other team.
        The Refs calls where fine.
        Don’t try and take anything away from flatrock.
        They won that game.
        Huron Fan

        1. The refs dictated the outcome of that game.It does not matter if you’re a FR fan or a Huron fan to see that.Other then that it was a great game.

          1. Mark your right. It was and interception. Right It does not matter.
            And it was a great game

            Huron Guy

      2. There is no possible way that game was gifted to Flat Rock by the refs. The refs were the only thing that kept Huron in the game. Multiple block in the backs on Huron were missed, there was a pass interference near the end zone that Huron was not called for as well as other PIs, there were multiple hits on Junge and the refs called the penalty on one the coaches for their reaction one of those times.

        1. Anonymous,you’re obviously a FR fan.I agree there were no calls on some plays.The PI call and the TD call wasso bad.The call on the coach was horrible also.They dictated the outcome of that game!

      3. John did you see the roughing call at the end they missed….they killed Graham no call.

        We made 1 more play than they did great game.

        Great win tough loss.

        Oh and by the way they never sacked Graham……the vaunted d line.

    3. Flat Rock throwing out weird flexes tonight. Where was all the talk before the game? Hope these are students and not parents.

      BTW wrestling > basketball (since we’re going to flex everything tonight)

    4. Ease up FR, you’ve made the playoffs for the 2nd time in 22 years and only the 4th time in you’re history, with 1 week left in the regular season and you are bragging and talking about basketball?
      You make yourself look foolish.

      1. How are u surprised that FR is talking if this is there 4th going to the playoffs in history… obviously people are going to exited you make yourself sound foolish

        1. Just the beginning for FR football.
          Great senior class, but ready to reload next year. Last nights game was great. Huron has a ton of talent. Totally agree with the other comments on this thread, the stripes dictated the game, sadly mostly in Hurons favor. FR had to overcome more adversity, and did it with poise.

          1. You may end the season 5-4, and you’re reloading!
            Would that be a cap gun or what?
            As a FR fan, I’m embarrassed by all this nonsense on this blog.
            Just stop.

  4. 21-21 at halftime. Milan held leads of 14-0 and 21-7. #11 for Milan ran wild on the big Reds 3 TD drives but Airport contained him the last few drives.

        1. If you saw the play then you know it wasn’t a punch. If anything Milan got lucky cause it should’ve been offsetting personal fouls.

      1. Former jet who cares more about smackin bucks

        Yeah, refs keeping a team in the game cuz they’re on the take for a high school game in Milan Michigan???? Not there, but doubt it was a haymaker and more of a pushed facemask anyways…either way let em be 18 year old young men and let it go majeske

      1. Blatant bias by the refs? Pretty sure Airport had more penalty yards than Milan bud. How about that clear fumble and 90 yard scoop and score by Nowak where he was called down? If anything refs kept you in the game.

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