Week 9 Scores


Summerfield 45 Burton Madison/New Standard 6 final

Erie Mason 14 Jefferson 6 final


Woodhaven 18 Carlson 38 final

Monroe 27 Riverview 49 final

Robichaud 32 Airport 59 4th

Crestwood 12 Huron 42 final

Clarenceville 56 Flat Rock 57 final

Leadership 0 Milan 34 final

Ecorse 22 SMCC 41 final

Dundee 12 Ida 17 final

North Central 0 Whiteford 30 final

Henry Ford 14 Grosse Ile 42 final

100 thoughts on “Week 9 Scores”

  1. Has the MHSAA figured out yet that there are probably more schools scheduling a terrible high division team to help themselves make the playoffs. The system is never going to be right. Everyone’s schedule should be made fairly. Every school plays middle 7 games with teams in their division or no more than 1 division different. First game and last game can be anybody they want.
    It is terrible that any team in any sport under .500 should make the playoffs.
    I would really like to know how other states do it. A player playing more or less games in a season can impact a possible college athletic opportunity.

    1. But there aren’t “probably more schools scheduling terrible high division teams”.

      You saw the system work last night in the SMCC win over an 8-0 team who played nobody all year long. The best 32 teams are in. That is what is most important. Not winning 6 games.

      Some of you want to compare high school playoffs to professional playoffs. Such a big difference. Professional teams are considered equal. Not the case in HS sports where some teams have a player pool of 2,000 and some 200.

      You want a system that only regards W’s. Just be over .500 as you say. No matter who you play. This system was so bad, they scrapped it.

      1. 2 wins and ur in???

        Cc had enough points to make the playoffs as it turns out in week 6 with w wins. Could have gone 2-7 and made the playoffs. They’re in every year simply bc geographically they are surrounded by larger schools in more populated area than say McBain or something, and get huge point bumps bc of that. System is still not right, has to be a medium between old system and new. The records of the teams who qualified in d7 is egregious.

        1. Why do you care?

          That possible 2 win team was better than an 8 win team. Twice as good actually. The best 32 are in. That is the purpose.

          Who got left out that you are so upset about?
          Name the team and we can talk about it.

          1. Take a look at Whitmore Lake. I ran the numbers and they needed to go 9-0 to make the playoffs.

          2. Take a look at their schedule.
            You can’t have a schedule like that and be in D5.

            They were D8 last year. Now do an co-op with Charyl Stockwell, which moved them up to 5. They didn’t change their schedule and paid the price. You can’t just line up wins anymore.

    2. The way it would work is MHSAA assigns your schedule based on your district or region. No playoff points needed, just Ws and Ls in your division. D4 teams play D4 teams, etc. all 9 games. Would put an end to the traditional league structure and end some rivalries, but might not be a terrible idea.

      1. I spent some considerable time on the blog talking about how Texas does high school football. Maybe that is something I can focus on down the road and kind of draw up how things would look in around Southeastern Michigan based on the Texas model, which is just fantastic.

  2. There definitely were some good games last night for the Huron League teams. New Boston Huron went to Crestwood (6-2) and did what they needed to do. They won by 30! Next to Milan’s shutout of Detroit Leadership(?) this was the next largest margin of victory. Great job Chiefs!

  3. The teams running the full house T got it done today. You can say what you want about it but it works. It take a very disciplined defense to stop it. Monroe looked clueless against it and it sounds like Ecorse did about the same against it.

        1. I’ll take any offense other than the T if I’m down a couple scores or need to score quick.
          Stick to announcing and the blog.

          1. You’re losing for a reason. Maybe it’s your offense.

            Teams make comebacks with the T as often as a 5 wide. You have fallen for a misnomer, a fallacy. Most recent I can remember was Hudson falling behind Whiteford last year 20-0. Hudson won. And went on to win a state title. Don’t be fooled.

            T teams score more points than any other offense in this country’s history. No matter if ahead or behind. Look at the MHSAA record book. Nearly all the top teams in points scored in a season are T teams. I’d like to say you know what you are talking about but I can’t.

          2. Thank you Gary. I just shake my head when I see those posts abut the T. It’s telling us they’ve never coached varsity football without telling us they’ve never coached varsity football.

    1. We all picked Riverview for a reason. We thought they were the better team. We aren’t always right, but we were on this one.

    2. Riverview is undefeated in the zHuron League.
      They would have 3 losses in the SEC.
      Don’t judge the SEC on Monroe High School.
      They’re not very good this year, and may. It be for the next couple of years.

  4. sounds like a great night for the supposedly down Huron League!

    Shocked at how bad of a beatdown Riverview put on Monroe. Is Monroe that bad or Riverview that good?

    Good for SMCC getting the W over an undefeated Ecorse team

    The Rams seem to find a way every week

  5. Boy oh boy. Riverview put a beat down on Monroe. 35-6 before half. Let’s hear the excuses from the Monroe fans on the predictions post. Huron League looked great today.

    1. Monroe looked unprepared or they just aren’t that good. I expected a tougher time but to be honest our offense clicked the best it has all year against the big D1 SEC Monroe.

      1. I saw that Riverview was just much more physical, and faster, even though Monroes boys in the trenches were bigger. Monroe has some good ball players, but Riverview just comes at you every play, on offense or defense.

    2. I was at the Riverview/Monroe game for less than a quarter. The Pirates scored early and often (20-0 when I walked out). Riverview is definitely playing well. I can’t imagine anyone wants to play them early in the playoffs.

    3. Smcc is going on a deep playoff run.. I got them beating Hudson in game number 3 and losing to luman in the semi finals..

  6. Hats off to Riverview. They are a very good team. They execute that offense very well. Fakes were so good that it fooled us fans in the stands. I would like to thank Riverview for not rushing us off the field after the game so we were able to see our seniors. Good luck in the playoffs.

    1. Thank you! As a Mom in the stands my own kid fools me when he runs the ball! Thank you for well played game. Iron sharpens iron!

      1. He is a great athlete. Very fast but I think it is illegal to disappear while running the ball. Lol. Good luck To your speedster!

        1. FR over Clarenceville was another nail biter. Our offense was on point. #21 for Clarenceville is a game changer!! He will be playing on Saturdays next year. We got one more huge stop to win. Moving on to next week!! Go Rams

  7. Airport 46 Robichaud 32 early 4th. Airport pulled the starters late 2nd quarter up 39-6. Since then Robichaud has got back in the game. Airport had put the starters back in

  8. Can’t believe people tried to say the league is down. Top to bottom, one of the best years in the league’s recent history.

      1. Sounds like our government.
        All these issues and year after year nobody does anything about it.
        Sure wish I was AD in the HL.
        None of it is BS, people just do nothing about it.
        The world is full of change constantly. But not in the HL.
        I think the T is older than than the HL. My model A car still runs, so I guess I should just keep driving it. Lol.
        The teams that run the T are afraid to try something new.
        It doesn’t matter if it works.

        1. “It doesn’t matter if it works.” REALLY GOOD POINT. Youre basically saying it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, what matters is that you look good doing it which to me is a flawed perspective when the goal of any game is to win. ‘the T is old, so you shouldn’t run it, even though it drives, scores touchdowns, and wins games not to mention championships in small school football’


          1. Coaches around here can’t figure out anything more than the T
            Guess we’re stuck with it.
            I will stick with college ball.
            1 less poster here.
            Goodbye Hauf.

    1. Shout out to the 6 Huron League teams that qualifed for the playoffs. Pretty sure that’s a single season record for the league.

      1. I do but you can’t miss the fact that everyone from the Huron league has won their game beside Jefferson as of right now their has to be some props to the coach’s and kids for that

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