MHSAA Friday Night Playoff Scores

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Carlson 38 Huron 14 final

Bedford 41 Farmington 28 final

Addison 22 Whiteford 64 final

Liggett 0 SMCC 41 final

Adrian 14 Riverview 35 final

Airport 28 Tecumseh 52 final

Ida 23 Clinton 44 final

Grosse Ile 13 Summit 35 final

Dundee 22 Flat Rock 27 final

Erie Mason 0 Napoleon 49 final

80 thoughts on “MHSAA Friday Night Playoff Scores”

  1. Carlson Huron game.
    Kickoff turn over should have been a targeting call.
    Refs was standing right in front view.
    To many coaches friend with Refs.
    It’s on the film.
    Again low level Refs not doing there job.

    Huron Dad

        1. Downriverleaguefan

          Refs nowadays call penalties if a player breaths wrong on someone! Obviously it’s not targeting (after watching film) or they would’ve called it.
          You seriously sound ridiculous. Huron got outplayed and out coached…period. Stop making excuses

          1. Downriver league fan
            You didn’t even look at the film.
            He dropped his head and blasted him in the face mask
            You Must need glasses be Looking at the wrong Film.

          1. You didn’t win because of coaching
            Few words for Carlson Fans
            Your only looked at if you Win South lake high school 2021
            Anti recruiting rules

    1. Downriverleaguefan

      Huron Dad,
      Again with the excuses…”refs missed this or didn’t do that”
      How about you suit up in your stripes and take the field.
      Huron was outplayed and out coached.
      Seems like every time something doesn’t go in favor of the Huron League in general it’s everyone else’s fault.
      Suck it up, you lost fair and square. Take your time in the off season and get better

  2. OMG.
    Just watched Carlson Huron film.
    Carlson run plays.
    Holding and blocking in the back on to many plays to count.
    Good job Refs
    That will get called at the state level games.
    Carlson don’t cry when it gets called

  3. Carlson has no passing game.
    One more win than they are done.
    T is not going to work against Martin Luther High
    May want to take notes from Flatrock’s offense

    1. Downriverleaguefan

      Carlson doesn’t run the T
      Huron obviously has no game if their offense can’t score more than 1 TD against Carlson.
      And thanks, I’m sure they’ll take offense notes from a team that’s won their first playoff game in over 40 years and just had their first winning season in how many years?

  4. What can I say except the better team won tonight. Offensive fireworks in the first half. Tecumseh made some nice defensive adjustments and shut Airport down in the second half. Heck of a season Jets. This one hurts but next year could be special with all the talent returning. Should be a heckuva game between Riverview and Tecumseh next week.

    1. You get inside the 10 yard line 4 times with 0 points, and turn the ball over 5 times, you aren’t going to win.
      Refs did not do that to you.
      Fun game to watch, congrats to both teams for making the playoffs , good luck FR next week.

        1. Watch the game film, WR foot on the line. Clearly out of bounds.
          The official did have the best view.
          Congratulations on a good season Dundee.

      1. With Dundee constantly shooting themselves in the foot, Flat Rock should have won that game easily. Good luck Flat Rock, You’re going to need it. Don’t think the Rams are going to win against Summit

    2. Someone wasn’t watching the same game I was. There was an egregious amount of holdings on that offensive line and maybe 2 or 3 of them were called. Not to mention that pass interference on #40 when he was quite literally the one who was in front and got tripped up by #20. Overall it was a good game, calls can go both ways. Also, as my other anonymous friend said: You simply cannot win a game when you are within the 10 4 times and dont score or when you have 5 turnovers. Turnovers and Touchdowns are the name of the game and Flat Rock won that game.

  5. Carlson continues on in playoffs. Here come Huron excuses – injuries, can’t coach up players or may quit. Stop. Get the job done. Play the right players. Don’t listen to incumbents. Carlson better players and better coached team.

    1. Who’s making excuses? You sound like you’re trolling and looking for your 5 minutes of so called fame. We got out played plain and simple.

    2. Carlson staff is very familiar with Huron players and I believe it showed. Scheme kept Huron’s best two defensive players, Callahan and Buettner, largely contained. Mix that with a talented RB and it was a tough draw for the Chiefs.

    3. Joe V
      A lot of blocking in the back.
      These fly by night Refs never call it
      Seen it a lot with them this year.
      It’s like any sport. Low level Refs don’t make the right calls.
      That’s why the T works so good around here
      Two more rounds they well get called for it.

      Huron league fan.

  6. Tecumseh 36-28 halftime. They score a 10 yard TD with no time left in the half and got two point conversion. And Tecumseh gets 2nd half kickoff

  7. Tecumseh 36-28 halftime. They score a 10 yard TD with no time left in the half and got two point conversion. And Tecumseh gets 2nd half kickoff.

    1. Valiant effort from Airport tonight but they ran into a buzzsaw. Let me reiterate what I said before Tecumseh is going take Riverview behind the woodshed next week.on their homefield. Riverview has not seen the combination of speed and physical toughness they will see next Friday night.

    1. Agree not the right time for going for it on 4th down and onside kick right before halftime lucky they threw an interception

      1. I thought FR was trying to give them the game, some weird calls for sure.
        Gave Dundee excellent field position 3 times, but each time Dundee came up empty.
        4 times inside the 10 and no points?

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