MHSAA Week 1 Playoff Picks

Each week Gary Hauf, Frank Vajcner and Chris Schultz make their weekly Michigan High School Football picks. Down below are their results from weeks 1-9. Gary was the winner while just edging out Chris. They will start anew with their playoff picks. Read on to find out their picks for this week.

Frank: 77-27 (9-3)

Chris: 83-22 (11-1)

Gary: 86-19 (11-1)

Farmington @ Bedford

Frank: Bedford 35-14

Chris: Bedford 40-28

Gary: Bedford 31-14

Addison @ Whiteford

Frank: Whiteford 48-24

Chris: Whiteford 46-6

Gary: Whiteford 48-14

Huron @ Carlson

Frank: Carlson 28-20

Chris: Huron 27-20

Gary: Carlson 28-14

Erie Mason @ Napoleon

Frank: Napoleon 35-22

Chris: Napoleon 34-27

Gary: Napoleon 31-18

University Liggett @ SMCC

Frank: SMCC 35-14

Chris: SMCC 36-21

Gary: SMCC 33-14

Adrian @ Riverview

Frank: Riverview 48-16

Chris: Riverview 40-14

Gary: Riverview 45-13

Airport @ Tecumseh

Frank: Tecumseh 52-48

Chris: Tecumseh 52-46

Gary: Tecumseh 40-30

Ida @ Clinton

Frank: Clinton 42-20

Chris: Clinton 32-20

Gary: Clinton 21-14

Grosse Ile @ Summit Academy

Frank: Grosse Ile 42-20

Chris: Grosse Ile 28-19

Gary: Grosse Ile 30-14

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Dundee @ Flat Rock

Frank: Flat Rock 34-27

Chris Flat Rock 22-21

Gary: Flat Rock 33-29

13 thoughts on “MHSAA Week 1 Playoff Picks”

  1. Gary Chris and Frank
    Yes thanks for your football info.

    Job guys.
    Maybe you guy could do basketball

    Huron league fan

  2. Hey guys,
    We get on here sometimes and take shots at you but I truly appreciate the work and info you provide each week.
    I look forward to reading and listening and sometimes putting in my 2 cents.
    One thing though, Gary let up on poor Frank a little, the guy is a walking encyclopedia on area football!
    Thanks again!

    1. I’ll speak for both Gary and I. We both adore Frank and respect his knowledge and passion for high school football and high school sports in general. Frank is the best! FNV wouldn’t be the same without him.

  3. Resident of beautiful Petersburg mi

    Airport takes 1st lead 44-42 w 1:26 left, give up td on final play on 3rd and goal from the 6

    Whiteford by 40
    Cc by 40
    GI by 20
    View by 30
    FR 34 Dundee 21
    Carlson and the mules by 2 tds
    Mason wins close
    Ida loses Heartbreaker 21-20
    Summerfield by… =( oh yeah

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