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Each week Chris and Frank provide their first thoughts from the Friday night games.

The Jets surprised nobody with their expected convincing over Jefferson.

Mules keep the Golden Cleat for another year. Huge test against Saline up next.

Marauders dug themselves a hole that they couldn’t get out of against an ever-improving Southgate Anderson program.

Vikings had no answer for Clinton’s Bradyn Lehman.

How on earth did Erie Mason lose to a team that was beaten by Adrian Madison? Match up, I guess.

42 + 39 = 81, as in 81 passes the past 2 weeks. You win consistently in high school football running the ball.

With that offense, I’m very surprised the Red Devils were shut out.

It looks like Huron has become a team that nobody wants to play.

The pilot light has turned on for the Blue Streaks.

No easy Fridays in the Huron League.

When you win, it’s the player. When you lose it’s the coach. SMH

Trojans play better, but the result is the same.

Different opponent, same result

Thats the best the Catholics have looked all season.

That one might come back to haunt the Bulldogs.

Win. Rinse. Repeat.

This edition of Our Thoughts, Not Yours is dedicated to the memory of Jeff Tuttle.

49 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Not Yours”

  1. Bedford’s Brueggemann is a beast, nearly 700 rushing yards in the past 3 games. However, Bedford certainly needs to work on ball security if they want a respectable final score against Saline.

    1. He is good. Unfortunately they are going to get picked apart by Saline. If the eat the clock and limit possessions then maybe it won’t be an extreme blowout.

  2. Playoff scenario update:

    With OLSM pulling off the upset this weekend, they are now a favorite to make the playoffs.
    It looked like they would not make it due to their crazy schedule. This of course affects, Riverview and Airport.

    Starting 3-0, GI is now in great danger of not making the playoffs. They need 1 more win. Will not be easy.

    Same goes for Flat Rock, they need 1 more win. This week vs GI is a huge game for both teams.

  3. Swick was double to triple teamed on every play of the game. They took him out of the game. Nothing he could do, Huron just had a game plan and executed it. Swick is definitely a well respected player around the league though.

    1. Yes. It was easy to stop GI. If we double teamed them what happen to the run game. They also dropped wide open passes. Offense didn’t have 50 yards.

        1. Lmao. Lmao. Sorry. My bad. It was 42 total. Look in the paper.

          That’s. Funny.


          Sorry for the beat down.

          GI has beat us down for years.
          It’s all good

          Huron Fan Class of 81

  4. Airport looking to grab a share of first place by upsetting Riverview Friday. If they can hold their own in the trenches they’ll have a chance. I’m sure everyone and their brother will pick Riverview to win this game, time to turn some heads this week Jets!

    1. Gonna be interesting for sure, but don’t forget, Riverview held Huron to just 7 points and controlled the line against Huron while putting up 33.
      Airport could do it, but I don’t think it’s gonna be the line that wins it. No slight against the Airport line, Riverview’s O and D lines are just that good this year.

      1. Gary, The views line ran over Hurons line. They can’t stop the center and left tackel.

        Good luck airport

        Huron Fan

      1. Huron had 2-3 guys on him each and every play and then let their DL just attack and it worked. Nobody in the league is stopping Swick one on one in the HL

        – King Chief

          1. There was not a single play where we felt we could leave Swick one on one on Friday

            -Huron player

          1. Gary. Huron is the lowest enrollment school in D3. With 817 Riverview is in D4. enrollment number is 814.
            GI is closer to the top of of 5. With 555
            If you are going to use the Div card it’s 1 1/2 at most

          2. I could have used enrollment, 815 is surely an advantage over 555.
            Erks me when folks come on here beating their chests with a 2 division advantage.
            Be happy, but dont say things like “Sorry GI fans. GI can’t move the ball when they play a team with a good D.
            Sorry. It’s true.”

            If you have to give up 1/4 of your team, you wouldnt be able to say that. I just hope folks realize that, and have a little humility.
            Huron will see what they have when the D3 playoffs start.

            Im hoping to see a Huron @ Trenton first rounder. Should be a great one.

        1. Don’t even start with that Gary. I never sad Anything about how great Hurons team is. They may not even make the playoffs. And if they do it will not be easy to get a win. It all started when Someone was crying about how Huron had two or three kids covering GI best kid. Come on!!! Over the years GI has beaten huron 3 to 1. If you would have been at the GI Huron game. Poor Sportsmanship on GI part. Everyone seen what they did.
          I guess we agree that we disagree

          Let’s move on to this week.

          1. Poor sportsmanship on Grosse Ile’s part? What about Hurons 3 personal foul calls when our guys threw temper tantrums for getting tackled? Huron needs to get their heads straight before playoffs or they’re one and done.

            – Chief class of 16

          2. Thanks Gary!

            Huron’s defensive line, especially the ends, crushed us. We couldn’t run the ball and the QB had no time. You have good DB’s, but it wasn’t the coverage of one of our receivers that made your defense dominant in that game, it was your line. I’m assuming that’s how you beat up on Airport too. Poor sportsmanship? You must be joking, coming from the most penalized team in the HL. Even your chain gang was talking about how many personal fouls you get. You have a solid team. I know some players and coaches on that team, good luck in the playoffs.

          3. Physicality is the best trait in football. I believe the coaching staff at Huron has done a great job in cultivating this trait.
            Sometimes with this aggressive style of play, will come some extra curricular stuff. You take the bad with the good. Too much of the bad can cost you however.
            Its a balancing act. Huron is a team nobody will want to play moving forward.

          4. Yes poor sportsmanship on GI part. 2 fouls where offset.
            Everyone seen what started it. Kicking players after tackles, pulling helmets off. Huron has not had a problem with any other team. Huron didn’t do that when they got smoked by Riverview and Milford.

            See you next year.

          5. Hey Gary. What about when CC was all boys. No one in the league played the enrollment card.
            And also. There was some one on one long balls with GI best guy. Look at the tape.

            HL. Fan

          6. When MCC was all boys, they doubled the enrollment as if girls were there.
            Just like they do now for schools such as De La Salle and Detroit CC.

          7. No way Joe. It’s on tape. One of the GI kids kicked one of the huron kids after he was tackled. That’s what started it.

  5. The size on Huron’s defensive front overwhelmed the GI offense, QB had no time to get set all night. Seemed like they should’ve worked a screen or two to Swick into the plan, he was taken out of the game because of the pressure.

  6. 42 + 39= 82.
    With a young offensive line you might not be able to run it up the middle. The coaches need to see that running wide, screen passes, short 5 yard outs etc can all help alleviate the lack of running game.
    We roll the quarterback out to protect him which is smart. Now we need to figure how to get 5 yards on first down. Too much going deep!!!

  7. gotta say coming from a CC fan, i’m glad we got the win but the refs definitely helped us out on this one. multiple blatant PI’s that weren’t called, roughing the passer that wasn’t called a few times, and on a 4th and long FR ran into our punter and was given a roughing call giving us 15 yards and a fresh set of downs instead of the simple 5 yards it should have been. those are just a few examples.

    1. You know going to Navarre there is going to be home cooking. Refs were bad. Flat Rock needed to make a few plays or play calls and we overcome that stuff. CC played hard as they always do. Tough loss for us great win for them.

      1. I’m not sure about the home cooking. I recognized most of the officials and they are definitely a Wayne county crew. I don’t think they had any bearing on the game. And while I think flat rock needs to run the ball a little bit more. There were quite a few dropped balls that could’ve helped the Rams cause on Friday night.

      2. It’s always been said, you’re already down a TD before they even kick off at Monroe Navarre field!
        FR is never going to be consistent at winning, throwing the ball 40 times a game. Not in high school.

        1. Like I sad last week. Never count out SMCC. SMCC VS New Boston Huron this Friday. At Navarre Field. Should be a good game.

          Huron Fan

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