Our Thoughts Not Yours

Big win for the Jets. That game had all the makings of an upset.

Mules end the regular season on a high note. 

Marauders handle Lakeland, playing for a league title against Woodhaven this week.

Vikings run into a monolith. Big showdown in Week 9

Eagles are now scrambling for their playoff lives.

The only opinion that matters on the last TD play by the Rams is the officials. Also, he did have the best view.

Red Devils need a win over Detroit Henry Ford and they will most likely be in the playoffs.

I am starting to think that Huron and Flat Rock have the best rivalry around.

 Streaks stay alive in playoff hunt. Must win game looms against Dundee

Jefferson may just be the victim of a really good Huron League. Erie Mason could find out next week.

Milan made a valiant effort last night

The Trojans still have an outside chance to sneak in the playoffs.

Congrats to Riverview and Coach Mac on winning another Huron League title.

I’m very intrigued by the week 9 match-up with Ecorse. FYI, the Red Raiders may have the worst grass field in SE Michigan. Not to worry though, they have field turf coming next season.

Dawgs get a record-breaking performance from Brandon Thompson to keep playoff hopes alive

The #1 team in the FNV Power Rankings flexes their muscle yet again and bring home another conference championship.

Next week’s Game of the Week? Ida/Dundee? Monroe/Riverview?

35 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Not Yours”

  1. Where did the QB and TE from last years Riverview squad end up signing to play college ball. They both were very good.

    1. Calm down fella they get plenty of credit. Too bad they are gonna get popped early in the playoffs like last year. Wouldn’t surprise me if Airport wins a rematch, but if not Tecumseh will.take Riverview behind the woodshed.

      1. You really think Tecumseh would “take Riverview behind the woodshed”?

        Ummmm no. Tecumseh won’t stop View one time. Which would negate that comment entirely.

        1. Riverview has seen nothing close to Tecumseh’s offense. Once Tecumseh gets a 2 score lead and gets Riverview out of its offense, it will snowball for Riverview.

          1. If the game happens, just be sure to come back here so I can remind you of the woodshed comment.

          1. I think Riverview can win a regional. All depends on where OLSM is in terms of the bracket.

            I think Riverview can beat both Tecumseh and Union. Wont be easy but I think they can win.
            In my opinion, Union and Tecumseh would have a hard time stopping the T.

      1. “Like last year” everyone who payed attention noticed view lost all their talent to injuries, view wins atleast a regional if healthy

        1. Where did the big tight end from last years team go play. #40 I think. That kid was a stud and I think a sure fire college player.

  2. Hey Ram Nation, let’s talk hoops during hoops season.

    Right now, after all us HL teams have been beating each other up all these weeks, it’s time to pull together and cheer each other on to represent in the playoffs.

    Iron sharpens Iron and we got some good teams in our league that we all collided against all season to be prepared for this time of year.

    Let’s get healthy and represent.
    Let’s go Huron League!

        1. Won’t surprise me in the least if Monroe beats Riverview. And calling Riverview D4 is laughable. Conveniant how a D3 team makes a 1 year pit stop down a division just so they can make a playoff run. Faked enrollment numbers just to avoid another early exit at the hand of Rouge or.Allen Park. Funny thing is it will backfire when they fail to win a district title.

      1. HSfootballfan…so much hate on Riverview…why’s that? We embarrass your team this year?! Or are you just a hater aka sore loser???

  3. Exactly right Chris. Man was I having some thoughts go threw my head when Airport trailed by 2 TDs in the first half like will they ever beat Milan again lol. Did it surprise me Hoskins had his team ready not at all, it did surprise me Airport had such a slow start. And big shout-out to #11 for Milan. That kid ran wild the first 3 drives for Milan. Luckily Airport made the proper adjustments before it was too late.

    1. EM
      Number 11 can move the chains.
      If you don’t stop him you may have a problem.
      Airport may have over looked him.
      He is only in 10 grade
      And you all are lucky number 12 wasn’t playing.
      He runs kids over.
      He will be back next year
      Have fun with that team next year
      Huron Fan

  4. Great game last night FR vs Huron didn’t see the FR touchdown happened so quick looked like interception live. Seen the video today what a strip by the receiver for the TD

    1. That’s what they were saying this year…

      Flatrock on the rise!

      What happened to Milan step dad???

      Where’s that guy saying FR lucky to win two games this season?

      I want my adult beverages!!!!

      1. I don’t remember anyone saying Airport would win the league this year. I thought a top 3 finish was realistic and that’s what happened.

        1. I don’t think anyone said that airport was finishing top dog. This upcoming year it will be a very close race but I think airport will take the league with Nowak, Nye, mills, And zajac all seniors and this year airport defense has took a giant step foward with derick Anderson being back airport could be scary next year

    2. It’s nice to think about Airport as a possible league favorite next year but right now I say focus on a possible playoff run. I’ll start thinking about next year after the season.

  5. Congratulations to Riverview!

    League Champs and Undefeated.

    You are the aspiration of the league.

    You Been doing it for years.

    You setting goals for our kids and the league to succeed and become one of the best leagues around.

    Good job, congrats & Thanks!

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