Our Thoughts, Not Yours

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

It’s always a crap shoot whether a PSL team will have a team week 1 or week 9.

Nice job Carlson

Is it safe to say they don’t like T in Dundee?

Erie Mason did enough to win and punches a ticket to the playoffs.

I’m glad I made the second half over at FR Friday night. Very entertaining!

Red Devils play their way into the playoffs while knocking Henry Ford out.

If I were Huron, I would continue to play Crestwood week 9 every season.

 I have to give my Blue Streaks their due for taking care of business in a must-win spot. 

Penalties hurt your chances to win, every time.

Nice to see Milan end the season with a win.

I was excited to watch the Monroe/Riverview game Friday but bolted after the Pirates took a quick 20-0 lead.

This may be the best Riverview team since 2017.

I like when I’m right, SMCC ran for over 400 yards Friday night.

Long-distance travel once again not a problem for the Bulldogs.

Not sure what made Pioneer say “¡No más!” 

12 of 16 blog teams qualified for the playoffs, which is the most in a non-Covid year.

53 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. That D5 district with Dundee, GI, Summit, and Flat Rock is super tight and going to be interesting. A lot of familiarity between the teams in recent years as well. Any of the 4 could find themselves in a regional final, which no one would have expected in week 1.

    1. I imagine all 4 expected to make the playoffs….
      FR had high expectations that nobody besides them truly thought they’d achieve – kudos to them
      Even year on the Island, usually a safe bet for playoffs
      Summit plays a horrible schedule
      Dundee has playoff expectations year after year

  2. The D5 District with Dundee, FR, GI, and Summit could really go anyone’s way. A lot of familiarity between the teams in recent years as well. Any of the 4 could find themselves in a regional final, had to be unimaginable for each in week 1.

  3. Monroe loses because…well…because they are Monroe…they have never been a so called…gold standard lol…they have had some good teams but rarely a great one…in fact let’s say they have never had a great one. They have had some great players off and on but…rarely enough to push them up and over the better teams. That being said…I blame the coaches for much of what they are going thru.

    1. There’s the Monroe bashing I’m used to when coming to this blog, anonymous comments from the Community. These type of comments should definitely help the program and it’s players improve and get better….

    2. Monroe has had some great teams, mid to later 90s produced state rankings and deep playoff runs.
      Those teams would punish Any area teams today.
      Also produced numerous div. 1 players. 3 or 4 NFL players.
      How many came from your school?

      1. I think what he is saying is that you can’t be considered the gold standard with mid to late 90’s duration. It’s just not long enough.

      2. Mid 90s Monroe was slightly above average at best. They won 10 games in a season ONCE. Hardly a gold standard. Some revisionist history going on here. The records are public dude. You’re buying what you’re selling but nobody else is.

      3. One time Monroe made it to the semi’s during that time…every other time they made the playoffs it was one game and out. I think totally they have won 6 and lost 18 playoff games…no where near a gold standard for any other school to look up to them…period!! A school as big as Monroe should do better…but they don’t…maybe Pioneer is looking up to them but I highly doubt it…and you ask how many came from my school…Monroe High we’re true to you…our alma mater ever dear…that one!!

  4. Someone crunch the numbers to be for sure, I just did it in my head, but I think CC was in the playoffs at 0-9 or maybe first team out…reading the last posts comments made me wonder if it was possible and I think it is

        1. Probably won’t ever have to worry about that.

          According to Goosepoop, SMCC had the toughest schedule of any team D5-D8.

        2. Break up the leagues go to something enrollment based

          Perfect system for teams in conferences with bigger schools for sure… complete opposite for teams towards top of conference enrollment…cc is bad for everyone else in the league but man do the falcons love good Huron, Airport, Riverview teams

          1. people be still hatin on cc man. always want us out of the league. what league are they supposed to go in? the league that would “fit” the best because of division is tri county. Whiteford cc would be a good game but then the rest would be a blow out. Huron and riverview could easily go downriver.

        3. Sad that a 1-8 team makes it. The system isn’t getting the 32 best teams, it’s getting the 32 teams which schedule upper division teams .

      1. Smcc has averaged 6 regular season win under coach Kipf not counting the Covid year. Jefferson has averaged 2 wins a season in the same time period. Would the bigger schools receive more playoff points for beating a 6 win division 7 team or a 2 win Jefferson? Just wondering.

          1. So everyone wanting Smcc kicked out of the league should also want Jefferson kicked out!!!Just saying!

          2. Wellll not so fast. We keep things real here.

            It’s better for the league when SMCC(or lower division team) loses. Can you tell me why?

    1. At least they’re in, it’s hard to complain about your first round draw if you get into the playoffs with a losing record.

  5. Wonder what the over/under would be on a potential Airport/Tecumseh matchup ? That’s a game I think Airport could win. I don’t know much about Chelsea but apparently they have taken a step back after winning D4 last year. Either matchup would be tough but I believe winnable for Airport.

    1. That district could change. Chelsea could be moved very easily.

      But as snooze has it. Airport and Chelsea is a great matchup.

  6. Riverview best team since 2017??? Last years team was better than this team and the 2017 team, do the comparisons and come back to me.

    1. I think what bothers me most about this post…is you have Riverview players/fans/parents going against each other! Yes the 2017 had their season. Hats off to them, they made semis. However it’s not fair to take away from the current year. Believe me, they live in your legacy every practice, every game! Will they ever match up? Who knows. But as alumni’s why not support the current players and live in your past glory. Every year, every team is different. Do your part and give your hats off to the current. You had your time! Let them have theirs. No disrespect to anyone. But do not flaunt the fact you made to semis, not states.
      Go Pirates! Let’s make this year YOUR year!

  7. Football is SE Michigan is tough
    Minus Monroe
    They used to be the gold standard.
    Now I believe they would lose to 3 HL teams this year.. maybe 4.
    Monroe admin needs to wake up and help make Monroe a feared program again.

      1. Ok. Stop with the SMCC.
        Last year. Only lost one league game last year.
        . Beat Riverview all these years.
        Do you want me to list the other school they beat in the ground for years.
        Huron total win agains them is like 4 all time
        So everybody stop!!!!
        They have been beating everybody’s for years

        New Boston Huron Dad

    1. Monroe has fell victim to the spread. Just isn’t a good fit for that program. Unfortunately coaches think they can make it work and come up short every year. If you are gonna run as much as Monroe you might as well choose a different formation. Isn’t the goal to win football games? 7 years of it and you see where Monroe is with it now.

      1. They got out-physical’ed by a smaller team. They can run the spread or the T or anything else, but the system they run isn’t the problem.

        1. I wouldn’t say that. I would say huge mistakes early and not playing assignment football on defense. #3 basically ran untouched almost everytime. It will be different in the playoffs. A great plan will limit that. I see Tecumseh winning in the district final.

          1. Tecumseh(if they get by Airport) won’t stop View one time. Not one. Their defense is like Swiss cheese.

          2. I would say that. You can deflect and see Tecumseh winning all you want, but this post is about Monroe. They got out manned by a smaller team. Riverview is just more physical. There is no other way to put it.

          3. I never said they wouldn’t be scored on. I’m saying their offense will dominate Riverview’s defense. Huron league is flying high right now. We will see what they are made of this week.

          4. To the guy that keeps saying Tecumseh is gonna beat Riverview, you better worry about Airport first my friend.

      2. You went from Monroe and the Spread to Tecumseh over Riverview. Stop avoiding the point. The spread is not why Monroe is losing.

        1. The spread is the reason this program is well below average. Changed it from the double wing 7 years ago. The players were never developed to run it and it shows. Lower levels on up have suffered the same kinds of defeats week in and week out. Just trying to be honest.

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