Week 8 Picks

Here are this weeks Michigan High School Football FNV staff picks for week 8. Here, are the results so far for this year. Last week is in parenthesis.

Frank: 59-22 (7-5)

Chris: 62-20 (9-3)

Gary: 65-17 (9-3)

Lakeland @ Carlson

Frank: Carlson 38-14

Chris: Carlson 27-21

Gary: Carlson 30-20

Bedford @ Skyline

Frank: Bedford 52-7

Chris: Bedford 42-6

Gary: Bedford 55-7

Monroe @ Pioneer

Frank: Monroe 45-14

Chris: Monroe 35-13

Gary: Monroe 40-14

Pioneer North Central @ Summerfield

Frank: North Central 33-28

Chris: North Central 28-20

Gary: Summerfield 21-20

Erie Mason @ Whiteford

Frank: Whiteford 48-20

Chris: Whiteford 40-21

Gary: Whiteford 48-24

Ida @ Columbia Central

Frank: Ida 27-14

Chris: Ida 22-21

Gary: Ida 32-18

Hudson @ Dundee

Frank: Hudson 34-14

Chris: Hudson 20-17

Gary: Hudson 28-20

Airport @ Milan

Frank: Airport 42-21

Chris: Airport 27-21

Gary: Airport 30-14

Jefferson @ SMCC

Frank: SMCC 35-21

Chris: SMCC 22-13

Gary: SMCC 28-14

Riverview @ Grosse Ile

Frank: Riverview 42-15

Chris: Riverview 22-13

Gary: Riverview 28-14

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Flat Rock @ Huron

Frank: Huron 28-20

Chris: Flat Rock 22-21 OT

Gary: Huron 30-22

24 thoughts on “Week 8 Picks”

  1. Riverview should be in the downriver league so we can play a team who actually has a chance in the regular season. This is getting out of hand. we haven’t lost a regular season game in 4 years.

        1. They are hoping for Huron…

          If FR wins it will validate FR is for real which is something that everyone does not want to accept.

          And I don’t think anyone other then FR folks wants to see league champs in football & Basketball!😂

          1. I knew that was a bait question but figured I would stir the pot with that response because I don’t know the specifics playoff logic.

            So what’s the real reasoning

          2. Riverview is fighting for a #1 seed.
            SMCC is fighting for a home game.

            Huron would provide both teams more playoff points being the higher division team.

          3. Flatrock Fan
            That’s not turn.
            Flatrock is the real deal.
            Your see the numbers they put up.

            Huron Fan

  2. I’m sure the bedford vs skyline prediction wouldn’t be as lopsided if they hadn’t beaten Saline. We’ll see if they can keep playing like they did against Saline. Bedford hasn’t scored more than 42 points this season or won a game by more than 24 points. Tommorow is the perfect opportunity for that.

    Here’s how Bedford and Saline has fared against common opponents:

    Pioneer : Bedford won by 24 points, Saline by 56.

    Huron : Saline won by 11 points, Bedford lost by 5 points, although the mules honestly beat themselves with 3 turnovers that led to 13 points for Huron. Bedford had more than double the amount of offensive yards than Huron.

    Lincoln : Saline won by 35 points, Bedford by 8.

    Monroe : Saline won by 40 points, Bedford by 14.

    Really puts into perspective how impressive Bedford’s win over Saline was. Saline beat Skyline by 43 points (49-6) for future reference. And this week they face a Dexter team which beat Bedford by 3 scores.

    1. Good teams beat Skyline by whatever score they choose to beat them by.
      Bedford will get to 45 points and back it down.

      1. I hate to agree as a former Skyline player. I don’t know what happened after 2018, but Skyline’s been terrible since and looks like they’re going winless for the first time since 2014 ( they did officially go winless last year due to having to forfeit their lone win, which was over AA Pioneer ). But this year, they truly did lose every game so far, certainly not winning this game and unlikely to win the last game. Unfortunately for Skyline, Bedford’s offense will likely be rolling.

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