14 thoughts on “Week 8 Video Picks”

  1. I thought Smcc has property at the old Boysville? they have the money what are they waiting on? i know i think it was the guy who owned Monroe floral city gave them millions… build a football field my god.. Navarre is terrible.. the scoreboard doesn’t even work..

  2. MMA match at Flat Rock Huron. Not gonna lie you had me for a second Chris lol. You guys are exactly right Milan will not be a pushover and currently have a 13 game winning streak on Airport dating back to 2012 (including 3 playoff games). That being said I believe Airport’s firepower will be too much for the Big Reds.

  3. Hey guys, as always great show. I’ve been following the blog almost since the beginning maybe 2010. I remember Chris once writing that he started the blog because he was bored and he felt like the media wasn’t covering high school football well enough. It seems like that has changed over the years. What are your thoughts Chris on the media coverage these days for our local teams?

    1. I woould 100% agree that the local football coverage has gotten better. Do I think we had something to do with it? Absolutely! I have noticed over the years others have borrowed what we do and are able to do it on a bigger scale because of the financial backing. Me and the guys still do this for fun so we’re not really concerned if others borrow our idea. I’m really surprised that the guys from the traditional media outlets haven’t decided to do some sort of video show as well. Most likely they haven’t, because it would have to be hard to beat the greatlooks of the three Fridaynightvictors guys. Lol

    1. You haven’t been to many other facilities then lol. I know what you are saying.
      However, sentimental feelings aside, safety should come first for everyone.
      Navarre is becoming an issue.

      1. Homeboy 12
        I think what Gary is trying to say is just do a like up keep
        I myself love the old school fields.
        Anyway. we all remember that field in our own way.
        brings back some great memories for everybody.
        Let’s all try and think positive.
        I also like the prayer before the game.

        Huron Fan

      2. some guy in monroe county

        I listen to the radio feed and didnt you interview Sean? He might have more answers than whoever you are interviewing this week? Also, many would like a facility like JLC in Monroe, but given SMCC relies on private donors, thats not happening any time soon. Lastly, its interesting growing up from somewhere not in Michigan that the “public” schools often had no problem renting their field to the private ones on Saturdays (or Fridays when they were away). Not ideal to play games on saturdays, but many do it even in Michigan and it sort of solves SMCC issue.

  4. Great show guys. I would love to see the cage match Chris is talking about lol. And Frank, this was the week to wear your 50-Burger T-shirt, I think you called out two of them. Thanks again for all the work you fellas put in to this.

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