Weekly Power Rankings

Here are the weekly power rankings as we head into week 8 of the season. There were a few surprises this past week and the rankings have changed somewhat. Agree or Disagree? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.

  1. Whiteford (7-0), Bobcats take over the top spot and are the favorite to win Division 8.
  2. Riverview (7-0), Pirates drop a spot after showing a minor chink in the armor.
  3. Bedford (5-2), Kicking Mules jump two spots after beating undefeated Saline.
  4. Huron (5-2), Chiefs go into Navarre and hammer Falcons.
  5. Carlson (6-1), Marauders take care of business against Taylor.
  6. Dundee (6-1), Vikings pick up another victory, huge game with undefeated Hudson this week.
  7. Airport (5-2), Jets gave Riverview all they could handle. Rematch coming?
  8. Flat Rock (4-3), Rams jump back into the rankings after shut-out of Grosse Ile.
  9. Erie Mason (5-2), Eagles have dropped two in a row, Whiteford looms.
  10. Grosse Ile (4-3), Red Devils play for the Colvin Cup this week against Riverview.

31 thoughts on “Weekly Power Rankings”

  1. Bedford should be at #1 this week. Biggest win of the year for any team listed. I understand how you do it but “Come on man”. If another team had a bigger win this year please let me know.

  2. We will see what Riverview is made of in the Regional games. When there on the road and the game have top shelf Refs.
    Just saying.
    Sorry they won’t get past Tecumseh

    Huron League Dad

    1. They won’t get past Tecumseh because Huron League Dad says so. It is written. Somebody tell Riverview to not bother playing the game if it so happens. I don’t think it works that way, I thought they had to play the game before a winner was decided but Huron League Dad is all knowing, so what do I know?

    2. Huron League Dad Riverview beats Tecumseh imo because they actually play some defense unlike the teams in the SEC White. Also wouldn’t surprise me if Airport wins a shootout against Tecumseh.

      1. Tecumseh has the best QB I have seen all year. I have been very fortunate to see some good ones. They will score 30 or more points on virtually any team they play. Whether that results in W’s, who knows?

        1. I’ll take your word for it Chris, no doubt the Tecumseh QB is really good. I’m just curious to see if Tecumseh will be able to stop people defensively. I doubt they can stop Riverview’s run game, and I believe Airport has the weapons to keep up with them in a track meet.

        2. Chris is right.
          Tecumseh QB puts up some big numbers. Look at the Chelsea game. 50 points.
          He can move the chains.
          But anything can happen

          Huron league dad.

        1. Huron League Dad maybe you’re right and Tecumseh beats Riverview and Airport easy. I just think Riverview beats them and Airport would be a coin flip game. The best part is we get to find out in a few weeks.

          1. neutral field
            [2022] Tecumseh (MI) 42, [2022] Airport (Carleton, MI) 28

            neutral field
            [2022] Riverview (MI) 35, [2022] Tecumseh (MI) 31

    1. Not click bait at all. Whiteford is averaging more points and giving up less. Top team in their division in my opinion. We weren’t sure about them having lost their coach. But they haven’t missed a beat. Riverview is worthy too. But in their respective divisions, I think Whiteford reigns supreme.

      1. I agree with Gary. I want to see Riverview at number one but the offense just can’t score enough point against a average defense.
        There not scoring enough points
        I hope they win.

        Huron league Dad

  3. Riverview drops in the power rankings to a division 8 team after a victory over a 5-1 league rival. Come on lets be serious they lost 2 games in 3 years

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