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Every week Chris and Frank give their thoughts on the teams we cover. This week Chris included thoughts on each team including the opposition. Frank included his thoughts on each team along with a few bonus thoughts.


I really thought this was the year that Bedford would rise up and beat Franklin.

Livonia Franklin has slowly become a legit D2 power over the last 8 years.

Great first season for Carlson’s Jason Gendron. I expect more great things from his Marauder program as the years go on.

Trenton has really made great strides as a football program since the hiring snafu a few years back. Obviously, it turned out to be a blessing finding Coach Reggie Glon

In no way is this a slight to the Pirates’ backs, but I believe the three-headed monster of Hauf, Schultz and Vajcner could run behind that offensive line.

I told everyone that Riverview wouldn’t have to punt and the Indians would have to try and keep up. (The Pirates punted once, guess I was wrong, sorry)

Super happy for the “Mighty Rams”. The joy I saw on the field after the game by the Flat Rock players, coaches, students, parents and fans made my heart smile.

That Summit Academy football team is no joke. Their offensive line is massive and Jeremiah Dallas-Martin is legit. They need to clean some organizational things up, but they have a nice team.

Uh-oh, don’t look now but the Falcons are hitting their stride. That is two victories in a row over undefeated teams. Is another one (Napoleon) next?

Same thoughts on Detroit Central, their football team is no joke. A big shout-out to my favorite Central Blazer grad of all-time, Johnie Robinson.

Does anyone else think Whiteford could move up a division or two or three and make a run in the playoffs?

Nice season for Riverview Gabriel Richard. They have good people over there.

I love doing the blog and supporting HS athletics and so does Gary, but is there a bigger Rock Star than Frank Vajcner? Frank officiates multiple games weekly during the fall, announces games, does multiple shows during the week, works a full-time job and always gets the interview. Frank is FNV’s MVP this year!

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Bedford: Mules unable to take advantage of Livonia Franklin mistakes.

Carlson: In a defensive struggle, you still have to take care of the ball

Flat Rock: That was the epitome of “find a way.” 

Riverview: Having a surplus of running backs is never a bad thing, especially when your line is a non-negotiable.

SMCC: Falcons are that team no one will want to play. Sound familiar?

Whiteford: Another night at the office for the Bobcats. To be truthful, I was hoping they’d get to host Reading in The Woods next round.

Bonus: Double cheeseburgers at Riverview are a must-have. 

Bonus: I want to thank Riverview for their hospitality. It was cool getting to hop on their live stream for a short time. 

24 thoughts on “Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. Chris Gary and Frank told everyone not to count SMCC out.
    And also. The hater that want them out of the league because of point just stop it.
    I think they have more league championship than anyone.
    They been pounding teams in the huron league for years.
    Good job SMCC.
    They peaked at the right time.

    Huron league fan.

    1. SMCC has been getting better every week. Kudos to the players and coaching staff for not giving up on the season when they were 2-5. Since I live in the Adrian area, I am familiar with Napoleon and they won’t be a pushover. They are big, strong, and tough. This could be a quick, low scoring game on Friday night in Monroe. I am pulling for my old school but Napoleon has 2 kids committed to play D1 baseball next year that could be the difference maker for them.

      Good luck Falcons!

  2. My thoughts: Tecumseh is a slightly better version of Adrian. Both can score, are dangerous, both have loads of talent but very raw. Need some discipline, experience. And play some defense. Future could be bright for both but Riverview is on a different level this year

      1. Good debate-I saw many in the Tecumseh-Riverview game-I get the onside kick thing -trying to steal a possesion thing but setting up 2 teams with prolific offenses at mid field didnt bode well for either team.
        Also with the wind kickers were kicking it into the end zone

  3. Hats off to Riverview for having the best popcorn in the Huron League and a class A concession stand. The bears could learn a thing or two from them.

    1. Thank you for acknowledging that Riverview has the best Popcorn in the Huron league. Poppin Top Hat provides all the popcorn to the concession stand. We have over 50 flavors at our store front downtown Detroit. I am the owner and a proud Riverview resident and parent.

  4. Frank it was pleasure to have you at the Riverview game . With a little bit of work he could become a honorary pirate (LOL) Thank you again

  5. Thank you for spending the evening with the Bucs! We were happy to have you! See you next week 😉
    Chris, no thoughts on Riverview?!?
    Congratulations to our fellow Huron League district winners Flat Rock and SMCC!!!
    Hurry up and get those FNV shirts in the mail so we can wear them next week!

  6. Bedford would beat Whiteford by 20. But please rank them number 1 on your power ranking 🤣 oh but please make examples from 20 years ago from a Detroit team beating a D1 team.

    1. I was also very happy for FR.
      Agree, Frank is the man, you just got to love that guy!
      Summit Academy is the worst high school team I’ve ever seen make the playoffs.
      Couple of good athletes, but that don’t make a good team.
      Carlson, way to cute in this game, coaches may have gotten in their own way.
      Congrats to all area teams that won last night, and a special shout out to the Mighty Rams!

      1. If Summit is the worst team to ever make the playoffs, can you explain how they beat Grosse Ile 35-13 in week 1 of the playoffs?

        Answer this as well, why would it take the Rams a minor miracle to come back and win that game?

        1. Not sure what’s going on at GI, second half of the season was not too good to them.
          Summit did have size and a very fast back, but when you can’t line up correctly, not aware of how many players are on the field, have 34 penalties that equated to more penalty yards than your total offense achieved.
          You are not a good team.
          I will tell you this, you’re gonna see a good team this Friday !

          1. GI had trouble with bigger lines this year. RV, Huron, & Summit were able to stop the run and get to the QB before Swick could get around the double teams.

      2. “Summit Academy is the worst high school team I’ve ever seen make the playoffs” is the worst take on this blog all year. Think before you speak or type

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