Hope and Concern: Flat Rock Rams

Let’s move over to Flat Rock, where the Rams had a solid season last year and hope to improve in 2023.

Biggest Reason for Hope: Without a doubt, the biggest reason for hope in Level Pebble is junior QB Graham Junge. Junge was the FNV Offensive Player of the Year in 2022. A season in which he broke the Monroe County Region passing record with 2,644 yards. He also threw for 28 TD’s for the District Champion Rams.

Biggest Reason for Concern: The graduation of much of the Ram’s receiving corp is a major cause for concern. Gone is All-FNV WR Aaron Salazar, Corey Lannon, and Joey Godfrey. The trio combined for over 140 receptions and over 1,800 receiving yards in route to a combined 22 TD’s.

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5 thoughts on “Hope and Concern: Flat Rock Rams”

  1. This may sound a bit confident but it is a fact. The receiving corps is one of the deepest position groups at Flat Rock.

    We did lose a ton of production and character.

    The group now is a lot bigger physically and just as athletic.

    They also have a guy who can make them look good.

    Those who say our receiving corps is a big concern don’t know Flat Rock football.

    Should be a fun year of football.

    1. I guess I must not know FR football. LOL

      I’m pretty sure I was trying to give props to last year’s guys. In fact, Aaron Salazar is one of the best receivers I have seen since starting FNV/HLB back in 2009. He was quite simply sensational. He was the type of receiver that went and got balls. I saw enough games and tape to know that not every ball was well thrown.

      With that said, the Rams have some quality receivers (Szalay, Gillum, Breslin, Hagen and Pierprzyk) , it just remains to be seen if they can produce like last year’s group. 🙂

      1. Chris if you really look at the losses on the personnel side, I believe the losses of the two very experienced, smart, and tough linebackers Givens and Godfrey will be tough to replace. The offense will help greatly by scoring ALOT of points. They were really smart players.

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